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desolate milkshake

Reg. Jenkins (Dougton): Conspiracies fracture Terrenus

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Excerpt from Regent Jim Jenkins speech to Dougton:

"Good afternoon, my friends. Just yesterday, a whisteblower in the Casper government released a statement that the regent there has endorsed some unfortunate positions about our fair city. Positions, what does that mean? I think we all know what it means, ever since that, what did they call it, that symposium?

 "Now, we—you know, we've been good friends to them. We've been good friends and good neighbors to everyone. We work our farms with our own hands to feed our neighbors—feed everyone. We were the ones who lit up the darkness when it covered the world. We were the ones who went out into space to explore. And what have we asked from our neighbors? Nothing, because we're good friends. We want to share our meals, share our light, share our discoveries—and what do our neighbors share with us?

"Conspiracies. Sadly, there is a conspiracy to defraud this nation and divest us of our liberties. You all know my background. I've put away some terrible criminals. Worst of the worst. As a prosecutor, as a faithful servant of this nation and Gaia, mark my words: we are victims of a criminal enterprise that has infiltrated the royal government. 

"They say that we are all being controlled by a hive mind. How does the monarchy know this? Oh, a satellite told them. A satellite that we aren't permitted by law to examine. Data methodology that we haven't been given a chance to analyze. Statistical inferences that we aren't allowed refute. Technological security is more important than our lives.

"And how did they suggest saving us? Sterilization drugs. Poison bombs. New airship models. Invasive telepathy. Satellite bombardment. That symposium was a crime against humanity. Now other cities want to invade us over it. The royal government is trying to turn our city, that we built with our hands, into a test bed for their experimental weapons.

"Why? It's right to ask why. I'm a lawyer. Always, always look for motive. And what motive could they have to betray us? Look around. There's been rioting all over the country. Territories have been seceding everywhere. And us? Our lifestyle is different. None of that machinery. We don't need machines that tell us to commit mass murder. Some machine in Hell's Gate, they dressed it up as a little girl, gave it a name—Victory, if you'll believe it, victory over who? Victory over us.

"Some machine doll they dress up as a little girl told the royals in Ignatz that we're dissidents, and isn't that a great opportunity for testing and profiting from the next generation of weapons technology? Hell's Gate fat cats are stuffing their faces with our food and issuing edicts to conquer us.

"It's with a heavy heart I signed into law the Defense Against Terrenus Act. Federal employees have until tomorrow to leave the independent state of Dougton's borders. Local law enforcement has been authorized to use lethal force on any who do not comply. We're setting up checkpoints in the surrounding towns to prevent any acts of terrorism from the politicians who have been inciting violence against us.

"As regent, I would like to extend an invitation to the other municipal governments that have been targeted by the symposium. Do not let Hell's Gate and their war profiteering go unanswered."

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