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LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

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On 12/3/2019 at 1:11 AM, EpicRome23 said:

"If what I drank wasn't enough to prove that I can keep up, you have impossibly high standards. Don't tempt me to let Amber have at it, and put you in your place. Because God knows, I have better things to do than drink myself to the verge of death.

"Impossible, no. Just very unrealistic. But in this strange world, a heavy drinker surely shouldn't surprise you."

Tasz took out a large vial, which contained dancing blue orbs, and she began working on it whilst listening to the instructions. Cutting her finger, she added her blood which dripped down the side and formed a pool of red. The blue orbs sat at the bottom of vial, consuming the blood and turning purple in colour. With one final touch, Tasz added clear white liquid, dissolving the orbs and becoming a light purple potion.

'Ehh, not perfect but it'll do.'

On 12/3/2019 at 1:52 AM, NuclearCommando said:

"If what Madon said is true I'm going to ask Amber to accompany me. If you two know a thing or two about this wind magic... or subtlety... come along with me... or if not, try going with the Grey Knights."

"I've dabbled in many elemental magics, wind being one of them. I'll tag along, see where we get."

Tasz followed behind, somewhat listening to the conversation going on. Continuing her potion work, she made various vials and bottles of random goods. With the knowledge of wing magic playing a part in this little journey, she readied and prepped basic ingredients and mixtures for what could potentially lay ahead. 

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Owend looked up at Tolok's approach and flashed a smile at him.

"Ooh, so the new guy is choosing go with little old me, huh? You're a hoot, handsome, and full of spunk too! I think we're going to get along just fine."

She turned to one of the nearby Grey Knights and spoke in a stage whisper.

"Can you believe Madon? What is he thinking, that he can throw men at me and that one of them will set my heart aflutter? Bah, what a meathead! But then again... with all the women he's been recruiting recently, perhaps that is better than the alternative idea that he's forming a harem. Ponder the feasibility of that one and get back to me later, will you, Vanessa?"

Vanessa rolled her eyes as Owend turned back to Tolok.

"So, Tolok, right? I have an idea about where Byrn's located their main base. I'll tell you about it when we're in the air, no time to waste! Nodite here will carry you and me both just fine."

She gestured to the pegasus gesturing next to her, which she promptly climbed into the saddle of. Then, she reached a hand out toward Tolok, so that he could take it and have her help him up.

When they had taken to the air, Owend resumed speaking.

"I hope flying doesn't make you sick! If it does, and you end up throwing up, make sure to aim away from me and Nodite! Anyways... if I were a Byrn general, I'd base any operations taking place in The Valley in the southwestern region of Isore. More specifically, there's a fortress along the north road between Cortia and The Valley, one that Isore used to watch over trade and keep bandits under control. Perfect location to coordinate scouting and a possible assault from. That's where we're heading now. If there's anyone there aside from the old garrison, we'll find out quickly. We won't get too close, I'd rather not have to make a fighting retreat with wyvern riders on our tail!"

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"Ooh, so the new guy is choosing go with little old me, huh? You're a hoot, handsome, and full of spunk too! I think we're going to get along just fine."

The sheer excitement and compliments thrown by the lady with blue hair caught Tolok off guard. He was not expecting someone this lively in a camp that was mostly lunging towards an objective they were all sure would never come back. But her? She looked like she was feeding from all this adrenaline. Her next sudden reaction, boasting about how Tolok made her go crazy? This embarassed him for a bit, both Vanessa and Tolok looking at eachother after Owend's audible whisper was over. He advanced, as the pegas landed next to the blue haired woman.

As she climbed up, he accepted her help, getting up rather easy. He chose the saddle behind her, finding a comfortable way to stay on it, looking all around him, analysing the whole place. The mighty creature was one he could not get his eyes off, one that made his heart jump, because of its beauty. "Horses with wings. They are so majestic, yet they seem so common to some." "Hey. Thanks for the hand." He said, after smiling to her and looking around more, as he checked his sword and shield, his father's gifts, as sign of memory of his past, which were still in place. During the flight, he felt slightly sick, but he managed to stop that feeling, by not focusing on it. He enjoyed the flight, apparently, smiling and laughing. He felt like a child again; something which would have always made him happy, over anything else. He listened to Owend as she kept explaining:


"I hope flying doesn't make you sick! If it does, and you end up throwing up, make sure to aim away from me and Nodite! Anyways... if I were a Byrn general, I'd base any operations taking place in The Valley in the southwestern region of Isore. More specifically, there's a fortress along the north road between Cortia and The Valley, one that Isore used to watch over trade and keep bandits under control. Perfect location to coordinate scouting and a possible assault from. That's where we're heading now. If there's anyone there aside from the old garrison, we'll find out quickly. We won't get too close, I'd rather not have to make a fighting retreat with wyvern riders on our tail!"

