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Hey ya'll. So as most of you know, I'm gradually phasing myself out of Valucre, with the eventual goal of only having one thread in Alternative and that would be about it. While it is possible, if not likely, that I will simply be writing out endings for most of my existing plots and lore, I figured I'd offer a couple of them up in case there is an interested party who would like to keep them going.

And here they are:

House Karradeen


House K was originally created by @Ataraxy as a background villain during my first ever RP on this site, though during that RP I created a character for the House. When Ursa Madeum began to hit off their "Game of Thrones" plot, I decided to promote my NPC and "revive" the House as one of the players on the medieval islands. I am proud of what I managed to accomplish with House Karradeen, and Duchess Abigail has been a cool character. However, since I am leaving, that leaves a bit of a question of where does the house go from here? I intend to have Abigail meet her fate (whatever that may be) in an ongoing thread I have with @Thotification. After that, the House will be leaderless, and so this creates an opportunity for anyone who wishes either to take one of the lesser NPC characters I already have existing with the House, or create a new claimant, and take it over. 

House Karradeen is a merchant house. They specialize most especially in transportation, both cargo shipping and passengers. They are also deep into trade and retail. They possess a strong naval force, which they maintain in order to battle against the pirates that plague the seas of UM. I used the East India Company from Pirates of the Caribbean as a primary reference of the House, so if you just bare that in mind, you should be able to easily see where the roots of the house are. 

If no one takes House K, it was default to board leader @Csl.

The Plateau of Zuhl


Created as a geographic location for my nation, Norkotia, Zuhl and Sidereal Lake have been two of my crown jewels here on the site. I regret having to give them up, but I also regret taking on something I should have known I could never keep up. While Norkotia is going to become a non-playable "historic" location, Zuhl is based on something that was already on the Terrenus map, and Sidereal is also a permanent addition, so they pretty much have to stay regardless. I will be working on Norkotia's exit from the world stage as soon as another of my existing threads ends, so once that is over, I can begin working on an IC transition here.

The Plateau of Zuhl is a mostly desolate, arid region, both hot in the summer and frigid in the winter. Magic is very limited (particularly in terms of individual use) here, and so most people have instead adapted to using tools (like guns) instead of magic. In many was, Zuhl is like a vast, wild west, but it is also haunted with relics of a distant, haunted past. Essentially, if you like: 1. Cowboys -or- 2. Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider -or- 3. Lovecraftian Horror, then this might be a place you want to consider having. 

If no one takes Zuhl, it will default to board leader @supernal.

If anyone is interested in either of these, feel free to message here. I would like the next person to be able to keep the spirit of the original concepts behind these (particularly Zuhl) alive, so if you have an interest I would like to relay a bit more detailed information to you, possibly in a private message.

This is not first-come, first-serve. If I get interest from multiple people, I will pick the one I think is the most capable and reliable.

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I'd be interested in doing <something> with House K. Dali is getting into transportation and though I've laid the bricks down to get them to my desired end without having to rely on House K to do it, integrating with the existing lore / resources would make it better and more intriguing. So pending other people expressing interest and / or how that strikes you that's something I'd love to get into

I'm somewhat time limited right now schedule wise but don't anticipate that to extend beyond Jan 2020 which is about the time that you're planning on closing up shop anyway

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1 hour ago, vielle said:

I'd like to cast my hat into this round for House Karradeen too! Will await further discourse on the subject of its status per your decision on the matter + @supernal's interest and @Csl's approval ??

Okay, we'll need to have a discussion on it. 

I'm also retracting Zuhl as an option; I'll deal with it eventually...

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