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LotE: The Revival (Day 2)

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Upon the vision fading, Mason let go of both the hands and the crystal, taking a few steps back and shaking his head, trying to regain his senses. "Was I just... inside you? And... Amber too? God... I've heard of threesomes but that's ridiculous..."

Amber just kept her eyes on her hand grasping the crystal. "I... saw that... still... working on believing it..."

"Really? After all that? Though... Amber's right. That was surreal above all else. It's going to take me a few minutes too."

After a few moments... Amber shut her eyes.
Mason, however, stepped back forward. "Whatever you need sir, I'll do it. I've already worked to prevent my world from falling into chaos... the least I can do is help this one. Even if it turns out to be thankless in the end."
Amber glanced at Mason. "Mason?"
"Oh come on Amber, I'm an anomaly, an outlier, the proverbial monkey wrench. I could very well be the very thing thrown into the plans to keep them from coming to pass and calamity befalling this land. Besides... as odd as it sounds... something is telling me I should do this. The nagging feeling is familiar but I can't put my finger on it."
"If Mason is in... I guess I'll be in as well." She let go of the crystal. "So... I guess this means we're a team now."
Mason nodded. "If what he said is true, and what we saw is true, it's literally the four of us against the world now... I like those odds."

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"I'd be glad if you would show me those sights if we can. My wanderlust is satiated whenever I find a place like this. It fills your heart with warmth and accomplishment." He replied to Owend, as she offered him this delightful chance, "But as Vanessa said, let's go!"

He grabbed Owend's hand as she helped him get up on the pegasi, checking the view once more, before looking the forward. It was breathtaking and... ascending...

He looked to Owend, looking like he would like to ask her a question, but he let her gain altitude before he'd jump to talking again. "So, how did you join the Exarch?" He asked, after a long pause, as they were soaring through the orange painted sky, with the other Grey Knights behind them, as he was checking if the backpack was closed. "I wonder how long will I be in for this journey. It feels already welcoming to be with these people.", he thought.

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"It only takes one person in the right place, at the right time, to elicit great change. I'm sure that four would be able to prevent calamity. But I must warn you... this will be no small undertaking. We will have to work in the confines of the war, and if the leaders of Glia or Dodon ever learn of our plan, then we are surely finished. Isore is... a separate issue. There is more to the prophecy that I believe regards Madon and the Isorian remnants. However, I will have to share that later, as we cannot afford to have me seen here with you. I'm sure the rest of Madon's group could return any time soon."

He started to draw the pouch of warp powder from his belt once more.

"For now, continue to stay by the Exarch's side. Convince him to entrust the shards of the Dragon Emblem to you if you happen to acquire more. As long as they are in the hands of us four and not others, we will have little to worry about. I will return later to share more of the prophecy, and speak of our progress and future plans. Oh, and Mason, I'm going to tell my subordinates that you met, Jill and Innes, that I have planted you as a double agent. Fight them if you encounter them on the field of battle, but try not to kill them. I will not them bring into the fold yet, as they still hold full loyalty to Byrn, but I have plans for them."

With that, the Ebon Knight throw the warp powder over himself, disappearing in a brief flash of light, leaving Mason and Amber alone in the camp.

Owend and Tolok would return to the camp soon afterwards, with the former approaching Amber and Mason after the other two Grey Knights had landed.

"Hey, you two! Tolok and I took out another of the patrol camps, and the rest of the Grey Knights should be coming back here after taking out a few more of them. We also picked up some gold, an elixir, and a brave bow. Think Eve might like the latter, but in any case, someone here can put it to good use. Probably."

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After the Knight had disappeared, but before Owend and Tolok returned, Amber and Mason had some time to talk.
"It's funny... he said something similar to what you said... about the right man..."
"It's because it's true. How's it feel to be a part of something that can change history, but you can never tell anyone about it?"
"It's... a refreshing change of course honestly... at least I know what we're doing is for a good cause."
"Yeah, me too. Anyways... welcome to a spec ops soldier life Amber. Now Amber... look at me... we're in this together... if you ever feel uncomfortable or don't know what to do, seek me out. From now on we're teammates in this fight against the world. I'm not going to leave you out in the cold if you need help. But... if either of us does something that reveals our true motivations... we have to be ready to completely deny that we were helping each other. It's not an easy job, I can tell you that much right now. But it has to be done if it comes to that."
Amber slowly nodded. "Hopefully it doesn't come to that... it's already going to be hard enough as it is."
"I think you can do it. Madon seems like kind of a dullard anyways from what you've told me and from what I've seen."
Amber chuckled. "He kind of is."
"And as for me... you heard the Knight. He's placed me as a double agent. I intend to make full use of that." He could see the approaching pegusus. "Oh yeah... Amber, one last thing."
"What's that?"
"We can't trust anyone outside us four. Just like how we're bearing false flags for Isore, and for my case Byrn, someone can bear a false flag for our group and back stab us at the worst time."
"What about Eve?"
"Even Eve. Unless there's a valid reason that we can find for her to join our group. No more, we're about to have company."