"A fortress you say? Sounds like Byrn has its own fair share of capable people. A building like this placed at the crossroads, watching over trades and bandits? I thought camps and high towers would do just fine, but it seems like you have some overkill measures. Are the Byrn strong, lady? Because you may not worry, We can take care of them if something happens. I can do something they cannot and will surely cause them to fall back. I'll leave it for later, because you know surprises are kept for the best moments!" He giggled,  before continuing. "A scout sounds much better than a head on attack. Glad there are people who use their actual brain for strategies and not for being stupid. Do we have any chances to fight them if we are all together and they would launch an attack against us?"

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Mason's group walked along until he suddenly stopped and raised a hand. He then crouched down lower to the ground and advanced towards a small gathering of bushes and a couple trees. From their makeshift cover, a small camp could be seen, just as was marked on the map.
"Well, how do we want to do this?"
"Well, we could..." Snap. Amber shifting her weight on her feet caused a branch underfoot to snap.

Two of the soldiers turned to face the noise. "What was that?"
"Let's check it out."
They started to approach when another popped out of the tent. "Is it the bird?" He called out.
"No, it's just DAWN BRIGADE!" one of the soldiers responded back.
The third stopped and looked at the one, and then the other. "What drugs are you on?"
"I don't know." The one from the tent replied. "Do you have a light?"
"NO! GOD! When we report back both your asses are grass from smoking weed again."

They were getting closer, and they needed a plan. Mason looked back and motioned that he would get the two, and when he did, to get the others in the camp. He then picked up a rock and tossed it to the side, towards a couple of the trees.
"It moved over there." One of the soldiers pointed out and changed direction.
Mason slowly crept his way through the small bushes, grabbing another rock in the process. When he had gotten close and the soldiers were already in the bushes, he threw it at a tree.
"There! Get him!" They started approaching the tree when Mason jumped out of the bush, machete draw, and plunged it into the back of the closest one. Tossing the man and machete aside, he brought his shotgun to bear and blasted the other one. The twelve gauge buckshot at such close range downed him instantly. Ignoring the ringing in his ears from the blast, he then followed it by wedging his shotgun into the neck of the man he stabbed and twisted it, snapping the man's neck.

Amber took her cue to pop up and shout "Elwind!" Green blades of razor wind shot out of her hand and sliced into the third soldier, killing him.
Mercifully, there were no other soldiers, being a small camp and all. The battle was over as swiftly as it began.

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Owend smiled and laughed as she began to answer Tolok's barrage of questions.

"Oh? You think a roadside fortress is impressive? Pffft, what a hoot! You should have seen Isore in its prime, they didn't call it an impregnable bastion for nothing! Well, that... proved to not be so true, since it was sieged and felled. But hey, Monzia's impressive too, and it is still standing! I'll have to show you it sometime. As for Byrn's troops, they're plenty strong. The regular units are well-trained, and those enhanced with dragon's blood have resistance to all but specialized weapons and spells on top of that. They manged to prevail over Isore's garrison, and as of the last reports I've read, they even have the elite forces of Glia and Dodon on the ropes!"

She paused, scanning the landscape below before resuming.

"Oh, and a surprise? I'll look forward to it then, handsome! As for fighting them... maybe with our full force, supported by mercenaries and those refugees willing to take up arms, we could take out those clambakes. But we'd need to accurately know their numbers, and if they have that black-clad knight I've heard rumors of leading their force... it would be best to pick a god and pray, and have trust in the Exarch's plan to outmaneuver the Byrn troops. If that one's here, I would not directly engage their main force under any circumstance."

As she finished saying that last sentence, she spotted something on the ground below, and brought Nodite to a halt. She pointed her hand forward, gesturing to the fortress ahead and below to point it out to Tolok.

"Ah, and there's the fortress now. Best not to go closer, but let me get a better look..."

Owend reached into her saddlebags, and produced a spyglass which she extended and raised to her eye. She scanned the fortress grounds... then gasped.

"Oh, crackers... he is here."

Owend held out the spyglass to Tolok. If he looked into it, he would see a black-armored man with a red cape, a rag in hand as he cleaned up his ebon-scaled wyvern. Owend resumed speaking as Tolok looked.

"The Ebon Knight. General of Byrn, and supposed right hand of the leader of Byrn. We need to leave, now, and let everyone know what's going on."

