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Michael Bloodfang

Michael Bloodfang, Overlord of the Great Nest of Dragopia

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Name: Michael Bloodfang 
Aliases: Overlord, King of the Great Nest of Dragopia, Dragon King, Supreme Ruler, Bloodfang, Supreme One 
Alignment: Morally ambiguous
Affiliation: The Great Nest of Dragopia 
Home: The Great Nest of Dragopia
Race: Dragon 
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Married to the Queen of the Great Nest of Dragopia, Katelyn Bloodfang 
Age: 4000 years old
Apparent Age: 30

Physical Appearance

Voice: Modulated, Fruity, Inspiriable, Booming and Powerful77775cbc58a7628075b62ff5f274bebf.jpg
Eyes: Cyan color  
Skin: Pale 
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lbs 
Build: Lean, Ripped, Muscular 
Hair: Cyan  
Accessories: None 


Demeanor: Michael Bloodfang is morally grey or at least ambiguous so to speak. He loves his Queen and the rest of his servants that serve him and the Great Nest of Dragopia. 
He can be at times, kind, loving and carring, sometimes full of wisdom and he always is three or more steps ahead of everyone, as he has is incredible wits and likes to plan beforehand so that life events couldn't catch him off guard.

In the eyes of his servants, he is a Great King and deserves to be the Supreme One, the one who would rule the world under his iron but righteous fist. However, outside the Great Nest of Dragopia, he doesn't shy away from getting his hands dirty, killing unrighteous, evil doers, good doers, innocent or any other being in that matter if it benefited the Great Nest of Dragopia.

In fact, everything he does, plans and strategies is so that it could benefit Dragopia, so for example, if he had to save a group of innocent, poor people that would benefit Dragopia, he will the same could be said for the other scenarios.

However, it may not always be the case, he doesn't take advantage upon the weak and innocent because normally they wouldn't serve any real purpose for him, whosoever tries to disrespect his name or Dragopia their punishment would be death, regardless who that is.

He is questionable at best which makes him unpredictable because you never really know if he would do this out of his kindness or if it benefited him on the long turn. Everything he does is for a reason and none of it is unthought or unplanned. 

Goals: His goal is to ultimately bring the Great Nest of Dragopia on to the top and do anything that is necessary that it would benefit it and everyone in Dragopia. His other side goals are probably world domination and making Dragopia once and for all known to all.
Fears: Of losing Dragopia and everything that he has accomplished so far, though he has never known defeat, he never ever underestimates an enemy. 
Likes: Dragopia, his Queen Katelyn, his royal servants, loyalty, determination.
Dislikes: Disrespectful, Unloyalful, Lying, Dishonorable people. 

Equipment and Weapons

Erus Sword: The Erus Sword is Michael Bloodfang standard sword which he uses when he battles. It was single handedly crafted by none other than the finest Dwarf craftsmen generally the world had to offer. Its design is simple, royal guard like and very effective. As its able to cut even the toughest, most durable materials there is. The edge of the blade is very sharp and thin, the handle of the sword has a textured grip allowing Michael to use the sword in very quick and fast slashing and stabbing motions.

The metal that has been used was one that allowed for the Dwars to enhance the weapon with magical enhancement and abilities. Be it that Michael's chosen elements are fire and lightning, upon his choosing alone the sword can either engulf itself in flammes, electricity or even both. It may not be the most legendary weapon in the whole Great Nest of Dragopia but it has its traits and as it's being held by Michael, it's a high regard in itself. And so the Erus sword is not hindered from allowing Michael to use his elements to their full extent by either sending waves of fire or summoning lightning from above.

Sunlight Blade: The Sunlight Blade is the most powerful ancient artifact or weapon in the world. It was made by the bones of an Elder Dragon. Long after Dragopia stood tall the group of Supreme Ones, Michael included had a task in front of them and that was if Michael had to ever become the Dragon Lord and assure that the Dragons will forever stay loyal to the throne, they needed to slay the Elder Dragon, which proved to be nothing but an annoying tedious task because they are nearly impossible to kill.  a60aae65be4264422f52ecd46e93b19e.jpg

However, the Supreme Ones succeeded in their task and brought the Elder Dragon down, their most important discovery was that the bones of the Dragons are very practically and compatible with magic while also being a very nigh indestructible material, by using magic it chances the essence of the atom makeup, changing it into a very nigh indestructible material which is far the most durable in the world, even that of other godly metals. 

