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Houndy Poochykins

Character sheet. Pyrrah.

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____x____x : e s s e n t i a l s : "It is absolutely required... Learn your place and follow orders 515" Commander Theodan Alexander

Birth Name: Κυνηγόσκυλο πεντακόσιες δεκαπέντε - (Kynigóskylo pentakósies dekapént)
Used Name: Pyrrah. (post biography)
Alias(es): 515, Hound. 
Age: 200 earth cycles
Visible age: Appears around 18 relative to humans
Date of Birth: 22000:BC
Lineage: >>>Father: King Cerberus {} Mother: Queen Alexandera. 
Class: Omega Tier (thats low)
-- Sub Class: Relief
Occupation: Wanderer
Alignment: None
Marital Status: Promised
Birthplace: Erebus

____x____x : v i t a l s "Its very important your services satisfy" Queen Alexandra

Height: 5.6
Weight: 340lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair: Long and wild
Eye Color: Orange (with black whites)
Handed: Ambidexterous
Skin Tone: Grey
Skin Condition: Supple and smooth
Physical Condition: Good
Voice: Young, fierce, innocent
Arm Length: normal

____x____x : s t a t u s : "one is nothing without their name. Its all you have so I'll give you one; Pyrrah, yeah! That's a cute one!" Toby McGavenaugh

Strength: Far in excess of a normal human
Power Classification(s): Lower end of the families scaling. Potential is S classed but base is C.
Blood Type: Divine
Primary Residence: None
Primary Discipline(s): Hands, Claws, Acrobatics
-- Sub-discipline(s): Flame magic
Innate Abilities: Fire conjuration, Fire immunity. 
Special Abilities: Dilated perception, 

____x____x : p e r s o n a 

Personality: A fierce but loyal hound. She will fight to the bitter end, fang and claw for those she cares for. She's prone to fits of depression, anger, outrage, and berserking under the right unfortunate circumstances.

Bio: In her service under King Cerberus, her father, she and his armies conquered nearly they're entire plain of reality. Which is a near limitless separation from where she is now. Near the end of the conquest her father rewarded his subordinates, she and her 665 sisters included; each with a single 'wish' of sorts. Most wanted something in the form of territory, or power. She requested to not need to fight. He responded by banishing her from his realm. ever to return. 
Upon awakening, she met a young man, a boy really. Named Toby McGavanaugh. Toby refreshed and helped her. He even gave her the name she has now. Toby died a few years later, and Pyrrah blamed herself. 
She wanders now in search of peace.
____x____x : f e a t u r e s :

A. Body Art: None

B. Scar Tissue: None

____x____x : b r e a k d o w n :

____x____x : w e a p o n r y :

Weaponry : Claws and fangs.

Attire. (see image for basic idea)
-- Headwear: Collar
-- Upperbody: none
-- Armaments: Shackles
-- Lowerbody: Black underwear, 
-- Feet: shackles

-- Headwear: None
-- Upperbody: armored plate
-- Armaments: None
-- Lowerbody: Armored tasset
-- Feet: None

(images available at request)
____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :

____x____x : d e f i n e :

____x____x : c r e d i t s :


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