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Fraeg Circleshield

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Name: Fraeg Circleshield 

Weapons: Repeater Pocket Bow, Family's Golden Dagger, and his wits.

Armor: Thin Cloth Wrap, with Studded Leather Armor over it.

Likes: Money, Gold, any currency.

Dislikes: Loneliness, having no money, poor people.

Strengths: Highly intelligent, and can make amazing weaponry with very few resources.

Weaknesses: He is 100% non-magic, so many strikes magically and physically can kill him.

Comfort Zone: Big cities with lots of hiding places.

Uncomfort Zone: FLat land with no people.

Weird Tendancies: Dozing off, crying at the smallest things.

Occupation: Blacksmith/Thief

Home: Niðavellir

Weight: 170 pounds

Height: 3 feet 4 inches.

Race: Dwarf

Eyes: Dark Brown

Age: 50 years

Family: Only ever known his mother when he was a baby.

Background: Born in Niðavellir, his mother abandoned him at the age of 2 and a half. His mother was killed by money-hunting raiders on the surface. He wanted to make money for the luxury, the weaponry, and to be the opposite of his mother's killers. That's also why he doesn't like the needy, and never will.

Extra Tidbits: Loves a good craftsman, and will act better around them.

Semi Accurate Picture:


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