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I’m looking for a partner! A special SoulEater Surprise

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Sorry for that massive event not happening guys, you know how life is, but I also lost my confidence! Anyway...





    I’m looking for a very special rp partner and some quests, I’ve looked over the cooler, I like most of the idea, however, a bunch of the events already have a bunch of people or a lot of pages.  So if you have Anything you want me in let me know!


 Anyway im looking for a weapon or a miester! What are we up to? Not sure yet but I’m down for just about anything, I just know I’m looking for  someone to play a partner role with me. 

 It’s an idea based off Soul Eater. A cute little anime, where weapon are people and transform to be used. Very cool show I can help you out if you don’t know much about it!



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Soul eater is one of my favorite anime of all time; Stein is the source of all my madman archetypes, Absolutely count me in on this

I literally have a scrap book somewhere full of weapon and Meister ideas. 

I've resurrected and am so pumped, I'm torn between either type so pick your favorite and I'll follow suite cause both are too good

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