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Burning Bright (Open but please read OOC first)

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Maxwell stopped gathering power to observe the giant eye sore, soar into something on the side of a nearby mountain.  "Well now, it seems there's more to this pyromancer than just potency, I wonder what was up there that had them go to such lengths to see it erased.  humph, I can hardly forgive pulling one over on me or slaughtering innocent people, both at once is certainly getting mister Big Ego my undisputed attention here."  Maxwell turned back to the sizable spell he had amassed.  "what a shame that I hardly had the chance to have this flower bloom, the greatest slight against me all night for sure.  I certainly can't throw this in a random direction and hope it hits something of value." The sparkling man struck a fabulous pose for no one but himself.  "of course, there's more than one way to cook a toad."

With a series of sweeping and swooping hand movements, Maxwell unwound a fiery thread from the red flower and began weaving and twisting it around, contorting the growing bulb into the shape of an egg.  whispers left Maxwell's mouth in the form of flowing alien runes embroidered along threads of flame that wrapped around the egg, imprinting textures and patterns onto the red egg.

Busy with his work, Maxwell payed little heed to the hostile chill that swept through the land, or the cascade of stones from the destroyed temple.  Up until he heard someone proclaim his safety, casually looking around to see a number of rocks piling on an ethereal shield, being projected by a man who was surely quite handsome if not looking that he just sprinted a long distance and was straining under the weight.  "oh ho ho, it so warms my heart to see that there are people with good intentions and actual spines, although yours looks like it is about to break, one moment, and then introductions are in order."

Maxwell flicked a white flame from his left index finger into the egg as the whole thing cracked "O' spirit of flame both new and old, rise to my service, as I am your master who gives you form.  And as your master I command you to do away with this abundant rubble!"  the egg shattered in a brilliant light that gave way to a massive figure that could easily see into second story windows.  The being looked mildly humanoid save the lower half of a snake that coiled around where the circular sigil once was, and had two bat like wings behind sizable arms.  the entire creature was composed of flame that seemed to solidify into a body of stained glass.  The creature had a man's face made of fire and glass but with jagged uneven teeth and a white gem embedded in his forehead.  it looked at Maxwell with eyes that looked to be made of engraved brass with glowing lights set in the center.  The Monster struck away at the Rubble covering Dreamer's shield with remarkable strength.  The area, which had recently grown cold, grew hot and invigorating.

In case Dreamer was about to offer thanks to Maxwell with the rocks deposed of, Maxwell held up a finger and continued instructing his creation.  "Young brother, I name you Garlung, and with that name a larger task to pursue.  seek out the pyromancer who's stench of misery permeates this land and enact the vengeance of the people who's passion fuels your form.  use the Wings I have given you to seek this transgressor from the sky, and the voice I have given you to proclaim your intent to friend and foe alike.  Do this so you may be granted peace and discontinuity."

The Devil of flame Looked at Maxwell and spoke in a crackling burning voice. "I am Garlung, Flame of vengeance! Brother and servant to the wise Djinn Rubicante, I shall seek the death of the one who spreads misery across this land, so that I too may flicker and fade!"  Garlung than flew into the sky, a burning winged serpent gazing towards Dredge with incandescent eyes and soaring towards him amidst the sounds of breaking glass and crackling fire.

Maxwell spun around to Dreamer with a shining smile and proceeded to pat the man on his shoulders.  "I am so very thankful for your assistance, I was much too busy to pay attention to things such as falling rocks, although if not for you they would have done quite a number on me.  Your actions are truly heroic and deserve to be treated as such."  Maxwell stepped back and struck a pose *sparkle* *sparkle*. "I am Maxwell Rubicante, a man of great wealth and power.  My heart holds an endless sea of passion and ambition, it is through this abundance that it beats strong."  Maxwell put his hands over his chest with a big show of it.  "You certainly are an interesting one, with lovely eyes if you don't mind me saying."  "once you have caught your breath I would love to hear who you are, I hope you intend to go fight the one responsible for all of this, as then we can join in that endeavor." Maxwell readily awaited this man's answer.

