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Verrik Graves

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First name: Verrik
Surname: Graves
Nicknames: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Human/Enhanced
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Role: Soldier/Warrior/Science Experiment

Voice: Young
Eyes: Blue 
Complexion: Tan/Smooth
Height: 6ft
Weight: 210lbs
Build: Muscular/Athletic
Hair: Black, but varies in style and length. 
Tattoos/markings: Sleeve tattoo on right arm. Scar above left eye. 

Demeanor: Calm and calculated 
Hopes: Not Disclosed
Fears: Not Disclosed
Likes: Not Disclosed
Dislikes: Anyone or anything that declares itself his enemy. 

Typically he can be found in full battle gear as he does not leave the battlefield often. When he does, he wears whatever is casual or comfortable. Usually earth tones or just some random shade of pants and a black shirt


Verrik is a scientifically enhanced human. He can run faster, is much stronger, more resilient, has sharper senses (like that of a mix between having eagle vision, a wolf's sense of smell, a spiders sixth sense, the ability of a panther, fierceness of a dragon while in battle). He is a weapon created for one thing, killing. 

He still has a conscience and is self aware

Sharpshooter, Mechanic, Proficient with most any weapon he comes into contact with, Stealth, and Tracking



Verrik was born in a Lab. Twenty-two months in a cryogenic pod while being pumped with chemicals and steroids, along with other Gene's from creaturs both extinct and flourishing. His creation was meant strictly for war. As he got older, Verrik grew into his uniqueness over time. Honing his skills in a wide variety of martial arts and weapons training of almost every type. When he turned of age to be enlisted, Verrik was sent to live with a married couple for a few years until needed. One day a man came, dressed in uniform, and spoke to the couple about recruiting Verrik. They had grown attached to him and was reluctant to agree, but knew very well they had no choice but to let him go. Over the years while being under their care, Verrik had learned new things, like compassion, love, honor, integrity, respect and selfless service. All the things that made him question who and what he was and why he was alive. Verrik had grew a conscience, something more dangerous than all the traits pumped into his being. He left with the man in uniform, never to see his makeshift family again. A month later, he was dropped in the forest of some God-forsaken land he had never heard of with kill orders and specific targets...



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An entity from deep within the Abyss, which has came forth to claim a host among the realm of the living. The being had existed in darkness for eons, far beyond the reach of even the Abyssal Lords. The sentient beings true form was miasmic in nature with a consistency of crude oil and jet black in color. It chose to emerge from deep within the Abyss so to learn more of the living realms. For far too long, the shadows were home. An empty void filled with energies unknown to any save for the Lords who ruled the domain. This sentient creature had existed there for eons, soaking in the flow of energy for all that time, waiting..

Can form any melee style weapon from itself at will
Enhanced Healing Factor
Super Strength
Stealth (can cloak itself or blend into the shadows more or less even when attached to its host)
Can sprout dragon like wings for flight. 
(Once fully bonded on an atomic level with a host, it will acquire enhance abilities relative to the genetic makeup of it's host.)


Hellbringer ( A sword forged deep with in the Abyss, long forgotten in time to most any creature old enough to remember the day of creation)
Divine Lightning ( This will not kill him, but it will slow him down. A strong enough or an overwhelming amount of divine lightning can result in seperation of the Symbiote and it's host, unless bonded fully at an atomic level)

Lawful Evil


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