When Michael became the Dragon Lord he also became the leader of the the supreme ones and the King of Dragopia, the One True Ruler to rule them all. But to show that power there needed to be something that demonstrated it, something that stood tall and proud as a token of Dragopia and thus the Sunlight Blade was made.

The Supreme Ones made sure they gathered the most handiest and best craftsmen in the whole world, dwarfs and elves were among them. The process took seven days and seven nights to make, the process was as tidious if not even more than that of killing the Elder Dragon, as nothing but the thermal energy of the Sun was used to melt it and cast it out into its blade form, of course, it needed to be a blade of high caliber, one that was bested by none and certainly had no weakness but efficiency towards magic as it suited Michael best. 

The golden Sunlight Blade can call upon or channel thermal energy from the sun and it also makes full use of Michael's elemental manipulation and energy manipulation, casting out waves of elemental energy that can cut or crack mountains in half, shatter or create a crater on the ground and there is seemingly nothing in the world that can withstand its might and sharp, cutting capabilities, nor can it be broken or bested. The only weapons that can stand a 50/50 chance are the other artifact weapons made by the Elder Dragon's bones, which are located in the most secured area in Dragopia.

Power and Abilities

Human Form

  • Atmospheric Adaption: Michael can adapt to any sort of environment he is in, depending if he doesn't use magic, this ability slowly starts to kick in and can take a bit of a while till he fully adapts to his new environments, however, when he uses magic the adaption of his new environments are a lot faster.  
  • Semi-Immortality: Michael has the power to not age, and as a result, he stays young forever or at least never suffers the ravages of aging. Because of this, he will always be in his physical prime. He is also immune to aging abilities, such as Age Acceleration or Reversal.
  • Supernatural Condition: From birth as a Dragon, Michael is a Supernatural Being and so he has; Supernatural Durability, Supernatural Endurance, Supernatural Intelligence, Supernatural Stamina, Supernatural Strength, Supernatural Senses, Supernatural Vision, Supernatural Roar, ect. 
  • Fear Masking: Michael is capable of suppressing his fear and draws upon the superhuman reserves of courage and fearlessness allowing him to act or react normally in dangerous situations, such in combat, rescue operations, etc.
  • Omnilingualism: Michael has the power to instantly learn, speak, write, understand and communicate in any other language fluently.
  • Thermal Resistance: Be it that Michael is a Fire Dragon, he can survive extreme temperatures without any discomfort. The freezing cold cannot harm him because of his cold immunity and high temperatures, like fire cannot harm him because of his heat immunity.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Magic
  • Mystic Bolts
  • Protective shields
  • Black Magic
  • Various other spells
  • Spell casting
  • Mysticism
  • Symbol Magic
  • Magic Immunity: Michael is invulnerable and is unaffected to most, if not all, forms of magic and magical powers by magic in any way.
  • Conjuring: Michael with his spells can summon any form of creatures, items, spirits, demons, angels, elements, ect.
  • Enlightenment: Michael possess a full comprehension of the Universe and beyond it.
  • Indomitable Will: The great ruler of Dragopia, Michael Bloodfang has an unusually and unnaturally strong willpower, making him immune to all forms of temptation including Subordination, Manipulation, Telepathy, Mind Control and Subliminal Seduction. Through his will he can face great physical pain and psychological trauma and will still refuse to surrender no matter how much the odds are stacked against him, possibly up to a certain point of cheating death and pushing himself past his own limitations. 