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Vito witnessed the ricosha of musket balls fly back, deflected by some sort of orange. They made their way back towards the firing lining, bouncing off the shield wall or imbedding themselves with the scales of the kobold. The veteran shield was stood strong, whilst two adapt musketeers fell back onto the ground with a hard thud. A sudden explosion followed shortly, the devilish eye detonated and turned the mountain top to ash. The tremor made its way down the mountain, rocking the already destroyed town. Thankfully, the outskirts of the town did not receive the brunt of the force. It seemed a battle of patience was not going to happen. 

'Sorry, it appears the world won't be taking it easy on you once again.'

'When would I ever be that lucky?'

The shambling corpses that rose from the turned earth, whispering tales of guilt, seemed to be acting as a blockade to a spotted pelt bandit. With plenty of experience in necromancy, many kobold and kraul having religious beliefs surrounding it, the shield wall was left unfaced and held its place firm. With one raise of a hand, the musketeers retreated back and were replaced with spears. The group formed a phalanx like formation around the building, bellicose making his way back inside the building. Vito pointed his sword towards the bandit, who stood behind the marching dead.

"You, pelt guy. I can't tell whether you've been divorced three times or just like cheetah pelts, but regardless. What's it that you seek? A group  far more threatening march towards whoever's in charge, yet you play around with fodder and refugees? Are you low ranking and looking to make a name for yourself or just enjoying preying on the weak who are trying to run?" Vito focused his mind on the ground, casting fire to it, raising snakes of magma which danced around and acted as guard dogs and threatened any they dare the cross their line. "I will be leaving here and these people will be coming with me."

Iohmer could sense an object pierce his back, but felt no pain. Turning his head, he saw the figure of an undead shamble in an attempt to kill him. But unfortunately for the dead, no physical force could damage him in this state. Turning his back, he assessed the damage with his summoned spirits.



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Forgot to add Iohmer's POV.

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These weren't mere run of the mill heroes he had added to the vast tapestry of tortured souls he had grown accustomed to. A curious interference severing some of his tethers and causing animated corpses to lose their leashes. A whistle from their abhorrent master causing the rest of the tethers to be released; the undead becoming far less sedated and clawing their wretched fingers against the solid shields of their defenders. His influence over them broken and only adding to their collecting defense. The unfortunate soul however, used up a great deal of might in mitigating his master's work. The wave of terror this unleashed might brought upon was nearly as potent as his displays at Last Chance. He could feel the disguise wane and crack as eyes of putrescent orange broke through the surface of his face as he tasted upon the monk's terrified chasms of immeasurable sorrow. The cataclysm of mountainous rocks cratering the grounds around them as ally and foe were crushed alike. A shadow visage slashing behind the 'necromancer' and splitting a boulder in twain; each chunk hurtling into the grounds on either side of his stride as he made his way toward courageous prey who dared take his loyalty for desperation. The blur of movement behind him vanishing amidst the continuing hoards. Pillars of magma snaking forth and consuming his unholy horde in terrible ashen agony.

The form Kru'Gorah had taken beginning to creak and groan as bone broke through skin; the terror he was breathing in as such destruction laid waste to the monastery. The bandit shaking off this wave of over-stimulation and raised his blackening hands; his disguise was failing because his body's natural response to it's food source. If all he had to do was keep any evidence of his faction out of this then perhaps he could put some of that cunning he had learned from Dredge to work. The blackening hands reducing to bony fingers that produced a terrible visage. The head of a billowing dracolich firing from the flesh sloughed hands of the bandit and careening into the dirt; it's snout plowing a cascade of corpses and dirt into the volatile snakes of magma. Vito' eyes catching the uprooting of ground scouring the earth next to the caster; an attack launching from their side flank as the ground gave way to something that split into one of their shields and reeled back with unnatural strength. An attack from multiple sides as the bandit focused upon the dracolich advance from the front. 

A squadron of bandits attempting to take advantage of this opening despite the danger of the magma; The dragon freezing the corpses and earth into a frigid mass that wrught massive pyres of steam. Kru'gorah knew that he would have to keep his physicality in check otherwise he would be made out and fail his god king, but they could not credit evidence of his involvement based solely on the work of...his tail could they? The tail a wide spaded masterpiece of destruction with metallic, chitounous material making it's guillotine edge a deadly adversary. The tail continuing to hide underneath the bed of blood soaked earth as it flung forward again and rammed into another proud shield. 

