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Interest Check for Quests in Taen

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Hey everyone,


Doing a repost of the interest check I did in the Taen OOC

I was taking a look through the available quests for Taen, and two struck my interest:



▸The Argentspire expedition

Khartes is paying a hefty sun for those willing to plant a few monitoring devices around Argentspire, the mountain transported from Yh’mi over two years ago.

Requirements: 2+ pages (31+ posts), 1+ players
Reward: A cutting-edge piece of technology of choice from Khartes. Negotiable. PM Csl for details.
Status: Available


▸En Passant

Travel through Sierra Ossa is nigh-impossible, with the influence of the Xer’Orians. However, there are rumors of an area in the mountains that scatters brainwaves, rendering the wasp-men psionic influence null. Map a safe route through Sierra Ossa to allow access into the desert.

Completion of this quest will unlock further desert quests.

Requirements: 3+ pages (46+ posts), 2+ player
Reward: Notable Individual status for characters. Canonization of mountain pass with your name of choice. Negotiable - PM Csl for details.
Status: Available

Read more  

Both look like fun, though I am feeling a bit more biased towards En Passant. If anyone is interested, let me know. I'd love to do either of these with someone.

For reference the character I will be using is Mathias, in case anyone is curious.

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5 hours ago, מיכאל said:

I'll be looking to make the initial post tomorrow, if you'd like to join the expedition @Dauner Light then by all means welcome aboard. Just let me know if you'd like to be added.

Sure. i'm onboard

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