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[WIP] Arashi Sato

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Basic Info

Name: Arashi 
Full Name: Arashi Sato
  Dragon Lady - by Khaki
  Dragon Bitch - by Sera
  Crimson Dragon - name given after the legendary Crimson Dragon
  Knight-Samurai - self proclaimed
  Black Knight - due to the pitch black color of her armor
Other Names known by: 
  Agent Tempest - name for VCF
  Agent 0053 - name for VCF
Species: Dragon-Human Hybrid (60% Crimson Dragon, 40% Human)
Physical - 17
  Biological -  21
  Mentally - 18 
  Chronologically - 13
Birthplace:  September 1st, 577, Terrenus
  Renji Sato (father, alive)
  Mother (alive)
  Moshra (adoptive mother, alive)
  Dr. Marigold Ravenspire (adoptive father, alive)
  Sevra (adoptive older sister, alive)
  Rivana (adoptive older sister, alive)
  Fye (adoptive younger sister, alive) 
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Barbarian
Sub-Class: Tank
Occupation: Agent of the Valucrean Containment Foundation, Mercenary, Knight-Samurai (Self Proclaimed) and Thief
Elements: Fire/Electricity and Ice
Weapon: Bow, Knife, Handgun
Armour: Custom Prototype Powered Armor

Hair: Light Brown, reaches down to her shoulders
Eyes: Crimson Red and Dark Blue in both eyes
Skin: Light
Body: Slightly toned in the chest
Height: 6"2
Weight: 100kg
Demeanour: Highly arrogant. "Enjoys a good fight", non-comformant to hierarchy.
Likes: Cats, Food, unknown
Dislikes: Needles, Authority, unknown

Electrokinesis (Electricity Manipulation and Creation
Explosive Pyrokinesis (Fire Manipulation and Creation
Cryokinesis (Ice Manipulation and Creation)
Electro-Pyrokinesis (Electric-Fire Manipulation and Creation)
Cyro-Pyrokinesis (Ice-Fire Manipulation and Creation)
Thunderstorm Creation/Manipulation 
Scale Manifestation
Dragon Transformation
Draconic Burst 

Cold & Heat Resistance 
Radiation Resistance 
Enhanced Durability 
Supernatural Strength 
Enhanced Regeneration
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Muscle Usage
Decelerated Aging
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Vitality
Enhanced Senses
Peak Human Intelligence
Enhanced Lung Capacity
Sharp Teeth
Poisonous Blood
Natural Electricity, Fire and Ice Immunity 

Skilled Archer
Natural Predator


Edited by Metty
put birthday as 277 instead of 577, arashi isn't that old.

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Crimson Dragon Physiology

Arashi is partly a Crimson Dragon, having the characteristics of a dragon in a human body. Her bones are more resistant to shock damage and will break wooden things upon impact if she is hit with them as they just splinter due to her bones being hardened and her skin resistant to damage.

Arashi has leathery like skin, akin to a young dragon with very small scale-like patterns that aren't noticeable by the naked eye. They allow her skin to become as strong as hardened leather, meaning stronger weapons are needed. She is needed to eat metals to keep up her durability of her body. In some areas, she has proper dragon scales which are the strength of the iron, mainly her upper chest, shoulders and tail.

Her muscles are denser, allowing her to naturally have a lot of strength. This, however, needs her to eat a lot more to keep up said muscle intake to begin with. 

Arashi's teeth are known to be sharper than steel, allowing her to tear up the flesh with ease and chew up iron and steel to eat. Her unique makeup allows her to eat fire, electricity, ice and metals such as iron and steel. The draconic nature of her body needs her to constantly recharge herself with any elements she may control in order to function properly. Any negligence of this can leave her in a weakened state and ends potentially giving her an illness that might result in a coma.

Arashi's blood is poisonous for others to ingest due to the mixture of toxic elements in her bloodstream that help her body function. 

Her healing factor is incredible, allowing her to regenerate from life-threatening wounds due to her draconic regeneration. This allows her to survive multiple organ failures as long as she has her heart and brain to function. Her regeneration allows her to regenerate back her organs and limbs. 


