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squid peanut

Maxwell Rubicante Character sheet

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Name: Maxwell Rubicante

Epithet: The Dazzling

Age: N/A  appears to be in late 20s, early 30s

likes: The unbreakable, bone shaking, blood boiling, soul exploding power of music and passion

dislikes:  the people who stand in the way of a love filled universe, shining like a milky way of incandescent rhythm

Alignment: Chaotic Good (but not bothered by slavery so take this with a grain of salt)

Race: looks and claims to be human, is actually an Efreet

Class: Dancer


Maxwell is a man of unparalleled beauty, his whole body glistens and sparkles in the ever present embers of dance and vigor.  he is striking from sharp autumn red eyes to wavy hair that refuses to tangle.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: a secret 😉

Gender: male

Skin Texture: feels almost divine to the touch, his muscles are not overtly prominent, but can be felt like he's made of marble

Hair: a deep rich red color,medium length, rather wavy and seems to flow back.  Always impeccable

Voice:  a complete control over the vocal range, his normal way of talking is rich and full of gusto, capable of making this smooth voice whisper and boom without the need to yell

Eyes: large, sharp and soulful, it's hard not to get lost in them, in entranced longing, or paralyzing fear.  his eye color is a autumn red

Build: Fit but leaning on the thin side.  very androgynous body language

Features :

regardless of location or perspective, Max looks dazzling.  lighting is always sublime and his whole body seems to glimmer and shine.

the area around him is literally filled with twinkling lights.

served by the butler Thomas Boyle, who is completely loyal to Maxwell, although Maxwell's literal shine sometimes complicates matters.

arguably Despite his appearance and mannerisms, Maxwell is quite intelligent and rather manipulative


  • Generic stuff: superhuman stamina, heightened reflexes, heightened senses, supernatural athleticism, unshakable resolve,
  • Not Quite of Flesh and Blood:  Maxwell possesses an abnormal physiology due to his, abnormal nature.  This includes regeneration, being able to survive injuries that would be anatomically fatal, and reconstitution.  Barring extreme circumstances, when killed, Maxwell is reborn in the fire planes of the Velhatien Desert over the course of several weeks.  All memories are retained, and this process is possible as long as human ambition burns on.
  • Improved Self Love: it's physically hard for Maxwell to hurt himself or push injuries he sustains further.  For example, if Maxwell sustained a leg injury, him using the leg like normal wouldn't worsen the injury.  granted this has a limit, and Max can't walk on a leg which is broken in half or straight up missing.  Although Maxwell is harmed less by fire he creates
  • Superior Heat Resistance:  Maxwell is unaffected by high temperatures and anywhere from resistant to outright immune to fire based damage depending on how hot it is.  he never breaks a sweat.
  • Master of Dance:  Dancing is as natural to Maxwell as breathing and it shows.  His constant movement makes him a tricky target, he can rapidly go from busting a move to dodging an attack with a supernatural grace that beggars belief.  bending his body and momentum along with it, he can strike with surprising force given his lack of bulk.
    -(dancing does not impact his ability to fight and move as it is his ability to fight and move.)
  • Unlimited Passion:  Maxwell produces a fiery aura that permeates the world around him, filling the world with passion and energy.  the size of this aura varies depending on environment and context, alone in a arctic cave, the aura is tiny, in a stadium full of people or a city wide riot, the range is massive.  the effect is however lessened if someone cannot see or hear Maxwell or they have a low temperature physically or emotionally.  This aura is powered by both his passionate flame as well as any metaphorical or literal flames in the immediate area.  The aura builds alongside these factors and has several effects.  The temperature within range of Unlimited Passion increases, the temperature is directly proportional to distance from Maxwell and how empowered the aura is.  It quickly becomes dangerous to be within close proximity to Maxwell due to the intense heat.  Unlimited Passion also improves physical ability pushing people further and further alongside their enthusiasm and passion.  however, as their passion increases, so too does their risk of self harm.  someone caught up in Maxwell's aura can find themselves not noticing small injuries or the like and putting weight on an ankle which is ready to snap like a twig, and even then, it's possible they won't get why they're just suddenly falling over.  Lastly, this aura boosts magic and skills that benefit from heat and actually works as a catalyst for more efficient spell casting (again, relative to the intensity).
    -(aura around Maxwell that makes things heat up based on how hot it is emotionally and physically.  everyone is stronger the closer they are to Maxwell, but it is easy to get burned or forget to not put all of your weight on a pulled muscle.  Boosts magic that would have an affinity to increased heat and makes spells cost less)
    -a less often mentioned aspect of this power is how it ties into Maxwell's ability to influence and enrapture the minds of people.  Most people have a habit of just obeying his every whim.  Results may vary
  • A Burning Heart Needs A Burning World: Maxwell is a master of fire magic, able of both manipulating existing fires and creating fire himself.  Maxwell does this via dance, having open flames lash out like whips, making pillars and walls of flame that stick around for a bit or longer if Maxwell keeps them powered.  Maxwell can also create fireballs which go out and explode and able to created arrows of flame which build up and fly towards targets.  The ranges vary on several factors of intensity and the ones thrown can travel the length of regular ballistics.  Maxwell can cause flames to cover parts of his body during attacks, these dissipate afterwards
  • A Shining Star Pierces Darkness And Hearts: Maxwell can turn his fiery heat into a bright light, creating piercing lasers or stunning (and possibly blinding) light shows.  unlike ABHNABW, ASSPDAH deals something more akin to radiant damage instead of fire damage. 
  • A Booming Blast Rings With Passion:  Maxwell Can cause his sound to boom and his voice to be heard.  in combat, he can create short range concussive blasts.
  • Ritual Genie Magic:  Maxwell can preform more general magic outside of his specialties through rituals, these often require special ingredients and are pretty much always services Maxwell preforms for others, with the prices often being steep and costly in more ways than one.


Maxwell sees himself as the shining star of Valucre and sapient life in general.  every second is an opportunity for him to dazzle people with his looks and abilities.  This isn't to say he's entirely self centered.  he loves finding charm in others and getting people to be just as pumped up as he is.  Although this doesn't always end well as few people can take the heat.  He also detests evil people as they work to destroy the lives and happiness of others, which means that Max loses people to be charming and admire him.


a wide wardrobe of fashions ranging from gaudy, to tasteful, to bizarre.  It is unclear where he gets these outfits, or where he keeps them when he isn't wearing them, but they seem custom made as they don't really impede his movement and can somehow be unharmed by the insane temperatures and amount of fire.  when he isn't wearing an outfit that can take the heat, he also wears a form fitting sleeveless top and some form fitting knee length bottoms.  He has these in multiple colors

a golden bracer with a large blue gem that appears filled with flowing water.  muffles Maxwell's Unlimited passion when worn, limiting range to self.

Edited by squid peanut
realized this dude should totally just be a fire genie, also gave him a butler, who I promise to not abuse the powers of

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