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Aphelion is a covert operations group in service to the Hyperion Empire. They maintain a level of secrecy surpassing that of WEB itself; with its existence only known to operatives, the Director, and King Consort Rowan Knight. Acting in situations where Hyperion cannot risk detection; Aphelion offers the Empress plausible deniability while still achieving her goals. For this reason, the group operates under a number of front groups; including private military, media, and even criminal and terrorist covers. Nothing is forbidden, and all costs are acceptable in the accomplishment of their mission.


Recruitment: Operatives are recruited from a diverse array of backgrounds. Some are plucked from prisons, offered their freedom in exchange for service. Yet others are mercenaries or soldiers from different nations. The one thing all of them have in common is a set of skills or resources of use to the Empire. Most operatives have their deaths faked; and are given new identities to sever all ties with their old lives. Occasionally however, a member is allowed to keep their current identity if doing so would be beneficial to the group. While Aphelion does not needlessly throw away the lives of personnel, it is made clear at recruitment that operatives are expendable if doing so proves necessary to complete the mission.



Current: Grant Knight






Aphelion is split into several Divisions, each assigned a different area of responsibility. Each Division has a public persona referred to as a Front. This helps to obscure any possible connection to the Hyperion Empire. While the Divisions do communicate with each other, joint field operations are kept to a minimum. 

Divisions are listed below.

Division Alpha/Enigma Nemesis: The assassins, saboteurs, thieves, and general wetworks operatives of Aphelion. Operating in situations where the Empire must take direct action, but cannot afford to have anything leading back to them. To the general public Division Alpha is known as Enigma Nemesis; a group of criminals who rose from the chaos caused by the fall of Hyperion City. EN presents itself as a mysterious criminal/terrorist organization. Their “goals” are kept nebulus, but make reference to the collapse of the established social order, and various other anarchist philosophies.  

Division Alpha has the highest number of recruits pulled from the criminal underworld.

Division Beta/Jackal Company: Aphelions, “muscle” ex-soldiers and mercenaries recruited from across the globe. When a situation has grown too large or out of control to be handled by Alpha, Division Beta are deployed. Operating under the guise of a PMC known as Jackal Company, this Division also takes normal mercenary work to help generate funding for Aphelion. Jackal Company itself is a battalion strength fighting force capable of deploying anywhere in the world within 48 hours. 

Jackal Company does not take applicants; membership is by invitation only. Only a select few among the leadership are aware of their true status as a branch of Aphelion. 

Division Charlie/Apex News: The information warfare branch of Aphelion, Apex news is a media outlet dedicated to promoting Hyperion while discrediting enemies. Importantly, Apex will often run stories critical of Hyperion to avoid the appearance of a propaganda outlet. As with Jackal Company, only the Editor-In-Chief is aware of their status as an arm of Aphelion.


Members are considered absolved of all crimes prior to their joining Aphelion. They are free to move about the Hyperian Empire; though their movements will be monitored. A living space, as well as a monthly stipend are provided to Operatives. While Aphelion activities must be prioritized, members are free to pursue other business interests, so long as they do not run contrary to the interests of Hyperion. 

Operationally, all members are allowed to suggest targets and missions for consideration. If chosen, the person who suggested it will receive a bonus of their choosing. Members can also submit material requisition forms for gear and weapons that will aid them in their missions. While extravagant requests like airships or high tech weaponry are unlikely to be granted; reasonable requests will be considered.


Standard equipment for operatives include basic weapons, a hacking tool capable of opening most doors and decrypting lightly encoded information, a mask making them invisible to cameras, fingerprintproof gloves, and a tool used for forging identification documents.

Operatives are free to suggest their own ideas for gear; pending director approval.

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