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Wanna see some edits I've done recently?

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Of course you do! Otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this post. x'D

Anyway, I haven't been on Valucre much and I haven't had many ideas lately for new alternative stories and a story that I haven't responded to here hasn't happened yet though I wanted to post some stuff I've worked on. I recently got work again so that's good. It's actually with a fire protection company. Here's some things I've worked on after work (even staying up late on work nights for a couple of them lol good job me). I hope you enjoy it and I know I'm not all that close to really anyone here but figured why not post and share something.


This one below was made around mental health awareness day unintentionally. As I progressed with it I decided to dedicate it to that.

The two above are short. Very short.

And here's something I finished most recently.

Alright I'll quit spamming my new edits to you guys but I hope you had a safe October and I hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays!

God bless you guys,


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