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Name: Beefly

Type: Sentient Flying Insect > Modified Bombylidade 

Height: 0.2M (0.5M with their 30cm wide wingspan), 50cm 

Weight: 0.8lbs (0.36kg)

Habitat: Can be found across the world barring UM and Taen

Location: All across the world of Valucre except from UM and Taen

Lifespan: 100-200 years


Physical Description

Beeflies are fairly tiny modified insects with fairly large white wings that are wide, flat, have brown loop markings towards the bottom of their wings. They have different colored bodies with a white face and a tail. As well as it has large eyes with spots in them resembling pixels, a long brown nose/beak of sorts and tiny transparent tufts on their head resembling antennae like ants. As well as a tuft of fur between their wings. Their four spindly black legs are long with round feet. Beeflies are known to have various types of fur colors, noting their elemental powers based on their fur.


Unlike most insects that don't survive long at all, Beeflies have a remarkable lifespan, living to about 100-200 years of age. Many people don't understand how they survive for so long, as their original genetic ancestors they deprive of, die off fairly fast. One thing that is known for sure is that they age extremely slowly, reaching full size in about twenty years. For the first ten years or so, they seem to be half a meter big, only about half the size of an average human hand. 

Reproductive Information

Beeflies are unique in their biology that they reproduce through eggs, much like a dragon, a lizard or anything of the sort. They are known to lay up to about four eggs at a time, however, it has been seen that they have laid about eight in their history over the time they've been on Valucre. Beeflies are known to mate when they know somebody like a human or sentient animal is not around due to them liking privacy.


Beeflies are very friendly creatures despite the way they were created, in a lab by a mad scientist. They spend most of their days, looking after animals, other insects, humans and humanoid creatures in order to gain companionship and make sure everybody is fine. They love to talk to adventurers about their travels, as they seem fairly interested in learning about the world. However, underneath their friendly interior, is a very scared creature that hates any sign of conflict. Upon seeing conflict, a Beefly will cower and run away to hide until the conflict dies out, due to that, they tend to stay away from known places with a lot of ongoing conflicts. They are known to be extremely loyal to people and animals that they care for. 


Beeflies have a unique diet consisting of sweet food. Due to that, they mostly bond with humans and such, in order to barge into their food supplies while their eating just to eat food. Who can blame them though? Their too cute to resist. If they live in a rural area, however, they will go to try and find food like fruit in order to survive. The beeflies are intelligent enough to know to not eat things that can possibly harm them after all as they can identify plants from working with them to harvest to help people and so forth. Beeflies are known to absolutely hate meat, vegetables, fish, and anything that's pretty much savory, due to them relying on sweet foods for energy to keep them going.


There is known to be millions of beeflies in the world from how long they have existed as they breed pretty quickly. Unlike their origins, nobody knows where they came from, but people are thankful for the intelligent creatures that can help them with work and whatnot. Beeflies have known to completely fled from UM and Taen due to the conditions and will not be back there.


All Beeflies by default has a bunch of powers that are given to them through the genetic evolution they went through. These are by follows:

Telekinesis: Due to genetic modified DNA they have, beeflies have the rare power to move objects with their mind. This is extremely limited to what they can lift, as their only shown to be able to lift small objects such as soda cans, small rocks, and even snowballs. Due to their telekinesis, they are known to be extremely good at snowball fighting and it's why people avoiding having a snowball fight with others if they know they're around.

Healing Powder: Beeflies can manifest a healing powder to attempt to heal animals and the like that are near death. This speeds up the targeted regeneration to keep them alive for a few extra hours to save them from the brink of death until the beefly gets some help.

Calming Aura: Beeflies have a calming aura that manifests around them at all times, allowing them to calm others in a state of panic or are going to start a fight. This can be useful in a worse case situation, where something is going to happen. The aura makes it so, that people wouldn't want to fight among themselves. 

Elemental/Kinetic Powers: Due to their genetic modification, Beeflies have been given the abilities to control the elements or kinetic things all around them. This varies on what color their fur actually is, as well as they can have either one power or another even regardless of their fur color. 

WIP, Redoing shiz

More to be added.


Telepathy: One of their unique abilities is their telepathy. Unlike how most telepathy works, Beeflies can communicate it to a whole crowd of people instead of one person just hearing it. In most situations, this helps them communicate with others, but in certain situations when they have to flee from combat, it's completely useless, due to the enemy hearing them from their inability to communicate to one person. 

Expert Healing Factor: Beeflies have the ability to regenerate their limbs and so forth if they become extremely hurt. However, if they get injured in the heart or the brain, it is a certain death for them due to them not being able to regenerate that. 

Average Intelligence: Beeflies have the average Intelligence of a human being, being able to understand subjects and such on the same scale. This causes them to be extremely useful when even asking for directions because they are literally everywhere.

Elemental/Kinetic Resistant: Beeflies possess the resist to their own element they control.

Notable Loot(?)

Beeflies are known to not be poached very often due to how bad they taste even to predators and humanoid creatures. They are known to be a protected creature over the world of Valucre. They occasionally shed fur, so if you want that to make things with, then go for it.

Legends and Rumors

Rainbow Colored Beefly (Rumor)

There have been rumors of a rainbow-colored beefly being born. There are extremely rare and rarely anybody has ever seen one. Those that have seen one are often told that they are liars due to how rare they are.

The "Evil" Beefly (Legend)

There have been legends of an evil pitch black beefly that is extremely powerful and that would terrorize the world if it was ever awakened. Nobody knows where this legend came from, or if people even believe the legend. People often laugh it off as they think beeflies are incredibly cute and wouldn't do them any harm. However, the Draconians worship beeflies as a way to prevent the god of all death Beefly to ever appear, time will tell if it works.


Allies: People that they get attached to, anti-poaching organizations, animal protection organizations, peaceful animals, sheepfly (best buddies)

Neutral: Everyone that isn't aggressive

Enemies: Monsters, Bandits, Aggressive animals, people, and humanoid creatures, political situations


Modified Beeflies came into the existence of Valucre one day about fifty years and nobody knew where they came from. People think it's a mad scientist that created the living talking creatures that are extremely useful to all of Valucre, but as for their origins....nobody knows really. Since then, they have almost taken over the world! Not really, they're technically harmless.

Notable Beeflies



Unnamed Queen Beeflies


A beefly canonization thread on UM but due to the conditions, they ran away from there, never to come back. Their known to hate Taen as well.


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