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VCF hierarchal and ranking system.

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Hierarchy and ranking


Created thousands of years ago, the VCF has gone through countless eras, known by many names, fought on every side and went through every lands.

One of the few constants in the Foundation that has not changed ever since the inception of the organization, is it's hierarchal and organizational system. A set of rules and rankings that has stood the test of time, and prevents the complete destruction and utter annihilation of the Foundation.

The VCF contains one of the largest databases in the history of Valucre. Should this knowledge fall to the wrong hands, the results will be catastrophic. To prevent the spread of unsolicited knowledge, there are levels of access an individual can achieve, and subsequently, the amount of knowledge they are exposed to.


Level 7 - Non-VCF Personnel level access. Other militaries, allies and even civilians are allowed this level of information.

No physical manifestation of this level exists for recognition.


Level 6 - Non-essential VCF Personnel. Janitors, test subjects (War criminals, death row inmates, criminally insane etc.) and technicians.

Level 6 keycard, designated blue. Only given to personnel of the VCF (Test subjects do not apply.).


Level 5 - VCF Scientists. These are scientists who collect data and assist researchers but are not able nor granted permission to research on CSes themselves.

Level 5 keycard, designated yellow.


Level 4 - VCF Researchers. These are senior scientists who with the aid of level 5 scientists, research ways to combat and contain the vast CSes the VCF contains.

Level 4 keycard, designated purple.


Level 3 - Special agents, agents and security. These are mercenaries, volunteers and trained transfers who pledged their allegiance to the VCF and protect all life by any means necessary.

Level 3 keycard, designated red. Those who are senior security and special agents receive a keycard with a higher level of access, designated dark red, having equal access as a level 2 administrator although not necessarily outranking them.


Level 2 - Administrators. These are those who vowed to conceal information dangerous information on behalf of the VCF and manage VCF personnel from level 3-6.

Level 2 keycard, designated green.


Level 1 - Overseer. These are part of the Overseer council who has nearly all access to the VCF database and all its resources. Only OS-06 to OS-16 has these keycards.

Level 1 keycard, designated Black


Level 0 - O-5. The 5 OS members, only OS-01 to OS-05 has these cards. Those who hold distinction within this rank can overrule anybody within the VCF, except of those from Level 0.

Level 0 keycard, designated White. 

The Valucrean Containment Foundation cannot be run on a few dozen men alone, so the organization works like a well-oiled machine, with spare cogs seamlessly replacing another if one were too break. The Valucrean Foundation reliant on the delicate system it stands on, and those who fill the gaps.


Overseer council - The council that controls all of VCF; from it's inner workings to it's diplomatic ties. OS-01 to OS-05 holds the distinction to carry executive orders and carry out motions, while OS-06 to OS-16 has the ability to vote in favor, against or abstain on a certain motion. Each OS has a specific task that falls to their expertise. [OS-02 is in charge for all things related to logistics in the VCF while OS-05 is head of all security and agents within the VCF.]


Special agents - Those who hold distinction within the task forces are promoted to be special agents, semi-independent agents of the VCF who can act on their own accord for the benefit of the foundation. These special agents are trained rigorously to be best suited for their expertise, be it on-field research, stealth and subterfuge, assasination, negotiation, etc. They are granted special access to all VCF amenities and resources and are usually assigned as leaders for the countless Foundation Security Task Forces scattered throughout Valucre.


Agents - These are men and women of martial distinction who have volunteered to fight on behalf of the VCF. These agents make up the bulk of the FSTFs and have level 3 access.


Researchers - Men and women of science, some of the brightest minds of valucre pour their heart and soul for the betterment of the world. Researchers work with scientists to research the CSes they contain, along with containment procedures, weaknesses and the ability to weaponize these CSes.


Scientists - These are junior researchers who have not gained enough experience to qualify as a researcher. Those in this profession will be under direct command of researchers and are not able to research CSes themselves.



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