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Azur and Kaiser

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Birth Name: Azur
Used Name: Azur 

Gender: M

Alias(es): None

Age: 16
Visible age:
Race: Human 
Class: Hunter 
-- Sub Class: Trapper
Occupation: Hunter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Marital Status: single
Birthplace: Orisia, Versilla The city of eternal spring
Height: 5'8
Weight: 59kg
Hair Color: Black
Hair: Messy Long Hair
Eye Color: Green
Handed: Ambidextrous
Skin Tone: light brown
Skin Condition: smooth
Physical Condition: Toned
Voice: adolescent teen

____x____x : s t a t u s : Alive

Power Classification(s): Familiar Bond
Primary Residence: Elfwood Forrest 
Primary Discipline(s): Hunter
-- Sub-discipline(s): Acrobatics
Innate Abilities: Familiar bond
Special Abilities: Beast handling

Familiar name: Kaiser

Age: 16

Familiar forms: Falcon and Graywolf

____x____x : p e r s o n a : Curious and cunning.

____x____x : f e a t u r e s :

A. Body Art: none

B. Scar Tissue: - Gash on lower lip 

____x____x : w e a p o n r y : recurve hunting Bow and Arrow, iron dagger

-- Headwear: Hood W/ cloak
-- Upperbody: leather tunic
-- Lowerbody: leather trousers
-- Feet: leather boots

-- Headwear: none
-- Upperbody: none
-- Lowerbody: none
-- Feet: none

____x____x : a c c e s s o r i e s :  tooth necklacnecklace

____x____x : c r e d i t s :

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