"It is easy to fight for those already dead; To protect those still alive brings true dread" He cackled with a strained voice of choking restraint, a weak body such as this beginning to crack at the seems against his corruption. The bandit snapping his leg bones back and swinging a heavy kick into the dracolich's skull and smashed it against the wall of ice it was creating; shattering the ice into a razor hail that created a concussive wave around the snakes themselves. "Am I not what you train for? An ultimate terror smashing upon your door? what are YOU WAITING FOR?"

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It was over. What had plagued his people had been removed from this wretched world he found himself trapped on. The monks that had hunted down and killed his people had been exterminated and for good measure, the village bellow the former monastery now turned pile of ash and rubble had sustained heavy damage along with plenty of innocent lives lost. The heroes who had come to try and stop him were the simplest of creatures really, predictable at every turn and step they took. Dangle a few helpless cries from villagers and civilians in front of their faces and they all begin to come out of the woodwork. Like moths to a flame they do their best to act courages as if their effort truly means anything at all. Though he had to admire their tenacity and grit to face one such as him completely unaware of the depths of power that separated them from one another. He was the Big Bad after all. 


But it was time to move on. The second phase of his plan was set into motion and there was very little time to do it. There seemed to be some kind of fire elemental flying at him from the sky. Having placed himself far enough from the village to buy enough time to act, the man fired off a telepathic message his loyal fiend of lieutenant. 


”Stop playing with your food. The job is finished. We are leaving.” Dredge gave his command and soon after he looked to one of the nearby wraiths and gave orders to him as well. 


”It seems present company will most likely try to capture one of the men. Do it.” Dredge gave the word.


With a cold energy forming at the Wraith’s fingertips, the creature pulled forth a small magical token that radiated the power of death. You see, Dredge was not a dull nor dim witted villain. His display of power at the necessity of heroes presenting themselves was sure to call up higher authorities to investigate this little act of violence. These heroes would without a doubt attempt to capture someone in order interrogate and spill the beans on his operation, and even if they didn’t talk there was still so many ways to magically force the truth out of someone. So this was an insurance policy. Something that would guarantee that at the very least there would be nobody to question and he could retain plausible deniability. So with token in hand the Wraith flowed a bit of magic power into it and activated its effect. 


Standing in the now dark village one of the “barbarians” who wielded an axe dripping with the blood of women and children had cornered their next victims. A young family of four that lay cowering in the corner of their burnt out home. Slowly the man dragged the axe against the floor and approached them with a grin on either side of his face and eager to spill more blood. With a cry for death and gore he raised the axe in the air while the family screamed for help. Yet before the axe could come down there was a explosion of red that coated their bodies. Stumbling around swinging an axe wildly was the now headless body of the man who was so close to ending the lives of these people. His body twitched and convulsed before falling to the ground and going quiet, more were to follow. Outside where the musketeers had fought and gunned down those who sought to do evil, they would be witness to much of the same. Both living and dead among these raiders, their heads began to explode and fill the ground with brains and blood. No people to question, no minds to pry into, nothing to glean from survivors. Dredge had hoped to keep his men alive and return with them, but these people posed too great a threat. 


So as the beast up above came down with a vengeance, a small portal opened up for himself, the twins, the wraiths, and his lieutenant. They were assets that could not be parted with. Before he stepped away into the bright portal he looked over to Dauner and with a smile beneath the hood of his robe he spoke two words. 


”Next time.” And just like that he was gone. Through the portal and away from this place leaving only death and ruin in his wake.

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What followed was still another unexpected twist. Dauner had gone there to fight Dredge but he was not faced, not only by two women who seemed to underestimate him and Gozen, but also a golem and now a lightning creature. Dauner didn't have much experience in taking down rock type monsters but he was more than capable of handling lightning type monsters. He got himself ready to battle and it was at that time that he noticed the portal behind Dredge. The group seemed like they were going to retreat taking their victory with them. Gozen thought of stopping them before they could make it into the portal but Dauner stopped him by placing his sword in front of him as he listened o Dredge.

Dauner grinned at Dredge showing out his teeth and said, "I'll be looking forward to it".