After Owend shared their haul, Amber pointed towards the tents. "Last I saw of Eve she was in our tent, taking care of her weapon."

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As Nodite landed, Tolok hopped off the pegasi, creating a few flames when his greaves connected with the ground. "Yeah, spoils of war are always good in dire needs!" He smiled, as he said that, being proud of himself. "We haven't met any troop enchanced with dragon's blood yet. If the Byrn are as strong as you said, I should have expected at least one in each camp."

He looked at the brave bow Owend was holding, regaining his thoughts, before continuing. "By the way, how was your scouting, Amber and Deadeye?"

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Owend looked over at Tolok and shook her head, though she had a slight smile on her face.

"I suspect that Byrn wasn't expecting the patrols to see real combat, and certainly didn't anticipate an armed and disciplined force to actively hunt down these scouts. Those meatheads also seem to use the dragon's blood enhancement as a mark of their 'elite' forces, so they wouldn't be the ones they'd send off for scouting and reconnaissance. And don't be a spongebrain, Tolok, you can't judge their strength from such small numbers. Crackers, if what Madon and Wymp said of the siege of Isore was true, then we'd be lucky to survive an engagement with their main forces with all of our limbs intact!"

She paused for a few moments, before looking down at the brave bow in her hands. She grinned sheepishly as she remembered what she was doing with it. She then turned away approached Eve's tent. Just outside, she decided she'd announce her presence, just in case.

"Owend, coming in!"

The Grey Knight captain opened the flap of Eve's tent and took a step inside.

"Hiya, Eve. I just came back from taking out some of Byrn's patrol camps. Found this bow here, and I thought you might want to take a look at it. Can't attest to the quality, seeing as it was being carried around by those Byrn clambakes, but I recognize the brave bow design."

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Mason shrugged at Tolok's question. "Our patrol was uneventful. Couldn't really get into the keep, and we came across a patrol as we got close. Didn't want to risk exposing ourselves and doing something to bring the weight of everyone in the keep on us, so we hid until they left, and returned home. So... yeah. Nothing new to report."
Amber looked at him curiously, seeing him lie so calmly and cleanly, before nodding. "Yeah, he's right. There wasn't much we could do. I can't fireball an entire army if it came to that."
"Yeah, and I work better taking out smaller groups, not large scale assaults. That's just part of my training and who I worked with."

Eve was in her tent polishing her bow. The craftsmanship on it was remarkable, the silver engraved in very fine detail. It was a bow made for her, the weight, the draw, the design, everything about it was made for her and her alone. It had been her companion for the longest time, and saw her through many scrapes with bandits and soldiers alike. She took care of her weapon, and her weapon took care of her.

 "Owend, coming in! Hiya, Eve. I just came back from taking out some of Byrn's patrol camps. Found this bow here, and I thought you might want to take a look at it. Can't attest to the quality, seeing as it was being carried around by those Byrn clambakes, but I recognize the brave bow design."

Eve just gently set her bow to the side and reached her hand out to take the bow from Owend. Upon the passing of the weapon, she started inspecting it, looking over the body and the strong. "Yes... it is a brave bow... cheap too... something like this... would only slow me down..."

"Cheap!?" Owend said in surprise. "Brave bows are hard to come by!"

Eve turned her face and pulled back on the draw string. It snapped. "Cheap. Maybe refine it a bit... then it could be good... but cheap now." She handed it back to Owend and picked her bow back up. "Quality." She returned to polishing it.

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Tolok drew out his sword and ran his hands on the blade, as small flames were emerging due to the contact. He was analysing what they said, as he was cleaning his sword off the blood of the Byrn patrols from earlier. "So, I suppose this is all there is for today? The night is growing, so I might think we'd need a time out. Madon will probably come back tomorrow, I hope." He was exchanging glares with Deadeye and Amber, as he sheathed his sword. "Do you think we'll meet the Ebon Knight sooner or later? He sure seems really strong.", his las words were monotone, as he started yawning, covering his mouth. "I suppose there are a few free tents around? I am not quite the best at camping." He smiled, as he finished the sentence.

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"You... the string... Crackers!"

Owend took the brave bow with her as she went back outside. She came out in time to hear Tolok ask about free tents, and opened her mouth to respond. She blinked as she considered what she had just been about to say. Had she seriously almost offered to share her tent without thinking it through first? She blinked for a few moments before speaking up for real.

"Free tents, huh? We have a couple set up for the two girls that Madon sent out on missions before we met you. You can choose whichever suits your fancy. Not that there's much difference, since they're all standard Glian issue."

Having said that, she looked down toward the brave bow with a snapped string, muttering as she made her way toward her own tent.

"Cheap? You know how much gold it costs to get one of these things, you crazy spongebrain? That's at least a year's pay for me! Crackers, do Madon's companions swim in gold?"

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