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If the Devil challenged you to a game of your choice, what would you pick?

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7 hours ago, Roen said:


Since it’s a challenge does this mean he’s GM and his goal is to murk you? Or is Metatron the GM and death your antagonist (as in game so in life)? 

7 hours ago, Ataraxy said:

Well first, since it's a competition over winnings, I'd obviously need him to wager something as well. Perhaps him longetivity. 

Then I'd challenge him to the coin flip variation game called heads I win tails you lose. Ive never lost

He’s like “good try but come on bruv” 

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An idle game or, if I was feeling especially cruel...

Desert Bus in a sensory deprivation tank or...

A literal version of Seven Minutes in Heaven, assuming we're talking about one of those devils that burns when exposed to holy things.

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