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This meeting will probably take place in a war room on one of the upper levels of Caeceila's section of the manor.  Caeceila's section of the manor is a relatively new addition to the estate featuring contemporary but tasteful stylings.  While this war room is reinforced and under heavy guard, it ought to be comfortable enough with armchairs, hardwood tables, and other like furniture.  A hologram-projector will be setup in the center of the room and monitors, or Terrenus's monitor-equivalent, will blanket the walls displaying both live security footage from several areas of Hell's Gate, assorted military and economic information, news feeds, live fire tests of new equipment, in this case a combat exoskeleton, and several combat simulations.

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If we head into the weekend absent a post from our gracious host (and no shade because I know we *just* got out of the previous holiday stretch), I motion that the guests mingle among themselves for a round or two to keep the thread moving and to give appropriate breathing room

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