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H e y o,

Legit I have no char sheet or anything atm s o. Sorry :T Here's my potential rp info below! 

Tried to make it short!

For right now, Chillax rp sounds nice bcause I'm new.. Plots aren't necessary but they can be nice depending on the characters personality... Please don't expect me to know anything about the world yet : D I'll do research as I go!


[[[ *** JUST A NOTE *** ]]] If your character swings on the Evil side of things, we might need to create a plot that would force both of our characters to have to work together,,,,, 

Here's my singular boi: X'yros

he's tall. kinda spooky looking. ?

unless you're very close to X he's,,,,, rather serious usually but lately he's been tired and bummy. He might be way too chill, crack stale stupid jokes or insults, or insist on getting food somewhere... Poke him with a hot iron prod if you need to get him moving idc.

 idk where i'm going with this so i'll just leave now.

"this is what i like, this is the pace that i like, sup"

Oh, that's right a pace---------

Whatever you want to post whenever you want to post is fine for now, unless it's a hardcore adventure rp--- i hate cliffhangers ❤️ 


sorry for the super obnoxious read I'll get more serious when I get a hold of life here

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15 minutes ago, SteamWarden said:

I'm willing to join. I don't have a sheet ready either but just know T.E.M. is a mercenary with no morals.

Sounds beautiful xDDD DM me if you'd like to put something together with me whenever you're ready !!! ^^ 

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3 hours ago, Sanonymous said:

I'm absolutely willing to join a more chillaxed rp ? Even if not necessarily required for VCF development, I'm sure you and I could have fun!

Yes please!!!!!! Thank you so much for volunteering as tribute lol!

Whenever you have time just shoot me a DM and we can figure out what you'd like!!! ^^

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