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Fennis Ursai

Silver Ticket Calling (Recruitment Thread)

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The Silver Ticket Company is Hiring Talent

That's right, if you have experience in escort duty, body guard services, mercenary work, or are looking for a good place to start, apply today.

Non-combative oriented? No Problem, the Silver Ticket Company is also looking to staff it facilities with cooks, maids/servants, recruiters, laborers, crafters, and plenty of other opportunities for those less inclined to spill blood.

Though we are mostly taking in hired combat talent, we are also looking for individuals looking to join in on a large business opportunity to become a part of a network of services and goods.

Must be willing to learn
Must be willing to work
Will teach new combatants if need be but will pay more for combat experienced talent.

Complementary Breakfasts
Competitive Wages
Access to the Facility itself
Free usage of the Company's Training Programs and Mentor-ship
Regular Hours/ Self Set hours for Combat Hands

Link to the RP

Hello dere lads and lassies o/

So I'm looking to recruit some characters into a company that has it's hands in many business practices that is just beginning to get it's foot in Valucre. 

As for 'WHO' I'm looking for in terms of writers, I'm looking for anyone who is willing to involve themselves in an expanding company that has a lot more going for it than it leads on. As for 'WHAT' you will be doing, I am looking for writers to have characters (New and inexperienced to Older characters) preform various jobs/tasks/missions to increase the name of the company as well as to help flesh out the facility and help it expand and grow it's Valucre branch. 

I am looking to keep posts at one per week pace at it's latest (Meaning I want at least 1 post per week or you might be skipped in turn order). If you can't keep a 1/week schedule I can work with you. This 'ONLY APPLIES' for most mission settings and or important events. 

I want to gather a few people before I launch the thread so if you are interested please respond down below or PM me. I will answer any questions you may have regarding this thread. 


If you are new to RP or inexperienced I am looking forwards to RPing with you. Please do not feel shy or afraid to post in this thread, it is open to anyone of varying experience.



Giving this Interest check bout a three days or so before I go ahead and move on. Doesn't mean I'm closing it, just means I will begin the thread.


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Last call for an official entry before we get the caravan moving. It will still be open however any character not entering before the caravan get's moving will not be eligible for a full price higher into the job of at least 25 silver bars.

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