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Zashiii/Thotification Character Index

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Here's the list of all my characters and lore since they can no longer fit under my signature. ?

The Black Spear Cartel (organization/lore page)

The Mistress Blackhead / The Madame Linda Linda/ Middy Ochre / The Dead Mistress 

Khakina "Khaki" Khatun / PRTY - Pretty - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer.

Serraida "Sera" Mavajo - Backspear cartel ex-member. Now a freelancer.

Naherin Streicher / Mana Nahi - Blackspear cartel ex-member. Now works for the Norkotian military.

Tedimius "Teddy" Caedirii / The Black Teddy - Blacspear cartel ex=member. Now works for Hyperion as part of Aphelion.

Holiness "Holly" Sheathe / The House of Sheathe (profile page/members) - aristocratic family of Ursa Madeum

Shishi Delan "Shishi" Frigadotter / The Maiden Ravenbush - the good sister. Knight Apprentice at the Order of Force Majeure.

Minny and Plushie - eldritch twinsies last seen working under the Legion of Doom. Prty's siblings.




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