"D. You're gonna let them walk away like this?" Gozen questioned.

Dauner turned to Gozen raising his finger. "Let's let em go for now. Besides we won't be able to get to them with these two body guards trying to stop us so let's just concentrate on beating them" he said ending with a wide open grin.

"I guess you make a valid point. Though that's not the main reason why you're letting them go. right?" Gozen asked giving Dauner a suspicious and intimidating glare.

"I don't know what you're talking about" Dauner said steeping forward. "You take stonnie and i'll handle thundie"

"You still suck at lying. Well i can live with that" Gozen said turning towards the golem. "Let's melt you up"

Dauner's swords and arms instantly got enveloped by electric charges as he prepared to launch at the thundery opponent. At the same time, Gozen's arms and legs turned black and flames enveloped them as he stood in his battle stance.

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Vito stood confused at the situation, eyes unmoving from his enemy. Watching bone and flesh contort, morphing into the head of an undead draconic creature. Its movements were random, as if fighting itself. Even amongst the chaos and death, the bandits continued their race towards their demise. Bodies lined the floor, a giant mixture of frozen and burning corpses. Fire and ice met in the center of the small battlefield, acting as a border between the two opposing warriors. Steam began to cover the field as the heat melted away at the ice, slowly travelling outwards into the town. A tail emerged in an instant, flinging itself into the shield wall and destroying the formation.

'I think it's time to call their retreat, handle this by yourself. They're of no more use, beyond fodder.'


With one wave of his wrist, the magmatic snakes began to frenzy. Their bodies twisting, turning, hissing and melting anything that got close. The occupants of the building fled outback, the once strong defence following closely behind. Bandits attempted to chase on foot, only to be consumed by snakes or shot down by the remaining musketeers. Vito's arm began to smoulder with the heat of his blade, embers spitting from its edge. Various blue lights danced around him, one with a sharp enough eye could see the blue lights were faeries eating the flesh of the fallen. The blue lights settled by pools of blood, drinkings its contents.

On 12/6/2019 at 9:50 AM, Djinn&Juice said:

"Am I not what you train for? An ultimate terror smashing upon your door? what are YOU WAITING FOR?"

"I will not pretend to be strong, I'm a coward who strikes from behind and feel no remorse. But, I do find myself often winning because of that cowardliness."

The ground began to shake violently, the air vibrating with an ear bleeding humb. The clouds broke open as an airship slowly descended lower and lower, baring the banner of a four headed hydra. His back-up had finally arrive, the krawl warriors sent early had made it. The Caiman hovered behind the raider, his sword raised and ready for combat. Bellicose took his place at Vito's side, letting out a sligh laugh and bellowing smoke.

"Let me test your power, I don't want these pools of blood to be just for show!"

Vito began his charge, Bellicose taking to the skies. There was a heavy echoing snap as the airship fired off two ballista bolts, aimed straight towards Kru'Gorah. Railguns began shooting, targeting bandits trying to interrupt the battle. Vito brought his sword down on Kru'Gorah, aiming for the dracolich's head. Bellicose came in from above, bringing down a wave of heavy flames, aiming to coat the raider and bandit within the fire. Within mere moments of the main battle ending, a new one had begun.


Iohmar was snapped out his trance, the humb of an all to familiar airship made its way to his ears. Leaving his shadow cloak, the tabaxi reached out to the undead and grabbed its head. In one quick motion, ripping its head clean of its shoulder and throwing it to one side like an old toy. He turned to face the ship, watching as the mobile fort begun firing into the town. 

"What the fuck are you up too, you dumb human?"

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It almost felt like Dreamer's muscles and brain would collapse in a fatal, miserable end, which would only lead to the deaths of the two heroes. As the shields were withstanding the weight of rocks and boulders, Maxwell played his card, summoning what it seemed as an entity made of fire itself. How could a man create such a living being, from a red flower and fire? His imposing appearance, a sparkling gentleman, would only lead him to think he is a god. But would gods ever need the help of another man to help them survive? Would gods not have their own ego, not being grateful of their lifesaver? He had to be a human, born in the bowels of fire probably. The grandiose entity made its way to save Dreamer's spine from breaking into multiple places, breaking and pushing the rocks away off the shields, easing his work. 

