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After about a week of searching, locating the Prince Grant proved more difficult than he'd hoped for. This left Koji with one alternative option, one which double in purpose of checking up on a relative of his. It had been too long since he'd last seen Raveena, and it was high time he checked up on her. For the sake of maintaining appearances this time around, and thanks to their proximity from palace to palace, Koji opted to have them ferried by Palanquin to their destination. The vessel was carried by small dark clouds, with singular red hands extending from each and working in tandem to move the Palanquin smoothly as they traveled. To the front and back of the vessel were six warriors, a Tengu Knight leading, and one tailing; making the others more of mere foot soldiers, grunts. To each flank of the Palanquin marched one of the Emperor's Tatsuo, each accompanied by a pair of Wolves of Jigoku; Courtesy of the Imperial General himself, Kenshinobu. As always, there was assuredly more under his employ, namely his shinobi, whom lurked in the shadows. Not like the protection he and his Empress boasted visible or otherwise could even compare to themselves. Koji had no intentions of flexing, he simply acquired a small troop out of personal formality.

"Si tir ti bvare, tepoha wux tepohada wer petranaswin di tafiafir wer kapraliv Raveena?"


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There was silence in the palanquin, for a while her pale hands would drift to the linen lifting it to peer out the window. While she was a vampiric sort, she had gained that ability to be in sunlight for a time. The most it would do these days is make her a little lethargic. Dark ruby eyes were illuminated by the sunlight, giving them a jewel effect as they wandered back to him. Katiya's full lips had been carefully decorated with red and her cheeks rouged so she looked at least more alive. For a while she had a headache, something she hadn't mentioned to Koji. It was the reason her blonde hair hadn't been pulled as tightly, instead they had decorated her with fresh red and white flowers that moved just a second after her head did. The city they were entering was marvelous, and those outside became curious. She managed to catch the eye of a person far off, she quickly pulled her hand away. As she did, Koji asked about Raveena. There were many in his circle she hadn't met. After the last place they had looked at, she wondered if she would get the chance.


"Si haven't, svaust ui jaciv? Mobi ui kiarf ekess yor, si mi jaunus. Ihk instance, kii yth re tenpiswo?" Katiya's voice was coy. Every time they were out it was a different reason, once for relaxing, another for prowess, and to find land to put their feet down for a bit. Katiya moved her whole body toward him, her elbow leaning against the back of their seat, her hand keeping her chin up delicately as she smirked up at him.


"Svabol visek ui coi nomeno tairais?"



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The Heika grinned menacingly, snickering a bit as thin tendrils of smoke were expelled from his nostrils in the form of a sigh. 

"Wux tiliw yenta batobot raveena ui sia yavsis, persvek vi sense wux tiliw yenta jaciv ui wer dask di darastrixi. Rumor tepohaic coi, vi ithquentiv persvek jacioniv kurjh harkt."

His grin diminished, however, it persisted overall. His arms came to cross over his chest as his Draconic, amaranthine eyes slid shut in minute contemplation.

"Hesi nation ui|ulph livaij vur relationship mrith astahi ui vi bumpy ir, shar persvek wer failure di ability ekess compensate udoka ihk hesi aso, jaciv ui throdenilti soyolir ekess deliver retribution. Jacioniv deevdru fehlim, nomagqe nurti intended ekess wiilirk erekess mrith tiichir asta sulta di wer bargain shafaer hesi behalf sva gekip. though si shilta ti qe jaunus li si shilta ti ehtah jacion."

He paused for a moment as he weighed the possibility that Raveena and Grant both still perhaps harbored resentment over Koji's inability to deliver of the sentence invoked by their courts over the atrocity committed in Renovatio several months prior. Perhaps it was simply due to the fact that Raveena knew he had killed Akako, and despite that she was alive and well now, it didn't change the fact that he'd murdered her. Perhaps she feared him, perhaps she feared for him. Regardless of the exact reasoning, she kept him and his brand at a certain distance. Though the more he spent time around her and got to know her, the more he felt that their two Empire's would succeed in many things with great ease if they were to work together. Alas, politics were not that simple, and neither was their personal relationship. 

"jaciv ui vsist literally wer dask di sia rilnom, Sebastien Pendragon. Si tir ti nadot shafaer xiiwir persvek shafaer jacioniv vur jacioniv svihelen directly naeck, though si throdenilt usv nuri huven ekess ossalur leirith jacioniv turalisjthir shehad. Coi annishic batobot svabol astahii woari persvek Ursa Madeum ui drekim regained tenpiswo, ias ekik neighbors persvek wer lleisgarir ruhahe."

Expansion in the West was promising, hence why he too wished to have part of it for himself; If not all of it. An emissary had been sent to negotiate terms of a potential alliance with the likes of Aelindra. Koji of course now pondered how Aelindra felt about Hyperion and how the two would grow to coexist. Was it even possible? If not, Koji would inevitably have a big choice to make. He hoped however, to move preemptively enough to not have to make such complicated choices. Forcing others to make these tough decisions instead.


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