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Be The New Sheriff in Lunaris! (And other Law Enforcement Positions)

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Lunaris has always been a frontier town. 

As the first settlement built upon the discovery of the Taen subdimension, it has seen its share of adversity. From normal threats like bandits, to a city-sized hydra bursting from beneath her streets, the city and its people fought hard to get to where they are now. This has bred a spirit of self reliance among the populace, and until now there has been little more than a token city guard to keep order.

But recently it has been made clear that more is needed. A devastating string of crimes taking place over the span of a day has highlighted the need for a rapid response force, as well as a formal law enforcement apparatus. 

Enter the Lunarian Protectorate.

For our very first official Law Enforcement agency, we need recruits! All positions listed in the lore page are available, but right now what we most need is a Sheriff! Applicants should be tough, independent, with a history of combat or police experience. 

Apply now!

@supernal May I have a banner pls?


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Much like how militaries all over the real world call in other special forces like Navy SEALS or S.A.S to train their forces, I would like to propose a deal mein freund ? 

The VCF has elite task forces that are sent throughout Valucre to contain threats they deem dangerous. Each specialize in a specific field, be it heavy weapons, infiltration and subterfuge, magical and supernatural to even sustained warfare.

Even though the VCF is secretive, they know they're not infalliable. Most of their "army" is not even under their employ, rather allied forces led by VCF veterans. This is why they are able to do so much, with their relatively limited numbers (Not even over 5 million personnel Valucre-wide to protect it).

So these alliances are important to them, so why not let me send one of my boys? ? I'm sure he'll get into all sorts of mishaps, while supplying new technology and tactics and bringing the protectorate up to par with modern forces Valucre-wide to combat the threats Lunaris faces on the daily. 

So what do you say?

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On 12/2/2019 at 9:42 AM, supernal said:

Before the string of crimes that motivated this job posting what kind of issues did the sheriff have to deal with?

I'd say things like arguments that escalate into swordfights, drug cartels, occasional monsters/wild beasts that enter the city. Maybe also things like missing kids, theft, vandalism, etc. Generally threats to peace and order that occur within the city, as opposed to attacks from the forest - the City Guard, which is an extension of the empire's military, deals with those.

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17 hours ago, notmuch_23 said:

Hell, Aveline has combat experience; she's even a combat sniper with a necklace of many HOG's teeth (a certain type of sniper trophy). If anything, she would want the VCF to oppose her SOS in chalk-round force-on-force exercises.

That would be awesome!

What do you think @danzilla3?

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