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Michael Bloodfang

Xaio Tros, the Starwalker

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Name: Xaio Tros
Aliases: Tros Walker 
Alignment: Chaotic Good 
Affiliation: The Great Nest of Dragopia, its Ruler and The Starwalker Tribe
Home: The Great Nest of Dragopia 
Race: Starwalkers
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Single 
Age: 476 years old
Apparent Age: 40 years 

Physical Appearance                              eb13944d42202cff2dafd4af9faa1d52.jpg

Voice: Old and full of wisdom 
Eyes: Yellow eyes 
Skin: White 
Height: 6' 
Weight: 170 lbs 
Build: Fit and Muscular 
Hair: White hair 
Accessories: Golden crown and piercings


Demeanor: Xaio Tross strucks people to be someone cool and collected, while very polite and caring even to his enemies. He always appears to be a pillar of emotional stability, opposed to dishonorable, brash or patriotic individuals. Xaio rarely speaks but when it is necessary to speak, when he opens his mouth the knowledge he posses lets it shape his words that become full of wisdom and inspiring, whenever he talks it's in a quiet yet calming voice, no one ever saw Xaio enraged or screaming, he is always calm and collected, being a Father figure to all of Dragopia.

Goals: To see Dragopia prosper and to reinstate the culture of his people from the Starwalker Tribe. 
Fears: To see Dragopia and for all knowledge from his people to disappear. 
Likes: Meditation, Peace, Quiet, Astronomy, Knowledge 
Dislikes: Dishonorable people, people who use power to gain monetary gain over the others, discrimination

Equipment and Weapons



Longbow: This Longbow was found along the ruins of his tribe, the Starwalker tribe. It is a relic of the past, long forgotten into the depths of the Tribe, laying there to rest into a perpetual maelstrom of wind and electricity in the Elemental Plane of Air. 
During thunderstorms or any other storm really during the decades and even centuries of the Starwalker Tribe prosperity it absorbed the volatile magic of lighting, thunder and weathery storms. 
Whenever he uses the bow he can has the ability over weather and can control it, so if he wanted to he could cloud the sky with stormy dark clouds to prepare a distraction before he uses the bow and fires a arrow that goes fast as lighting. When the arrow hits the target and still live that person will become conduit for electricity for a straight minute.

Shortsword: Whilst he is more formidable with a bow, whenever he is needed to interfere in hand to hand combat situation he will use his short cdc7a7761344b107c5308185565da086.jpgcurved sword to fight.

Chinese sunglasses: He uses them whenever he uses his Celestial Vision during the day to see things because of the sunlight can be quite harmful for their sensitive eyes but during the night he doesn't wear them. 



Power and Abilities

  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Longevity
  • Pure Chi Manipulation: Xaio is able to control Chi that has been purified and controlled by Positive Energy A.K.A Good. Due to this, he gains access to powerful abilities and forces that are able to give incredible power when fighting darker forces. However, Xaio must maintain a mind clear of emotion or thought, free of fear, anger, and ego, at peace with the world around them without being burdened with worry, desire or doubt. 
  • Chi Manipulation: Xaio can create, shape, and manipulate Chi. By learning to harness this inner latent energy, he gains superhuman capabilities and use them in cases of extreme combat. Some examples include physically manifesting all of their inner strength and unleashing it to the fullest extent of its power through sheer force of will.
    The Control of One's Chi allows Xaio to have extraordinary abilities such as, strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, or in some cases, enabling the use of energy blasts, elemental manipulation, hyper awareness, and sometimes invulnerability. And in some different cases, the user can produce Chi by channeling the energy through the physical body or by using the natural energy of the Planet or even the Cosmos. 
  • Chi Absorption: Xaio can absorb Chi, while removing it from the source, into his body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc, either temporarily or permanently. Since it is physical in origin, absorbing chi can enable bodily enhancement. 
  • Chi Augmentation: Xaio can channel his own Chi through his own body and enhance his physical abilities. 
  • Chi Combat: Xaio can combine his Chi Control with Physical Combat skill, allowing him to wield innate physical energy for offensive and defensive purposes while fighting. It usually comes about through intense martial arts training. 
  • Chi Healing: Xaio can Chi Heal himself with his Chi.
  • Telescopic/Celestial Vision: Like every member of the Starwalker race, Xaio has the ability to see distant objects in magnified scale. That means he can zoom his vision in on things, allowing him to see distant objects in magnified scale. He's also able to see in vast distances, outside the atmosphere, solar-system and galactic distances. 
  • Enlightenment: Xaio has reached up to a certain enlightenment about things that allows him to understand the meaning of everything by communicating with or understand with the Universal Consciousness or a similar source, profound spiritual understanding and fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity. This power is cabalabe of awakening Xaio, both spiritually and mentally. 
  • Master Martial Artist 
  • Inner Chi Master
  • Outer Chi Master


Before the Great Nest of Dragopia was conquered and ruled by Michael Bloodfang, there was a time where all lands lived peacefully. One of them was the Starwalker Tribe, they are a group of individuals that have from birth peak physical condition and possess the ability to see far into the distance beyond the far reaches of the atmosphere. They had what they call, the Celestial Vision, they could see stars, planets, comets and even beyond the galaxy. They are the very reason why astronomy is a thing in this world, because they weren't selfish people, they wanted to share their knowledge and they did and that was astronomy. But of course, sometimes a Utopia is not meant to be and is meant to just fail. 

The Isotix Empire, the first thought to be the supposed powerhouse of the world was jealous of their natural abilities and they thought they used their abilities in meaningless ways and that they didn't make full use of them, they simply weren't worthy to possess those kinds of abilities. But the Isotix Empire couldn't simply march through a few lands and start a outright war with them, they played it smart and unfortunately during that time the tribes within the Starwalker tribe were in disarray and were about to get into war.

It was because the Starwalker tribe couldn't operate as few individual tribes and they wanted to form a new one but because of the different ideologies and lifestyles there were meant to clash against one another. That is why the Isotix Empire indoctrinated the people with lies that ended out in a all out war between the tribes and so in a few years the Starwalker tribe was shattered and scattered in ashes and pieces. Xaio was one of the lucky members to have survived the war and has sought out refuge as a kid with his parents. 

Of course, that was years ago, now Xaio is a somewhat of a butler but father figure to Michael, and one of the soul defenders of the defence system for Dragopia in case they ever went to war. Xaio never had hatred towards his people or the Isotix Empire, he thought they were dishonorable and that they deserved to be punished, because death in a way wasn't punishment it was mercy for them from Xaio. His true goal besides serving Michael to his last breath so to find a woman of his own race and possibly fall in love so that he could rebuild his long lost tribe and he never stops seeking for other Starwalkers that are now scattered in the vast reaches of the world. 


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