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Hey, hey, hey, it's me shizzy mccreepy and my brother sd mccrawly

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Welcome to Valucre!

The New Member's Guide should help with the confusion, but if you have any other questions you can pop into the Outreach AMA (as the title says you can ask them anything) or shoot questions in the chatbox, since the community in general is pretty helpful.

What kind of rp/genres do you like?

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You in the right place fam! There's plenty of fantasy on the site and you can check the World Overview for summaries on what kind of genres/themes are dominant on each continent. You can also check Quests (which work like writing prompts) like Genesaris' Quest Hub and Fracture's Quest Index

Anything specific you like genre-wise? Stuff on Valucre is pretty varied and we have settings like medieval fantasy, cyberpunk, horror, sci-fi, all the things.

If you prefer more character-driven stuff, you can post profiles and lore in User Lore, then put up an interest check/advert in the Water Cooler ^-^

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