Bloodfang Form

  • e6edda7b36dadd720e51eb1f3f681e10.jpgElemental Absorption: As a Fire Dragon, Michael can absorb fire elements as well as lightning and utilize them in the same way. By absorbing the elements or elemental forces, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing himself, gaining the drained power, using it as a power source, etc, be it either temporarily or permanently. 
  • Elemental Energy Manipulation: He can manipulate elemental energy from fire and lightning, he can create, shape and manipulate the elemental energy (including elemental phenomena, such as storms and volcanic activity) force created by the natural elemental forces: usually Air, Earth, Water but in his case it is Fire and Lightning, by using their own life force energy, or energy from an external force. Michael being a senior dragon who is well over 4000 years old can have two as his major elemental powers, that being Fire and Lightning.
  • Elemental Form: Michael can undergo a transformation into a form that enables control over a certain element, that being, Fire and Lightning who is able to transform into a state of being that grants him power over the elements, in so, engulfing him with flames or lightning. 
  • Power Sharing: Michael can share his power with a person or a group of his selection. By sharing his powers with others or vice versa to become more powerful or access a power that is otherwise not of his own.
  • Elemental Magic: Michael has the ability to use the elemental forces through Magic, utilizing different elements as a form of magic, he can also use different spells to formulate their elemental quantities and energies for many uses.


Dragon Form


  • Scale Manifestation: Michael as a Dragon can have, grow strock, thick scales of varying sizes on his body. It is vastly known that a Dragon's skin is very and extremely durable, nothing ordinary can even make a dent let alone penetrate it. Only world destructive weapons can penetrate a Dragon's skin and in doing so proceeding in injuring him.
  • Elemental Breath: As a result, Michael in his Dragon form possess a fire breath that is incredibly and extremely hot alongside possessing the ability of breathing fire energy that is most likely a concentrated beam of heated energy. 
  • Flight/Wing Manifestation: In his Dragon form, Michael can fly with his vast wings at even high speeds.
  • Natural Weaponry: Sharp claws, sharp teeth, long pointy sharp tail.
  • Claw Retraction
  • Enhanced Bite: Michael in his Dragon form has an incredibly enhanced powerful bite, due to his natural sharp teeth, strong jaw-muscles, jaw structure, jaw strength and his perfect resilient teeth and bite surface of its shape.
  • Prehensile Tail: Michael has a prehensile tail, in his Dragon form which he has naturally or in his Human form where he needs to grow it which can adapt to be able to grasp and hold objects. It can be used to hold and manipulate objects and in particular to aid him in his tasks.
  • Dragonic Elemental Manipulation: Michael can manipulate draconic elements in various offensive and defensive styles, due to fire and lightning being his naturally born elements he has control over them. 
  • Draconic Elemental Absorption: In his Dragon form, he can absorb elements or elemental forces, while also removing it from the original source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining a form of advantage in the fire and lightning department, by enhancing himself, gaining his drained power, using it as a power source, etc. Be it temporarily or permanently. 
  • Draconic Elemental Attacks: Michael can release, use elements or energy to various attacks as he can also release it into attacks of various shapes or intensities, either projected, used a part of melee attacks, etc.
  • Draconic Elemental Detection: Michael can sense the presence of elements in one's vicinity, by sensing the presence of elements he can possibly ain detailed understanding about the matter or energy he is sensing, including the amount or size of elements he is sensing and whether it is hidden or not.
  • Draconic Elemental Field Projection: Michael can emit a field that augments or enhances elements. He can also generate a field that augments or enhances elements.
  • Draconic Elemental Generation: Michael can generate lightning and fire elements. 
  • Draconic Elemental Mimicry:  Michael cna transform into or have a physical body made up of elements, most likely the case of being either fire or electricity or lightning, his transformed Dragon form is anatomically identical to his previous normal form, aside of being made out of element, which case, it contains all organs and what is somewhat vulnerable to attacks. Alternately, he can transform into homogeneous matter, without any part of their form being more important than the other.
  • Draconic Elemental Negation: Michael has the power to negate the elements of fire and lightning, and in doing so any fire or lightning elemental attacks, their effects are being ignored and not able to have an affect on him. 
  • Draconic Elemental Solidification: Michael can condense elemental forces into tangible forms. He can solidify or give solid-like properties to fire or electricity elemental forces with the level of solidity going from loose jelly to metal-like hardness or beyond.  
  • Dragonic Energy Manipulation: Michael can control draconic energy, he can create, shape and manipulate draconic energy, which can be described as a invisible spiritual energy that constitutes the life-force that flows within all dragons and through multiple known dragon worlds, and so he can create and manipulate fire and lightning elements. 
  • Dragon Lord Physiology: A century after Michael became an dragon lord and so was bestowed with the powers and abilities of it. His form is that of a Dragon Lord, a powerful draconic being who may have complete control of other dragons by way of his own superiority along with other abilities that allow for dragon control. However, he is not on the level of the transcendent or the godly, but he has the highest level of authority among those who are just below those levels. 
  • Mystic Dragon Physiology: There is no doubt that being a Dragon who can control both fire and lightning makes him a Mystic Dragon. Unlike other regular dragon counter-parts. Being a Mystic Dragon also grants far more well-versed in the arcane arts enhancing his magical powers to a greater or above scale.
  • Dragonman Physiology: Michael can with his draconic powers transform into a human and live for the rest of his life as a human if he so chooses. 


