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The VCF extends their services

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4 hours ago, squid peanut said:

What kind of characters would be aware of the VCF's existence, are there people who are involved with the VCF who aren't members?

Usually the only people that knows of the VCF's existence is those that has caught the VCF's interest, or if not those who oppose the VCF and of course, all the governments, ruling monarchies, and every sovereign power that the VCF has decided to ally themselves with. It's usually a necessity tha tthe VCF is kept a secret, but as of late they have been more lax with their policies of secrecy. Civillians though are strictly kept in the dark, as if one were to find out about the VCF, they would be applied a city-wide level-1 amnestic.

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3 hours ago, מיכאל said:

My character would love to work with the VCF doing either research or field work. Though achieving something big enough to catch the eye of such an organization would also be fun.

You can as easily just head over to the special agents page, grab the template and send me a character sheet by the DM! I'll add you easy peasy to teh VCF lore ? 

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