The Grey Knight captain would let Tolok look for a few more seconds, before taking the spyglass back and putting it away. Then, she whistled, turning Nodite around and speeding back towards the campsite. The Grey Knights swiftly followed suit. As they made their way to the camp, however, a loud blasting noise echoed from nearby. Owend frowned and turned Nodite in that direction to go investigate. She would soon arrive to see Mason and Amber at the cleared out patrol camp. She looked around with slight confusion.

"Hey, is it you spongebrains that are setting off explosives around here? Ah, whatever, that's not important. Anyways, I've found Byrn's main base!"

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Er'Uk started enjoying her enthusiasm, as she answered his questions, one by one, as if he wasn't being annoying. The sass in her response about the roadside fortress, to the mention of Monzia, a mighty castle, probably far away from Isore, sparked his flaming curiosity, as both his irises were "burning" with small, yellow flames, due to excitement. "Maybe one day, when our quest is over."

Her brief explanation of Byrn troops caused him to grin. Strong, well trained people, who he could have to fight? He was getting bored of roadside bandits or other untrained opponents. While it is true that his selfishness leads to only thinking about himself and honing his skills against the adversaries, it quickly faded as he heard the news of the troops enhanced by dragon's blood and defeating Isore. "Never knew they were the cause of that place's fall. I shall mourn the deaths of the people who defended it. I made a promise that i shall not break.", he thought.

Her quick and sudden response to the change of the surroundings lead him to watching around, as the Grey Knights behind them were also flying, but further away. He noticed the fortress she had mentioned. It didn't look special, but the fact that a building like this at the crossroads would have made sense, if it was erected there. He quickly took Owend's spyglass and observed the "Ebon Knight" she mentioned, with such a worried tone. If she was talking about him like that, he must be someone stronger than anyone he ever met before. And her words were true. His appearance made Tolok have a chill down his spine. The blood red cape would just signify all the blood the knight must have spilled during the campaign. "He truly looks like someone who would outpower us... For now." He let Owend take the spyglass back and braced himself for the quick turn Nodite would do, as they were heading back to the camp. The sudden noise like an explosive made Tolok be aware and suddenly realise it came from Deadeye's metallic tube weapon

Reaching the camp the sound came from, he saw Amber and Mason around the dead bodies, one having a bloody hole through his chest, while the others had the same slashing wounds.

"We also have bad news." He added to Owend's sudden reply to their actions, sighing.

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Mason and Amber watched the other patrol land near them as he cleaned his Machete. "Yeah, that's us, what about it? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to not get killed. But we took care of this camp... hopefully they won't miss them. So, find anything on your patrol?"

Mason stood with a stoic look on his face as he was informed about what was seen, from the fortress to the Ebon Knight. He put his hand to his chin, thinking it over, then he glanced back at Amber. "I think we need to get a closer look at that fortress Amber."
Amber shared the same shock as the others. "Are you insane? There's no way that can end well!"
"High risks, high rewards. Besides, I got an idea, and I'm the only one who can pull it off. You can trust me on this or you can stay behind."
"You're still insane."
"You don't last long in my line of work if you aren't. Point me in the direction of this fortress."
After some coaxing, Owend hesitantly pointed it out.
"Relax, I'll be fine. I'll come back, just to say 'I told you so.' Now Amber, are you coming or not?"
"Yeah, I'll come, if only to watch you get your butt killed because of this madness."
He chuckled. "That's fine by me."

Mason set off at a quick pace towards the fortress, having a lot of ground to cover, with Amber keeping up behind him. "Seriously, why are you doing this? You're just one man against an entire army? What can you even do?"
"Amber, the right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. And besides, I'm Spec Ops, situations like this were the norm, not the exception."
"This was normal for you? How stupid were your superiors? Why did they make you do this?"
"We can question their stupidity another time, but the fact remains sometimes you got to do something that nobody else can do. It wasn't our motto, but the group known as the SAS had a saying: 'Who dares, wins.' Besides, I'm still alive, aren't I? Me and my squad went up against much more impossible odds in the past."
"You really are insane."
"I know. I love it. As I said, comes with the job."
"So what exactly is your brilliant plan?"
"Easy, walk right up to them and say hello."
At this, Amber grabbed his arm and pulled him to a stop. "Ok, you're not insane. You're just plain stupid."
"Am I? Amber, when I first came across Madon's little group, did any of you recognize me? Did any of you know where I was from? What I could even do?"
"No... what's that got to-" The gears started turning in her head.
"That camp was the first time I've seen Byrn soldiers, so what makes you think they'd recognize me?"
"So you walk right up to them and act like you don't know anything."
"Right. They won't know."
"And how do you plan to get away from them eventually?"
"I'll think of something. I haven't gotten that far ahead yet."
Mason started moving again. "No point planning for something when things can radically change. I'm making this up as I go along. No plan survives first contact with the enemy intact."