Michael Bloodfang is the supreme overlord and ruler of the Great Nest of Dragopia but that wasn't always the case. Dragopia is a land that inhabits Dragon species, reaching from Fire Dragons to Crystal Dragons, Earth Dragons, Magic Dragons and ect. Seemingly the list is endless on what Dragopia has for Dragon races, it is also the biggest land there is in the World and the City of Dragopia towers over everything with its beautifully bilt architecture. But before that, before the Great City of Dragopia and the Supreme Ones who voted democratically that Michael Bloodfang should be the ruler, there was nothing of that.

While Dragopia is the biggest land where it has the largest amount of population of Dragons, his parents nor their ancestors before him came from there. Michael was born in the far reaches of the west where Dragons are a rarity and because they are rare. They are the most powerful Dragons to have ever walked to the planet but very view reach the status of Elder Dragon or even Senior as not all of them can adapt to the harsh environment they were living in.

His father was a Fire Dragon and his mother a Lightning Dragon and their union brought forth a child of great heritage and power because his parents were each individually one of the strongest Dragons of their species, making Michael already from birth extremely powerful, however while there was talent that didn't mean since as a child he took a throne and started to rule. 

As a kid he was playfully, adventures, mischievous, cunningly witty and always listened when his Elders gave him their lessons to him. He soon learned that knowledge is power and he had to do everything that he could to earn that knowledge to have that power. At the age of 500 years he was considered an fully grown adult but that was in itself a rarity because most Dragons don't even make pass that 500 age mark because they are either hunted down or other wise killed.

But Michael had a very protective family and they taught him the basics on self defense, should it ever come the case, whilst he was 500 years old he was adventurous and wanted to explore the world and learn many great things he already has learned from being here. Though his parents weren't so thrill about it, they knew the danger that lurked around the corner, even if Dragons were considered to be powerful lizzard beasts they still needed to watch out.

And then the unexpected happened, Michael was flying around the mountains of the West till he got attacked by a group of enhanced powerful individuals, they got the better of him. He was only 500 years old and he was far from being a Prime Dragon. If not for one of the Supreme Beings that saved him Michael wouldn't be alive and he learned that this Supreme One valued Justice and always saved the weak, he of course wasn't a Dragon but Michael was at least grateful he was saved and lived to breathe another day.

It was in that day that Michael joined the group of the Supreme Ones, he was safe among them and they had a lot to teach him and show. They went on many missions, radiging, fulfilling quests, just earning the money so that they can proceed into their next step of action in their grand Phase. They heard about a land that was filled with Dragons, they had two options there, they could go and try to make a base of operations of their own or raid the most valuable of places in there.

As they showed up into the Great Nest of Dragopia they were amazed by the amount of Dragons it had, it was a great many number and every one lived peacefully with each other. There was a certain harmony while conflict was inevitable between them, it appeared to be a paradise for the Dragons. 

Dragopia was claimed by no man nor other being, so they found the most beautiful place of Dragopia and built a huge castle that was to show their might and power in the face of those who may want to oppose them. Many great years have passed, Michael became a Prime Dragon with 1000 years of age, already an century old. They found out that Dragopia had a ruler and that was an Elder Dragon, the king of all Dragons.

