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Jaw Finder character sheet

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TLDR: it's a giant tiger sized black lizard that can control air currents to fly like a frilly green fish, goes around eating anything that moves, it doesn't understands humans or human society but respects its decision to be sort of pathetic and make no sense, it's cute!

Name: Jaw finder

Epithet: none

Age: N/A

likes: devouring meat.  preferably legally

Alignment: true neutral

Race: often misidentified as an abnormal Lizardfolk, actually part of a species called a 'Chimera Dragon'  (Chimaeram Draco)


Jaw Finder is a large lizard with a frame resembling a mammalian ambush predator but with reptilian features, this includes a scaly hide and a serpent like head with way more retractile fangs than you would expect

Height: 7'5" standing up on hind legs, usually hunched over a bit so usually closer to 6'7".  nose to tail, Jaw Finder is around 10 feet long but rarely stretched all the way out

Weight: 330 lbs

Gender: Reptile

Skin Color: the scales are a glossy black, the webbing of the frills and sails are green

Skin Texture: the scales feel polished and smooth.  the webbing feels warm, smooth, and elastic.

Voice:  Jaw Finder doesn't move their mouth much while talking, their talking voice sounds monotone and sort of rough , but they can also make hissing sounds and high pitched chirps.  Jaw Finder talks almost entirely with their windpipe, their glottis, and some innate wind magic. 

Eyes: yellow, large, and front facing.  Jaw Finder's pupils are usually vertical slits but expand into circles when in the dark or agitated. 

Build: strange, mixing a variety of traits Jaw Finder most closely resembles a normal Lizardfolk but with a thinner build and a skeleton better suited for quadrupedal movement.

Features :

an almost 4' long non prehensile tail which usually drags behind Jaw Finder, This Tail has a tough underside and hosts many of Jaw Finder's  webbed sails, as well as counter balances their weight when standing on their hind legs.  This tail is essential to Jaw Finder's movement and balance.  if lost it can take up to several weeks to regrow.

long sharp retractile claws on both and teeth that can regrow if lost

flexible joints, can contort body in fluid ways

capable of sticking to surfaces with hands and feet

A 5ft long prehensile tongue which is a robust sensory organ that can also pick up small objects and strike with whip like force.

Abilities: sorry if all over the place

  • slow regeneration, can recover completely from serious injuries over a matter of days or even hours, can be speed up by eating
  • enhanced senses, dark vision, can taste smells and can sense supernatural phenomena
  • expert tracker
  • expert stealth, especially in dark environments and given Jaw finder's size
  • can change color to better blend into environments
  • ironclad stomach, can eat most meat raw and suffer no adverse effects,
  • can climb non slippery surfaces with no difficulty
  • can move and evade at high speeds, can do this with contorting body to weave in and around people
  • natural swimmer and can hold breath for several hours
  • teeth and claws have hardness rivaling steel can bite with tremendous force
  • Jaw finder's tongue is spiny, can extend upwards of 5ft, can strike with the force of a whip, and is prehensile, able to support upwards of 20 lb
  • fast reactions
  • improved leaping ability
  • natural armor from scales

Magic: yes this lizard can magic

  • enchanted focus, jaw finder can enchant their ability to see and focus on an enemy, focusing in on how to strike them better and to better predict attacks, jaw finder can focus further too improve these effects
  • Current manipulation, Jaw Finder can manipulate and draw in air and water Currents around them to do a variety of things, such as greatly expanding the range that they can actively smell and other things you can do with controlled currents.
  • zephyr mode; Jaw Finder uses the currents around them to create a slipstream and winds for hidden sails all over their body, this allows Jaw finder to 'swim' around at high speeds while also turning rapidly and striking with increased force, Jaw Finder also has enhanced spacial awareness and can glide.  while doing this and can increase the currents over time by building up focus and spending magical energy, pushing the speed even further, although eventually the handling worsens.


Jaw Finder is a being that lives to hunt, taste, and consume.  they go from habitat to habitat hunting and eating all matter of prey and predator alike, then moving on, once the unique flavors have become known.  despite this animistic nomadic lifestyle, Jaw Finder is quite intelligent and cognitive, although very inhuman.  Jaw Finder acts with a strong sense of desire, pride, and respect; and believes the first two inherent in all life, while the third is an important way to see others and live in multiple worlds.  Jaw Finder respects the pride of the herbivore who eats the grass just as much as the pride of the carnivore that eats the herbivore.  in this way, there is no greater or lesser, just a constant test of one's desire to live against another, and a pride in the struggle which should be respected.

it is in this that Jaw Finder also respects the alien world of soft bodied humanoids.  Jaw Finder doesn't understand most of 'human' society or thought process because it is so detached from the literal, also because Jaw Finder has barely anything in common with members of society, but still respects them because they must be doing something right to flourish as much as they do.  even if they are small, soft, shaky, noisy, have way too many emotions, rely on an overly complex system of expressing those emotions that makes no sense, and have difficulties with respecting many species; they can things really well and some are definitely trying to not be so alien.

Jaw Finder also struggles with human language, ideas like pronoun dependent sentence structure, or being an active speaker are just unnatural to them.  so every sentence is said passively and as if the pronoun was it.  also metaphor is a struggle.


it's a lizard, why would it wear pants?

can store things in it's throat, probably idk

Edited by squid peanut
editing to better reflect the character

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