As they approached, they stopped in a small bush patch. "Alright... Amber... I'm going to split ways with you here... see that patrol over there? That's my ticket in. Wait until we're gone and then return to camp and let them know what I'm doing."
"Just one thing." Amber grabbed his arm. "If you're betraying us... I'll personally incinerate you with an unrelenting ragnarok."
"Amber..." he shook her grip off. "If I end up betraying the group... you won't have to look far for me. I'll come to you myself." He then gave a nod. "Everything will be alright, ok? I know what I'm doing." And with that, he left the bushes.

"Remind me again why we're doing this blasted patrol?"
"Because Jill... we reprimanded the two for smoking weed and we had nobody to replace them."
"Bullshit Innes, there's always someone to take their place. We're better than this."
"Hey is that Madon?"
"Madon? Where!?" Jill quickly glanced around before Innes chuckled.
"Oops, must've been a mirage."
"Dammit Innes! Don't do that! I thought we were going to have to fight!"
Innes smirked. "Really? It more looked like you wanted to be impaled through your-"
"God damn it Innes enough with that!"

They were interrupted by Mason, gun slung on his back, running up to them, waving one hand in the air. "Oh my God... finally! People! I am so glad to come across you two! I haven't seen a friendly face since... well... I don't even know how I got here!"


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Owend frowned to herself at Tolok's statement about the Ebon Knight, especially the 'for now' at the end. She didn't know whether he was full of bravado, or just had a foolish confidence in mind. But she thought that if they were to be able to take on the Ebon Knight, it would came a very long time in the future, if ever. And that would just be for the Exarch to match him, let alone the rest of them. But this was something she would keep to herself, especially since she was already a bit fond of Tolok, and didn't want to scare him off with thoughts like that.


C-support achieved!

Jill frowned as she looked at Mason. Everything about him was just... strange. After a few moments that seemed to stretch on and on, she turned and looked at Innes.

"Hmph. We should take him back to the fortress."

Innes turned toward Jill and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh? Have you forgotten about Madon already? You want this one to come into your chambers an-"

Innes saw the incoming slap from Jill and dodged it, leaving the red-haired wyvern rider fuming and shooting Innes an icy glare.

"Fuck off with that, Innes! I'm not some kind of whore, and he's not my type anyways. I was going to say, before you spouted off your idiocy... the Ebon Knight will know how to deal with him."

Innes nodded after a moment.

"Ah, yes. That makes sense. And thanks for admitting that Madon is your type! Useful information, I will persist until you embrace the truth of your feelings."

Jill sighed deeply, turning away to face Mason while muttering to himself.

"I'd like to see you embrace a tornado and have it fling you somewhere far away..."

She shifted away from her dour and irritated expression to one more pleasant and friendly.

"Well, today must be your lucky day! If you follow us, we can take you to food and shelter. We were just about to finish our patrol, anyways, and our superior will want to meet you."


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"Food and shelter? Thank goodness, I haven't eaten in forever. Figuratively, of course. Just lead the way." Mason said as now walked with them. "Actually... where am I anyways? You two look like you work for some renaissance festival. I don't recall any being planned for the area... since ever honestly." He then chuckled. "Also... Innes? Inn? Is that your name? Weird how you're named after a type of business... anyways, you shouldn't be implying women are whores... that's just plan uncivilized. Unless, of course, they're very obviously strippers... which I doubt this fine woman here is with her build and armor." He then paused and fixed his cap. "Oh, where are my manners. You can call me Deadeye... and no, it's not because I literally have a dead eye. I had that nickname long before that thank you very much."

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Innes smiled as Mason finished speaking.

"Well met, Deadeye. I'm not sure what you mean by a... 'renaissance festival', but that we are not. We are some of Byrn's elite troops. If you have questions, you can direct them at our superior when you meet him. And, ah, forgive me if I gave off the wrong impression in my interactions with Jill here. I did not intend to imply that she was a whore, but rather tried to uphold my end of our fond friendship by helping her to find love if that is what she so desires."

He looked at Jill to make sure she wasn't listening closely before leaning in toward Mason and whispering.

"Between you and me, she's sexually frustrated. And there's this particular man she has feelings for, but that she won't admit to desiring. If you stick around for a while, I can tell you more about the nature of the relationship, and you could possibly even help if you'd like."