As the rocks were gone, he made a gesture to make the shields disappear. He took a deep breath, before speaking "I must say, we shall thank each other for what happened. These rocks were quite a handful."

After gasping one more time, he looked back to Maxwell, nodding and keeping a slight smile: "Nice to meet you Maxwell. You truly seem like an imposing figure, with quite some interesting powers indeed." He stretched his arms, until a few pops were heard. At last, he felt much more relaxed than before the whole fight had begun, his mind clearing from those flashes of memories that happened and haunted him. "I am The Dreamer. As my name suggests, I can create whatever i want, as well my mind can understand it. Many people would consider this such a powerful ability, but they would be horrified to know what I went through to have it." Accepting the pats and the compliments with a simple nod, he kept going: "It is as you say. I am here to fight the one who caused all this. But this sun, destroying the temple, means the fight has ended. We were too late for this."

Soon after he finished his sentence, explosion and pops could be heard. It felt as flesh was flying off the bone, leaving it clean, escaping its grasp. But it was, in fact, just the horrific sight of the barbarian's heads, which exploded one by one. After all this massacre that happened and many people that died, those monster's heads decided to take their leave. Blood, guts and bones on the ground, painting it red, would offer such a grim, dark sight, which only the people who were used to all this gore could withstand it without puking. "As I said. We were too late." He added to this grotesque show that was happening before his eyes. "No soldier of the opposing force will be left alive at this rate and we cannot do anything about this."

And then a ground shake happened. What the hell would happen now, that almost everyone was either dead or too horrified of what happened? Could it have been an earthquake? No... It was a grand airship, descending lower and lower, as its appearance could have been the sign of a full-scale war that would happen just now. The ear-thumping noise would annoy the man with the starry eyes, but he couldn't do anything about it, except adapting. "We should check out what's happening. It didn't come here for no reason." And the ship started shooting bolts towards something. "Crap, We should definitely see what's happening!" He started running, following the trajectory of the ballista bolts.
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"Imposing hmm?  I hope that you do not feel intimidated by me, dear Mister Dreamer~, There is still a threat to stay strong against."  Maxwell found the large sea of emotions Dreamer seemed to be feeling quite cute.  Like a rabbit, standing up to a fox, in defiance to the aggressor and possibly notions of one's own impotency.  He clearly wasn't blinded by optimism, but the ways in which his psyche seemed to hold itself together in the face of what many would see as a literal hellscape, was a deeply adorable display of passion.  And such an elegant power on top of it all, exquisite. Maxwell wondered if after this situation had died down, this, mister Dreamer, wouldn't mind to have an opportunity 'imposed' upon him too.  "Yes, what happened hear tonight is in no doubt a tragedy, oh for innocent people to be slaughtered in barbaric fashion merely to provide the fuel for a wicked spell.  oooh, poor folk such as these deserve far better than they are given~.  Wouldn't you agree?  Mister Dreamer~?"  Maxwell gestured to depict his sorrow, Looking at Dreamer from the side of his eye.

Maxwell wasn't surprised to see the pillaging bandits die in such a gruesome fashion.  The nature of the force behind this, would most definitely decide that killing them in this way would do better than risking that they divulge even the slightest of secrets.  Of course, a face had to be put on so that it seemed Maxwell too was surprised by this turn of events.  It would be inconvenient if Dreamer suspected Maxwell to be at best heartless, and at worst, untrustworthy.  Maxwell displayed an expression of genuine shock, surely even flea ridden scum deserved better than this.  "Oh, gods above.  To kill your own men in such a way, they were men who deserved the axe for their crimes against innocent life, but this speaks volumes of how black the heart of the man who leads them must be." Maxwell re-applied his composure.  "However, there is much to divulge from this act, in playing this last card, there is much we can figure out about the deck.  Who ever did this just told us that these bandits aren't actually bandits and were probably part of a larger organization or cult where they would be both expendable and tightly knitted into understanding things that our mister war crime wouldn't want them to blather about.  would you perhaps agree with this assessment Mister Dreamer~?"