Electricity Manipulation (Electricity Manipulation and Creation)
Being a electrokinetic, Arashi has the ability to wield, create and control her own at will. 

Explosive Pyrokinesis (Explosive Fire Manipulation and Creation)

Cyrokinesis (Ice Manipulation and Creation)

Cyro-Pyrokinesis (Ice-Fire Manipulation and Creation)

Electro-Pyrokinesis (Electric-Fire Manipulation and Creation)

Electricity Manipulation

Electricity Manipulation


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[General Information]
First name: Arashi
Surname: Sato
Nicknames: Agent Tempest, A-0053
Race: Dragon-Human [REDACTED] hybrid
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, appears to be 17
Role: Agent of the Valucrean Containment Foundation, Mercenary, Knight-Samurai (Self Proclaimed) and Thief 



[Physical Evaluation]
Voice: Average
Eyes: Crimson Red and Dark Blue (in both eyes)
Complexion: Light
Height: 6"2
Weight: 100kg
Build: Average, slightly toned in the upper body
Hair: Light brown, reaches down to shoulders


[Mental Evaluation]
Demeanour: Highly arrogant. "Enjoys a good fight", non-comformant to hierarchy.
Likes: Cats, Food, [REDACTED]
Dislikes: Needles, Authority, [REDACTED]


-Standard Issue Dagger
-Standard Issue VCF Handgun w/ reserve and armour-piercing ammo
-Titanium Reinforced Bow with Reinforced Arrows
-Flashbang, Frag and Tear Gas Grenades
-Custom Powered Armor


-A good amount of strength
-More agile than the normal human
-Is an extremely good archer

Foundation rating system applies from a scale of 1-10, 3 being physically identical to an average human.
Strength- *****???
Agility- *****
Endurance- *****
Intelligence- *****
Charisma- ***
Competency- ***
Adaptibility- ***



Special notes section:


Researcher Baron

Under no circumstances is Agent Tempest allowed to see her own profile, no matter her level of authorization, period. Granted under authority of Administrator Zeke.

Agent Tempest has a high affinity for theft, making her extremely useful on intel retrieval operations. This has caused her to be placed within Zeta-04, as an intelligence operative.

A-0053's biology is more draconic than human, which affects her frontal lobe to have parts of a dragon's psyche. Once enraged, her sense of order, responsibility and discipline dissipates as a dragon's would when threatened or challenged.  Measures are necessary to prevent her from entering a feral state and posing a danger towards those around her, and herself. Her draconic nature has rendered her untethered to the VCF hierarchy, as her sense of duty is non-existent. It has been proven that her allegiance is to herself, relatively speaking it is easy to please her. Gifts bi-monthly is substituted instead of a paycheck, in order to keep her loyal to the VCF.

A-0053's martial capabilities has been proven, as when her cover was blown she managed to defeat 5 assailants at once. Her draconic side is still under research, as it has been theorized she is able to turn to a dragon fully, which may render her humanity gone when she is within this state. A-0053 is a crimson dragon, a rather uncommon yet powerful dragon type who's elemental control include pyrokinesis, electrokinesis and to a lesser extent, cryokinesis.

Human-dragon hybrids are not an unknown race, but one of extreme rarity within nature as dragons and humans have been historical rivals throughout Valucrean history. In this case, A-0053 is an artificial hybrid, a freak experiment that transpires the very law of nature and morality. Her father [Status unknown], a brilliant yet twisted scientist, infused a dragon's soul to her daughter's. This has led her to slowly turn more draconic than human throughout the years. 

I propose that instead of a cell and monthly "gifts", that it be allowed for A-0053 to be treated like a human instead. Give her the childhood she deserves, and at least treat her like the teenager she is, instead of a damn rat in an experiment. This continued treatment of her and her continuos independence to Valucrean hierarchical order may render her more feral as time passes. I propose bi-weekly therapy sessions for her to be able to conform to civilised society.

[Proposal A-0053-T-1 DENIED by order of administration council #21]


Edited by Metty

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