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Unfinished Character Sheet

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species  Human

age  20

personality type  INTP

biological sex  Female

gender identity  Bigender

preferred pronouns  She / her, he / him, or they / them

sexual orientation  Bisexual


hair color  Black

hairstyle  Straight hair falls loosely around her face, cut in something like a bob and ending near the shoulders

eye color  Dark brown, almost black

lashes  Long, thick, dark, and downcast, resulting in a "sleepy" expression

skin color or complexion  Very light-skinned

physique  Lean and slight, with relatively narrow hips and a flat chest

height  5 feet, 7 inches


basic  She wears a sky-blue shirt tucked into black pants, a somewhat-loose-fitting black jacket which hangs open, and sky-blue shoes with black laces


A silver-chain necklace is worn over her clothing. The pendant is globe-shaped, with a silver backing. The front part is made of glass, through which a sharp image of outer space can be seen, more specifically of a galaxy with the colors pink, purple, and blue. She always wears this pendant as a subtle indicator of her sexuality

She wears a black wristwatch with blue hands...

make-up  None


Image result for mike wheeler arcade gif

Related image

Inspiration: Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things

Edited by Fox

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