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Janus Dove

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Well. It’s flattering - I’m oft mistaken to be younger than I am. Perhaps it’s the blue eyes, the golden locks- though I’d say I’m nothing special, a mere Plain Jane - heh.

I am older than I look. No, really


I’ve business some ways east of Casper. Family’s running it now; I’ve went and overworked myself a few months ago. Thought it was time for some rest and recreation. So here I am! Traveling for leisure. Might take a dip in Vanora. Have a cup at that pretty teahouse in the capital. Visit that one museum. Indulge myself in some local gossip. These are exciting times, hm?

What better way to make an entrance than a party?


Now that's an interesting question.

Do forgive me if I seem jaded at times; I do still find the inanities of existence delightful. Of late I’ve been seeing things through… let’s say… a new perspective.

Head’s a bit loose, what with the … accident I had a good while back. Funny thing ‘bout the mind, see- it gets muddled a lot. Oftentimes it doesn’t do what you’d like. It’s not picky with the memories it hauls up from the back of your skull to smack you at the most inopportune times. Rather dampens the mood, which is rude. This life’s got more than enough memory to ponder and I’d rather keep the past locked away, thank you very much.

This wasn’t an issue until recently, mind you, but the guilt’s beginning to impinge on my enjoyment of this vacation. 

All the same, I’ve made it my quest to relish every pleasure I find in my days here. I’ve freed myself of certain burdens; if that comes with these discomforts, then so be it. I’ve put quite an emphasis on practicing candor with my family.

I suppose being true to oneself should be part of that.


I’d say my wit and wisdom are all the weapons I need.

But yes - I don’t look like it, but I’m half decent with a sword. I do like to get up close and personal, so a knife’s much preferable. I'm not awfully fond of conflict though; being light of foot and nimble of finger helps with that.

Other than that, I’m afraid I’m perfectly human.


  • none yet. PM Csl for plotting!
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