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Chat conversation around internet-like tech capabilities

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Thought it was semi-useful and it costs only the time it takes me to copy and paste to capture it in archival form

    Csl    Today 9:06 AM    
is the storage movement basically the internet?
supernal    Today 9:08 AM    
Not quite. That’s more the Crook which is more closely like the TCP/IP stack
desolate milkshake    Today 9:08 AM    
i dont think there's necessarily a "the internet" like IRL, but most magitek can be networked
supernal    Today 9:08 AM    
TSM is more “like” a Wikipedia. A centralized info store
Csl    Today 9:08 AM    
supernal    Today 9:09 AM    
Crook allows for ad hoc creation of inter and intra nets but there isn’t a “world wide web”
supernal    Today 9:09 AM    
Unless you ask the weaver ?
Csl    Today 9:09 AM    
time to make a world wide web then!
Csl    Today 9:09 AM    
the Weaver?
desolate milkshake    Today 9:09 AM    
Grumble would sort of be like a private network accessed via a Crook widget or something

    Csl    Today 9:11 AM    
so looking at it as hard Canon, it'd be limited to terrenus magitek/magitek with a crook widget?
supernal    Today 9:13 AM    
hmmm. youd be limited to magitek, not necessarily terrenus brand magitek
desolate milkshake    Today 9:13 AM    
IIRC the holoarrays were also network-capable before the Crook was invented
supernal    Today 9:14 AM    
they were but they were limited to the main stations / main cities. the crook "democratized" the ability for consumer "electronics" to network
supernal    Today 9:14 AM    
(was the idea anyway)
desolate milkshake    Today 9:15 AM    
in terms of "hard canon" networking sounds like it'd mostly be using the Law of Contagion / contagion links, instead of something like fiber optic cables
desolate milkshake    Today 9:15 AM    
someone could probably lay cables if they could avoid getting killed by all those monsters out there
Die Shize    Today 9:15 AM    
pew pew
supernal    Today 9:16 AM    
lol a yuuja comes across the cable just casually cuts it, brings down the internet
Csl    Today 9:17 AM    
oooh. this is super helpful for wrapping my ict-ignorant head around the concepts
Csl    Today 9:17 AM    
seems like the faux tons could solve the problem of needing wires tho, if they work at near-lightspeed?
Csl    Today 9:18 AM    
also whales already do that irl and cause internet problems iirc
supernal    Today 9:19 AM    
they dont work at near light speed, but they are pretty fast
supernal    Today 9:19 AM    
yeah but whales dont have sickle claws is what i'm getting at!
desolate milkshake    Today 9:19 AM    
imo it would be a different technology, but the idea of faux-ton "posts" is similar to cell towers
desolate milkshake    Today 9:20 AM    
its like a step in that direction
supernal    Today 9:20 AM    
yeah but not super because its LOS limited vs waves that can propogate omnidirectionally
supernal    Today 9:20 AM    
and their radition goes through walls. FT specifically will materialize data if they hit a physical barrier
supernal    Today 9:20 AM    
someone could look at that and come up with a related tech but i think itd be different too
Csl    Today 9:21 AM    
Csl    Today 9:21 AM    
this is giving me ideas
supernal    Today 9:22 AM    
Csl    Today 9:23 AM    
so magitek)crook networks = wireless contagion (magic) links, but no established www yet, and FT= LOS cell towers, kinda

shout out to @Csl and @desolate milkshake

Edited by supernal

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