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Zashiii/Thotification Character Index

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Here's the list of all my characters and lore since they can no longer fit under my signature. ?

The Black Spear Cartel (organization/lore page)

The Mistress Blackhead / The Madame Linda Linda/ Middy Ochre / The Dead Mistress 

Khakina "Khaki" Khatun / PRTY - Pretty - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer.

Serraida "Sera" Mavajo - Backspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer.

Naherin Streicher / Mana Nahi - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now works for the Norkotian military.

Tedimius "Teddy" Caedirii / The Black Teddy - Blacspear cartel ex-member. Now works for Hyperion as part of Aphelion.

Holiness "Holly" Sheathe / The House of Sheathe (profile page/members) - aristocratic family of Ursa Madeum

Shishi Delan "Shishi" Frigadotter / The Maiden Ravenbush - the good sister. Knight Apprentice at the Order of Force Majeure.

Minny and Plushie - eldritch twinsies last seen working under the Legion of Doom. Prty's siblings.

Lady Wolnought -  a weird woman who likes walls. Previously a Blackspear cartel agent. Currently working for Lady Sheathe



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Joined Threads index:

Serphus Aluminum - Black Heart Mirror - Brother against Sister - The cartel sends Middy, Sera and Khaki is requested to corrupt Esben's sister. They achieve three Athentha Relics - Black Heart Mirror Great Sword, Black Heart Spear, and Black Hear Mirror Robes.
Land of the Free: The cartel sends Middy Ochre who later becomes an honorary member of Justice for assisting Jericho in freeing slaves in izral.
Fright Night Town Raid: Vigilante Middy travels to Tormo to protect the citizens. He manages to save a few. At the end, he finds out that his boss, Lady Blackhead, was part of the villains who plundered Tormo.
MOBS Tournament 2(Champion Sera): The cartel sends Sera to fight in the tournament. Later on, Middy bets against her fellow agent Sera. Sera becomes champion making Middy lose the bet and his left eye in the process. (PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE)
Graduation: Dredge amasses his troops for the invasion. The current Lady Blackhead joins Dredge and forces the whole cartel to bow to her insane decision.
Battle of Last Chance: The Lady Blackhead forces the brainwashed cartel members to fight with the Legion at the Battle of Last Chance. After their departure, the Lady retires and is soon replaced by the new Blackhead, a woman known as the Mistress.  
Rock and a Hard Place: The Mistress reaches out to Ms Blonde. 
To Command Despair: The new Mistress Blackhead encounters Lilith. Her subordinates receive the mark of Lilith.
We can do Both: Ms Blonde employs the Mistress Blackhead to attack Club Euphoria
Wild Hunt: The Mistress Blackhead joins Ms Blonde to hunt some dragons
Silence - The Mistress assists in monopolizing the mining in Ponkapaoag lake.
Steeped in Moonlight: The Mistress meets Lilith again to help get an artifact for Ankou.

Darkness and Havoc - Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana - The Mistress leads the Black Spear Cartel to stop the god Havoc.
Reflections: The Mistress assists Blonde in selling some rare materials.
Aquarius Make Me Wet - The cartel recovers the Aquarius Necklace, a Renovatio Relic.

Quest for the Heaven's Armor - The cartel recovers the Heaven's Armor artifact.
When a Cult absorbs the Fallen - The Mistress leads the Black Spear cartel in absorbing the Heralds of the Fall into Lilith's cult.
There be a wolf in these ruins - The Mistress assists the Uldwars in recovering the True Crown of Ursa Madeum

Pagans in the Night - The Mistress assists Cerik in recovering the monocle artifact.
Destruction des Morts - The Mistress assists the Dead in Tia.
Strangers in the Night - The Mistress joins a networking event.
Andelusia High Tea Society - The Mistress negotiates a deal with the Andelusian High Tea society as an outsource company for transporting ingredients.
Highway to Hell - The cartel assists in the construction of Taen road.
Claiming the Furthest Point - The cartel in helps the Order of the White Hand in repelling the dark forces of Y'mhi

Yral: Recovering the Scattered Petals - The Mistress recovers the Scattered Petals artifact and also the Rod of Autumn relic.
Revival Legion of Doom - The Mistress dies at Shawnee. This marks the end of the Mistress and the Black Spear Cartel.

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