With that, Innes leaned back and then looked toward Jill.

"Unless you've got something to add, my friend, shall we be on our way?"

Jill rolled her eyes in response, before turning around and making her way back toward the fortress. Innes followed suit, gesturing for Mason to follow.

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Mason chuckled at Innes's comments as he followed behind them. If this was just a preview of what he was going to see behind enemy lines... well... it already trumps the number of undercover missions he did against the Russians. He intended to continue breaking the ice, though. "So, this fond friendship and... uhh... sexual fantasies aside... you said you're from Byrn? I've never heard of that country before. Certainly, they were never a participant in the second or third world war... I guess that reaffirms my claims I'm not from here, huh? If I don't even recognize your country's name." He then paused. "Also, my apologies for assuming you were from a renaissance festival... I'm assuming you don't even know what that means, huh? Well... where I'm from, people held these festivals where they dressed up and decorated things like the old times... like, back when men still wore suits of armor and carried swords, lances, axes and bows... kind of like you two are doing right now."

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Jill glared at Innes for a moment, her expression livid as she mouthed "what the hell does he mean by 'sexual fantasies'?". Innes simply grinned insipidly back in response, and Jill settled an icy gaze on him for a few moments. Then, she turned toward Mason, her eyebrow raised and her expression curious.

"So you're saying we're like... the old times, where you're from? Huh. Well, for us, this is our present, our current situation. Make of that as you will, I suppose."

Innes turned toward Jill.

"So, are we conscripting this guy?"

Jill shook her head.

"Not our place. We leave that to our superior. Besides, do you really think the Ebon Knight is going to take one look at this guy, then say 'yeah, I want him as a soldier!'?"

Innes shrugged.

"Hey, I've never seen the man's face. Who the hell knows what goes on in that mind of his."

He looked up to see the fortress come into view in front of them, and turned toward Mason with a smile.

"Our current base of operations. It was made by the Isorians, but us elites of Byrn eliminated the garrison in the span of ten minutes. So much for the vaunted defenses of Isore, eh?"

Jill turned toward Mason as well.

"We'll lead you to the Ebon Knight when we're inside, we need to report about our patrol to him anyways."

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He then chuckled in amusement. "Hey, do you really not think I'd be a capable soldier?" He unslung his shotgun and rested it on his shoulder. "I'll have you know, I was among the elite back in my country's army. As in, the elite of the elite. Back before shit hit the fan mind you, but that's a whole story that's not worth getting into at this moment. Now... taking this fortress in ten minutes? Not bad... not bad at all. I'm assuming you had an entire force take it? Hmm... reminds me of that one base my team and I infiltrated... had to go loud... cleared it in about the same amount of time. Well, granted, we don't fight hand to hand if we don't have to."
He then put his hand to his chin and quietly pondered to himself.
"So if this is the present here... then yeah... history books don't even mention the name Byrn... or Isore... God damn... I'm not in the past... I really am in another honest to God whole other world aren't I? If only she could've known this would happen... then maybe..." This was followed by shaking his head. "No... never mind. No point going down that road."

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Innes and Jill looked at each other and nodded. Jill looked toward Mason.

"Oh, the Ebon Knight will really like you, then. And sorry if we've underestimated you, by our standards... you don't look like much."

With that, her and Innes led Mason to the Ebon Knight, who stood atop the wall and stared into the distance. The general of Byrn turned to face the three as they approached.

"Jill. Innes. Report."

Jill stepped forward and bowed slightly.

"Ebon Knight, sir, we only have one thing to report. We found this man behind us during our patrol route."

The Ebon Knight silently appraised Mason for a bit, then turned toward Jill and Innes.

"Thank you. You two are relieved of duty, for the time being. Send your replacements out to check in on the patrol camps."

Innes spoke up with slight hesitation.

"What of the newcomer?"

The Ebon Knight turned a crimson gaze towards Innes.

"I will deal with him. Dismissed."

Jill and Innes nodded and descended the stairs into the fortress' courtyard. The Ebon Knight turned his gaze toward Mason, speaking after a few silent moments.

"There. We are alone now. So. What can you tell me... about Amber?"

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That direct question... it took me off guard. I blinked... so to say. How did he know about Amber? What did I just get myself into... shit... shit shit shit shit shit... I gotta play it cool.
"Amber? I've never heard that name before. I knew a Candace if that helps... but she's long dead... not to mention not even of this world. So... I guess she doesn't count."
At least this way I'll be able to find out what exactly he knows. This could all just be a ploy by him.

Or I'm just delaying the inevitable.

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