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"Hello there. My name is Amber. I can't believe Madon has me doing outreach but here we are. Anyways, as you can probably tell, the Legend of the Emblem has made a surprising comeback thanks to the efforts of @EpicRome23 and @NuclearCommando. So far we've made some progress in the valley, like stopping some bandits, meeting some strange allies, meeting some stoned wizards, and finding out Madon has some common sense after all! Shocker! That said, the amount of common sense he has is still low, so we could use some allies. And that's where you can come in. I'll have my friend here explain the details.

Thank you Amber. Anyways, so far we're on our second thread of LOTE, which I have provided links below:

Ignore the one star rating, I think Amber did that. "Hey don't pin what you did on me you jerk."

We're at a crucial point in our thread, where we're seeking out a couple allies to join us on the journey to gather some dragon stones and legendary weapons, and also go through some wild antics and memes in the process. So if you got a character or two who could join in on the process, then we'd love to have you along.
Given this is based off of Fire Emblem, we're memeing it and have a plot going on that hits on those points, and we're doing things like supports and such and what have you.

Who all is in this so far?
From Epic we have:
Madon: The Exarch of Isore, and the "Lord" of our party. "And also a tad brainless."
Wymp: The Exarch's retainer, and a countermage. "Also kind of a wimp if you ask me."
Owend: A member of the Grey Knights and ally to the party.
Stoned Wizards: "Need we say more?"

From me we have:
Amber: The resident mage/cleric. Also breaks FE logic. "Dang right I do."
Mason: A spec-ops man from another world, with weaponry of another time. "Quite mysterious... and also kind of handsome."
Eve: A girl with a literal split personality. And quite skilled with the bow.

Now you know our cast, perhaps you'd like to join them?
We do have two big priorities: You have to be active, as we're trying to keep posts coming as quick as we can, as in less than three days per post. And, you have to be in it for the long haul. We got a lot of things coming up in the future, now I understand if things come up that make you have to leave Val for a long period of time that we can't plan for. But aside from that, we want to keep a consistent party throughout this.
Knowledge of Fire Emblem is not required, but recommended so you can understand the memes we mock.
Discord is also optional for keeping tabs on each other.

"So if you're interested please let us know. If you want to know some lore, ask @EpicRome23, make him do some work for a change instead of having me do it."
Or you can ask me of course. But Epic generally does have a greater grasp of the lore than I do. I just come up with plot ideas he works the lore into.

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Would you guys want a character who is crazy for fire, memes and righteousness, obsesed with his bloodline, while also being a cocky bastard from time to time, after beating the flaming hell out of people? If you said yes to any of these, then Tolok Sur is here for you! 

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"First off... I would like to state that I am a martyr to stubborn pride, as opposed to an unintelligent man. Don't let Amber's scalding tongue deceive you in that regard. Anyways, the biggest issue of my quest to save Erasmia is a lack of numbers. But that's less difficult to rectify than a lack of skilled allies, which is where you come in. Congratulations, you've been conscripted."

No, no conscription. They'll be joining us out of their own free will.

"Alright, alright, that was a little joke of mine. Just know that I am glad that you are willing to take up arms for my cause and become the hope of a seemingly doomed continent. However... I'm afraid that we won't be able to take all of you. I'll leave it to my herald to explain the reasoning behind that."

Oh, screw you, I am most certainly not your herald.

Anyways! As the Exarch here said, to our great sadness, we aren't going to be able to take all of you great writers and your characters. Nuclear and I felt that one of the factors in the decline of the original Legend of the Emblem chapters was the amount of people involved, and the slowness that entailed. So we'll only be able to take two of you at this time. To those we don't accept, it hurts us to have to turn you down, but you'll be the first to be informed if all goes well and we do another round of recruiting.

So... drumroll please...


@Rabbit @The Fire Heart You've been accepted. We'll send you a PM later today with some information and questions.

@TheElementHunter @squid peanut Thank you for your interest, it means a lot to us! Unfortunately we have to turn you down, but know that it wasn't an easy decision... we'll tag you the next time we do recruiting, however!

As of now, this interest check is now closed. Anybody who comes by later, sees this, and is interested, keep an eye out for further recruitment drives from us!

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