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The Lunarian Protectorate

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Since its founding, the city of Lunaris has never had much in the way of proper law enforcement. For a time it seemed like there was very little need for one. The citizenry are used to defending themselves from threats ranging from things as minor as robbery, to as major as a city destroying Hydra. With the addition of the Mil Dot Lunaris, the people are also heavily armed. The strong sense of camaraderie between Lunarians also ensures that neighbors are more than willing to help each other in their times of need. Given all of this, it seemed the city had little need for a formal police force.


But recently a series of crimes culminating in a bank heist and mass poisoning which the token city guard was utterly unable to contend with, opinion has changed. A standing police force with rapid response capability was deemed necessary. To that end, Governor Sebastian Heiliger gave the order to form The Lunarian Protectorate. A law enforcement agency recruited primarily from the Lunarian population, they serve as police, and first responders.




The LP primarily recruits from the population of Lunaris. Applicants must be at least eighteen years old, in good physical condition, and not have a Terran criminal record. Recruits start out as patrolmen, though those with prior military or law enforcement experience may be offered higher starting ranks. Incentives for joining include a generous salary, medical benefits, and retirement plans. 


LP officers go through a rigorous six-month training process before gaining their badge. Every recruit goes through firearms instruction, basic combat training, first aid, Veluriyam and Lunarian law, and fieldwork. Higher ranks include more specialized training depending on the nature of the position. Upon graduating, officers are issued a uniform, basic armor, and both a main weapon and sidearm. All equipment is provided by the Mil Dot Lunaris.






The Sheriff is the leader of the Lunarian Protectorate. They are generally the most experienced member of the organization; with a proven history of service in the military or law enforcement. All Captains report directly to them.




Captains are the leaders of a division. Each division specializes in a different area of law enforcement. Captains are generally recruited from the best of the best within their divisions. Detectives and their rank equivalents report to them.




The men and women who make up the divisions. Detectives are in charge of criminal investigation. Medics are in charge of providing medical aid, as well as emergency transport to medical facilities. Hunters deal with incursions of hostile wildlife.Cleaners put out fires, and clean up hazardous materials. They report to Captains.




Sergeants are responsible for coordinating and commanding the rank and file Patrolmen. They report to the Sheriff.




The lowest rank in the Protectorate, and the one that most graduates from the training program will start out as. As the name suggests, they patrol the streets to keep order. In any given situation they will be the first ones on the scene. They report to Sergeants.




Members of the Special Operations Squad. Their identities are kept secret, and the exact number of active Operators is unknown.




Major Crimes Task Force: The MCTF is responsible for investigating crimes like murder, grand larceny, and arson. Detectives are given additional forensics training, taught interrogation techniques, and take courses in criminology and criminal justice. Unlike the other Divisions and Patrolmen, Detectives are allowed to wear plainclothes.


Emergency Medical Unit: EMU personnel are responsible for responding to medical emergencies. These can range from personal emergencies like heart attacks, to responding to the scene of accidents and disasters. Medics are trained in field medicine, and transportation of sick or wounded to medical facilities.


Hunter Corps: Taen is home to a great many dangerous species of flora and fauna. When they encroach into Lunaris, they are the responsibility of the Hunter Corps. Trained survivalists, Hunters remove natural threats from the city. If possible threats will try to be captured alive and released away from the city. In emergency situations however, dangerous lifeforms will be killed.


Hazard Containment Unit: During the string of criminal activity that spurred the creation of the LP, multiple citizens were exposed to a deadly poison. Many died on the scene, and it took weeks to clean the area. Cleaners are responsible for the containment and cleanup of any hazardous material. This includes responding to fires, chemical spills, and incidents of poisoning.


Special Operations Squad: In addition to the rank and file, there is an elite group within the LP known as the Special Operations Squad. Led by Aveline Singlance, SOS members are recruited personally by her. They then undergo an additional training program that can last as long as she deems necessary. SOS responds to the most dangerous situations that take place within the city.

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