While Dreamer was preoccupied with the shaking of the ground, Maxwell made out the familiar sound of airship engines.  He looked up to see a rather large ship descend through the rising clouds of smoke, blowing it away and showing the sky for the first time since before the sun set.  After it became visible, Maxwell had a good guess as to what the ship was.  An old cargo ship with probably more than a decade of retrofitting and renovation to its name, something you were bound to hear about if you brushed up against the Renavatio slave market long enough, The Caiman.  Although, it seemed this ship had been modified from being the slaving ship that it was remembered as, there was word of it being claimed by a small time drug lord by the name of Vito, who started using it for his own personal reasons.  Now why would someone like that be bringing in such a big toy here?  Perhaps Maxwell should get acquainted with this infamous 'Vito the Maruader'.

Maxwell strided alongside Dreamer towards the Caiman and whatever it was firing on, unlike Dreamer who ran, Maxwell took bounding leaps that soared through the rubble, ruin, and viscera.  The constant warmth of Maxwell's infinite passion, working to invigorate Dreamer's endurance and fortitude.  @The Fire Heart



The Fire Demon Garlung flew through the sky towards the force who's dark power matched that of the suffering and misery that polluted the nearby land.  The winged man serpent was unimpeded from the massive cloud of smoke, as such a thing was nothing to a powerful being of flame.  Garlung was guided by staring deeply at the dark force that hid a ways away from the town. But suddenly, this force disappeared with a serge of magic.  How dare such a filthy thing run like a cowardly child, that dark power needed to face an agonizing justice for its transgressions so that Garlung might return to his primal existence.  Garlung stopped and coiled around, deep in the cloud of smoke, searching for another being who's death might satisfy his quarry.  And not long after, he found it.

a necromancic power of evil and negative energy, making its presence known back by the ruined town.  Garlung decided that this evil spirit would be good enough to see the fires of vengeance filled and fulfilled.  The demon shot back towards the town and this spirit, its essence the newfound focus of this unrelenting force.

As Vito and his men charged the Dracolich from the ground and the Caiman began to fire from the sky, a burning light grew strong from within the high layer of smoke, growing brighter and brighter before a huge winged creature looking to be made of fire and patchwork glass, shot shot out from the cloud heading right towards the Dracolich.  The creature looked to be a demon, with strong arms, jagged teeth, massive wings, and a long serpent like tail.  It called out in an overpowering deep, crackly voice that echoed across the entire Valley.


Garlung flies at the dracolich, teeth bared and claws ready to strike. @Djinn&Juice @Rabbit

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A haze took over Kru'Gorah with a fury he hadn't expected. This Vito unleashing something inside of him he hadn't felt since the days of yore where his master brought ruin without mercy. The monastery' agony still lingered as rubble continued to slough off the mountain as though they had no further purpose but to collapse into dust. The terror that lingered in the air was unseen to all but the Djinn in disguise. It was the source of his sustenance and power; it was becoming overpowering to him now as he felt the fleshy disguise he had taken begin to break down against the manifesting strength he had purposely drained before this plan had been executed. He didn't want to fail his lord' desires...but how could he deny this foe such deserved dread? Saliva filling the cracks in his splitting lips as a leathery tongue licked wildly as he called himself a coward. He feasted upon the terror of others, and cowards were a exquisite brand of their own...but his words betrayed what Kru'Gorah could smell. There was courage dwelling within this one's heart and it started to exhume to the surface as A mighty ship bellowed into the scene with gregarious might. His eyes of putrescent orange flicking toward those who were fleeing to find sanctuary upon the ship itself. They were escaping whilst Vito held off his aggressor. A caustic laugh dripping from his perforating lips 

"You speak of cowardice as though it is your strength, but that flickering courage is what I want to...test in length~" His voice dripping like oil 

Vito began to charge forward and he could hardly contain himself now as A wide spaded tail unfurled with seemingly limitless length as it twitched with excitement. He would've asked Dredge if he could reveal himself, but...he was no longer on the battlefield. He was always off doing bigger and badder things...so perhaps in this case it would be easier to ask for forgiveness...than permission. The volley of ballista bolts soared to strike Kru'Gorah down; piercing his flesh with merciless accuracy as A new foe joined the attack and with both Vito and Gallung, the head of the dracolich was split in twain. The bandit remaining still as blood pooled from his wounds...a sound of cracking heard before his back exploded with viscera as something climbed from his back now as the husk of the bandit fell over in a miserable heap. Their true foe now standing before them. A dog legged creature that stood much higher than the fleshy suit it had once adorned. The fellow demon that now stood against him declared Kru'Gorah to be an enemy he would see dead, his leathery skin marred with wounds of the endless battles he has thrown himself in. His head turning toward them to reveal an elongated face split into a jagged toothed grin; eyes of smoldering orange piercing the two of them as two horns spiraled forth from his head and perched like an unholy crown atop his head. 

