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Lupus Sanctauii

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How to get there, into the Lupus Thick

Lupus Sanctauii is an ancient kingdom of it's own, while residing within the Fracture region in an opened-roof cavern, it is heavily hidden by many ravines, hills, and resides in the thickest and most dangerous of jungles. It's easy to get lost in the Thick as there are many twists and turns, but with the right knowledge of it's original geography one could possibly find the old kingdom. But how could someone know of a map? Turns out, it's difficult to even get one. There's only one map in existence and for it to reveal the location of a "place full of treasures" it would be set at insane prices from merchants and selling cartographers. 

Once the map is attained, one would follow a heavy river near Moonwood, following it till it reaches a massive ravine with rapid waters. Going along the ravine will not get someone into the entrance, instead, they'd have to travel in the rapids and be carried at least ten miles North. Once beyond that distance they would need to quickly take a smaller river that breaks left of the main rapids, doing this would take perfect timing as the currents travels at 40mph. If they do make it, the small river can take them down steep paths that lead to a peaceful lake, and along the lake are massive stone bridges leading out to the once open cavern. Above, the top of the cavern is missing, tree branches grow overhead allowing decent amount of sunlight through. 

Across the lake is an old wooden gate, but instead of a welcoming appearance it's aged wood and vines tell of abandon. 

Past the gate, a place abandoned, the old village

Far beyond the gate there is a village of old stone and wood. This village is the ancient Lupus Sanctauii, or rather a relic of it. The village appeared to have been a city at one point, housing thousands of citizens. Once it was a bustling place, full of souls who simply lived. Littering here and there are skeletons of odd bipedal wolf creatures, still clad in robes or armor. The cobblestone streets are covered in moss and overgrown weeds, the oak trees planted there long ago either died, fallen over or surprisingly still standing full of life. Buildings remain almost intact, either crumbling lightly or heavily, but the further one goes into the village, just before the massive temple buildings appeared to have been destroyed and lit ablaze. 

There are many of the odd skeletons clad in bonemold armor, however amongst them are many orcish, drawven, and humans remains. A battle was held here once and it appeared no one made it out. These remains of the four races and damaged buildings can be seen littered all the way to the steps of the old temple. There, barracades of wood and iron were breached and massive chunks of the temple steps are missing, leaving many spots crumbling away and a hazard for those walking up. 

Vetus Lupus Abstulit

The temple itself is filled with catacombs and rooms housing more skeletons and war riddled walls, cuts, scratches, and bloodstains market the wall and floors. Straight forward a half mile is a massive chamber filled with long tables and more remains thought to be a throne room. In its center rests a black granite sarcophagus, a purple hue of a glow surrounding it. Along all its surface are old etchings of a different language and glyphs of old runes, still active and keeping whatever is inside there. 

In one room is the forge, a place of crafting items and weapons. Another is a large library holding sealed scrolls. However not many of these other rooms can be determined what they were used for as the crumbling temple crushed their insides or they were destroyed beyond repair by battle. 

Underneath the entire temple is a vault, truly filled with many treasures and ancient relics that could land a massive price. In its center however is a massive mummified wolf lies on the floor, curled up with its head resting on it's front paws. In front of it is a small shrine built purely of iron, it retains the shape of a wolf's skull, runes and markings carved into it. The entire vault remains locked, the only way of opening it is through an amulet as a key, but not one of these rooms nor skeletons possess such a thing resembling it's shape. 

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