If the Dragons supposedly are their main defense incase the Dragopia ever gets invaded that would be a huge advantage for them, however they needed to kill the Elder Dragon which is mostly an impossible task because Dragons on that age are seemingly unlikely and mostly not possible to die due to their incredible strength. The first time they encountered it they failed but thankfully with no suffering losses it was also about that time that they discovered a powerful old Wizard that through the persuasiveness of Michael joined the guild. 

The Wizard showed them how to kill an Elder Dragon effectively and it was a tedious task that would last for more than a few hours. They needed Dragon's Bane, the only thing besides weapons made out of the Dragon's bones can stand a 50/50 chance of killing it and when striked they succeeded, however the last strike was that of Michael's, he took down the Elder Dragon and became the Dragon Lord of all Dragons and they immediately bowed down into submission.

Happy to have been of use, he brought his parents into the land of Dragopia and found them a suitable place to live, they were very thankful and while they would miss their harsh environmental home, this was the best a great son could offer his parents, a beautiful paradise to live in.

The Guild of Dragopia faced a sudden but important decision, who should be the complete ruler over the Supreme beings and Dragopia? There were many choices but they decided to vote democratically and all the votes came into Michael's favor because of the following reasons: he is knowledgeable, has the heart and mind of a leader, never goes in battle short handed, always thinks before reacts, is always three steps ahead of everyone with his battle tactics and strategies, his battle prowess and skill is undeniably exceptional and he was the last one that swung a lethal blow that killed the Elder Dragon and thus became the Dragon Lord.

Michael Bloodfang had it all, a land, he was the leader of the Guild and a Dragon Lord, what more could he ask for? Well he can't help himself but fall in love with beautiful women and this one was quite feisty and hard to get because they didn't get along with each other, when they met it was in their human forms, possessing the ability to transform from Dragon to Human to Human to Dragon with relative ease. 

But eventually this woman called Katelyn Garas fell in love with Michael Bloodfang when she first saw what kind of a great ruler he was and how he pretty much likes to do things, she saw what the great beings saw in him. He took her in and made her the beastmaster, giving her all of the work of dealing with the Dragons and making sure that there wasn't any riveally among them. 

Katelyn and Michael eventually decide to move their relationship into the next step and marry and in doing so she became the Queen of Dragopia and of the Dragons, both being in love they would never cease to show their affection towards each other whenever they get the chance to do so. She was also the same age as him so it made it easy for them to get along whilst having almost the same character traits and others that they fell in love with.

Dragopia prospered, Michael Bloodfang was the Overlord of it and the Guild became ever so stronger but one day when he woke up he found out that the Supreme Ones were gone, simply gone, with no trace or sign of it even the Wizard man couldn't say where they went, it was a disaster because now Michael didn't have his long time best friends by his side, he had his servants and Katelyn but still he missed them. He then sent in a patrol to find them and even if it did take to search the whole land of Dragopia he will but alas to no success.

This were the Senior years of his that was the most hardest because he had no friends by his side so he didn't know what to do, eventually by getting himself involved with the outside world he learned that they were much weaker than he originally though. It made world domination ever so easy because he thought if everyone was under his rulership, they would prosper and they will have a purpose in their lives. But it required to be very delicate and have finesse because he didn't know if his Guild friends were still in this world or not.

The Wizard man saw that power has corrupted the ruler of Dragopia even its queen, so he did the unthinkable he went into the vault where they kept the Dragon Weapons or World Destructive Weapons and took them, scattering them across the world in hopes that whoever was worthy as a warrior shall have its power and face off against the corrupted Overlord. Michael took notice of this and there was a short lived battle but the Wizard man escaped and now is hiding.

He did not calculate the betrayer of the Wizard, it set back all of his beforehand planned out and throughout plans. He is now more than ever cautious about this world domination goal because he knew that whoever was strong enough to wield the weapons could possess a great threat to his rule and he had to stop them at all cost and thus this is all how it began.

Edited by Michael Bloodfang

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