"The depths of hell were full of weak cowards who gave me no thrill; It is this earth so filled with warriors that I now slake my thirst to spread terror...and kill

A long breath being sucked in as the despair, depression, anger, sadness, and hopelessness these lands have suffered in only a short amount of time being absorbed as he feasted upon the terror they had endured; his body swelling in size and height as spines erupted from his elbows and head. A scream erupted from his splitting jaws that caused the bandits who were already retreating from the ship fire to run even faster. Their terror being feasted on as they hadn't known such a monster was among them. His segmented tail firing forth with a speed all it's own toward Garllung as Kru'Gorah bared down upon Vito, two sets of claws threatening to rend the flesh from his bones.



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With the bandit leader signalling his retreat, the two suspicious female individuals found it prudent to follow suit. In fact, the white-haired was already preparing their own get-away portal.

"I guess time's up, boys!" said Plushy as she stepped back towards her sister and the portal. "We would love to stay for a couple more rounds but judging from that brief contact, I'm sure you will disappoint. As most men do."

Giggling, Minny finished her preparations rather quickly and the portal was raring to go. "We are so done with you two losers. Toodles!"

With that, the two jumped into the portal screaming- "YOLO!" -then they were gone together with the portal.

While the eldritch sisters made their retreat, their summons were left behind. Cialo's mouth opened toward seemed like a mocking grin. It stomped a rocky foot and the ground under it rumbled before a rapidly growing mound emerged. It moved towards both Dauner and Gozen like a wave of earth threatening  to swallow them both. The earthen wave seemed to grow more and more with each foot passed and it would be twice as large as Cialo once it reached the two.

Meanwhile, Sagittarius (Saggy) shook its head at its opponents. It opened its mouth in preparation. If Dauner and Gozen manages to steer clear, then Saggy would hit the two with two focused beam of sound waves, one for each boy and delivering a direct hit to their bodies of 200 decibels and frequency as low as 1 hertz.

Atop the airship, Saki-san had a rather concerned expression on her face. "Should we help them?"

"Nah, I'm sure the boys can handle those fucking lame gods," spat Sera.

Khaki shrugged. "It's not like these two are fighting a mountain and a thunderstorm."

"Very well," Saki-san sighed. "Should we at least go after the leader?"

"Nah, fuck that piece of shit. I'm not that fucking stupid to take him on without Middy on our side."

Taking another swig from her bottle, the little girl named Khakina stood up and began to stretch. "On a second thought, Sera. We'd better start warming up before Cially(Cialo) becomes a literal mountain. Last time was hard enough."

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Dauner and Gozen were ready and set to wreck havoc. Before the battle commenced Dauner said to Gozen, "Don't go wrecking this mountain now, ok"

"You're the one most likely to do something that stupid" Gozen replied with a smirk as a mound emerged from the ground heading their way. "How about a little smoke screen" he asked mockingly. He then pulled his arm backwards and punched forward sending a giant hand of fire. This time however, the earth didn't melt upon collision but instead, it broke creating a large enough smokescreen of dust particles. Before the Sagittarius would realize it, it's hear a sound behind it. Dauner had moved so fast that it was impossible to see him and the smokescreen was indeed a perfect distraction. Dauner swayed his sword at what one would call the speed of light creating a slash in the air. The slash which could be seen as a white cure in the air flew almost immediately with intention to cut the creature. After this, Dauner would stab his left sword in the creatures chest still at the speed of light and say, "You're made of lightning right? Let's see you handle this move" electric charges began to form around his arm and sword. "Demon bolt: Reverse". This technique was one that enable him to absorb a large amount of lightning and/or electrical energy and absorb it. He would then direct this energy into an attack. He could only store absorbed energy for about 5-10 seconds but that was enough time for him to complete his attack. After the absorption would be complete, Dauner would use it to power his Demon smash throwing the Sagittarius into Ciallo with a force that would smash into the golem.

By this time, Gozen had already set up a high temperature heat zone around him and was running Ciallo getting very close to it and melting parts of its body. The smash gave an opening which Gozen used, jumping onto Ciallo's chest and displacing his heat zone into the golem after miniaturizing it. He then jumped off causing the heat zone to blast off all it's heat energy which would consume both foes at the same time. "Survive that" Gozen would taunt them after finishing his attack

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If only it was that easy as the two thought it would be. Sagittarius was once the god of elecricity meaning it has complete mastery of it. The boys can cover themselves with dust but they cannot hide their body's movements. There is this thing called radar and sonar sensing, an passive ability that Sera was fond of using and the god Sagittraiud was even better at it. By passively sending out and receiving radio waves and high-frequency sound waves, Saggy can perceive motion within its vicinity and beyond that. It only needed to move way back perhaps even matching the boy's speed perhaps to taunt it, making all of the boy's assumptions be for naught. Light is simply just another wave under the electromagnetic spectrum, moving at the speed of light is child's play for the god.

As for Cialo, the god is not blind. The deity is one with the earth and it can easily sense the slightest hints of vibration on it. The moment Sagittarius moved, the god has moved also with the god. As one of the fastest gods in Renovatio, it was child's play for it to match its speed with Sagittarius thus proving another set of assumptions by the boys. 

However all good things must come to an end as two individuals fell from the sky, their long coats billowing with their descent. The two godslayers that were once responsible for slaying a good chunk of Renovatio's pantheon had once again come to the rescue. The question is who is rescuing who? The duo landed on their respective gods, Sera on Saggy and Khaki on Cialo. There was no resistance as these two are the real owners of these pets. Both grabbed their respective god's head and smashed it into the ground before proceeding to thrust their hands into their chests, making donuts and eventually pull out the divine essences of each god. Once they were done, the gods' bodies would dissipate into nothingness.

With a heavy sigh, Sera addressed the two. "Fucking sorry bout that. Those two cunts have access to our armory so some of our pets got stolen."

Khaki, on the other hand, was giggling at that prospect. "I think those were Prty's sister, Sera. If they had access to these pets, what else do they access into? I don't really want to clean up after them every single time."

"Well, fuck you and those bitches, " Sera spat. Then she turned to leave. "Fuck this, I'm leaving!"

With that, Sera stormed off with Khaki skipping happily after the mad woman.

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Leon stared around the sudden scene around him, the now Dilapidated town was strewn with bodies and blood. It was…not something that he thought he would seen so soon. He stayed silented and still, seemingly too late to do anything about it. But now he had questions. What of this power could cause what he just saw? What was powerful enough to leave so many men, women and children dead on the field, to actually destroy so much and so quickly? Leon question would have to be answered when he had time to think more on it, instead what would happen. He needed to investigate what was going on. He attempted to gather himself, looking around for anyone that could tell him anything in the immediate, maybe someone who was already assisting with the citizen.

However what else he saw was shocking, It would seem that what happened today was not going to be the only seemingly demonic presence Leon would be faced with.


Leon eyes turn toward the voice that bellowed throughout the Valley.  And stared at what seemed to be a giant winged creature. He had already introduced himself, so Leon being the smart arse. Decided that he would introduce himself as well. “Leontias Metalliene, The best Damn Guitarist…period!” He spoke with confidence and bravado, as if he was cocksure of his own ability to be a musician, and seemingly ignoring that this wasn’t a concert. This didn’t seem to concern him however. However, at that moment something seemed off. The sound of a ethereal click seemed to shroud what seemed to be a very tense situation. It would seemed that he was in the way of another battle, but that was no matter to him, besides he had to find out about what was going on somehow, and there was no better way than to bring himself out there. However, there was one thing Leon was sure about, His guitar was singing to him. He could feel it rapidly vibrating on his back, the sound of many echoing into his ear as he sat himself at the ready.

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