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The good doctor. [VCF Post-apocalyptic future roleplay]

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Image result for alternate scp symbolEmergency broadcast

KX-end-of-the-world scenario in progress

Valucrean containment foundation

This message will now be repeated. . .

This is OS-01 of the Valucrean Containment Foundation. We... I, have unleashed pandora's box. I hope one day, whatever gods are out there, may show mercy to my soul.

The navy has lost nearly half of it's fleet, the air force fell today. There is no hope of stopping this threat. I only can give a way out for those wanting to escape.

I arrived from the vortex at the center of this world. If I arrived from that vortex, there may be a chance that we can escape the same way.

We have made 3 arks, to carry anyone and anything. It's our last chance at an exodus.

Head to the northern tip of alterion within 78 hours, I'm not sure how long we can hold out anymore.

Time is of the essence, this is our last hope of survival.

Hurry, plea-...




This message will now be repeated. . .





"-s Doctor Brett, is anyone there?

This is Doctor Brett. I am a researcher from the VCF, god someone please be out there.


[Large footsteps in the distance]


It's already clear, we already lost, but it may not be the end of all hope. I know it's insane, but we have to get to the place where this all started. Site-800, where we opened pandora's box.

There is a way to prevent this from happening, to prevent ALL of this from happening. I have this with me, CS-0078, in site-909. This entire site was to protect the existence of this disk, because this object alone may prove pivotal in changing timelines.

I propose we use it now.


[Large footsteps in the distance]


It can't send us back. As far as I'm concerned, I and whoever is hearing this message is as good as dead, but we can prevent this timeline, this present, from ever existing.

If we capture pandora's box, we can send it back in time with a warning. This is our last shot. We will cease to exist, but our past selves won't have to die in this hell. We will have a future.

I only have 5 men from Beta-04, it's not enough. Site-800 is 100 kilometres away, we have to-


[Large footsteps in the distance]


If you hear this, I'm in Last Chance. The site 909 entrance is in the black market, pyre's stall for pyrotechnics. Find the trapdoor leading down, the code to the lock is 2309.

Hide under the shade and in the walls. There is 1 titan in the town centre, 16 meters tall. You can't outrun it, so be as quiet as you can. If it sees you, pray your death will be quick.

I'll have this message repeat, hurry."

[Radio static]


@Ataraxy @jaistlyn @The Fire Heart @squid peanut @SteamWarden @Tyler @TheElementHunter @Thotification @Dauner Light

So we'll be using TDS, but instead of fighting, it's more of escaping. I'll update the system as it goes on but, as of the moment, we'll be using the D10 for the basic system (which I shamefully must admit took me 10 minutes to figure out how it works). As of the moment for the first post, it'll just be a quick luck test to make sure everyone is at least acquainted with the dice system (and admittedly just for me to see how this system will work out as me move forward ?)

Roll for sneak

Roll 1: Titan sees/hears you, initiate a battle with TDS basic. Titan has 3 HP so it's probably best to try to run it than to risk it.

Roll 2-10: Succesful sneak, enter Site-909.

IF Roll 1 and attempt to run away:

Roll 1-3: Caught, have to be rescued by someone.

Roll 4-10: successfully reach Site-909 by the skin of their teeth


Good luck ladies and gents ? 



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[... I'll have this message repeat, hurry.] 


The radio went silent and the woman stored it in her pack. Her expression was a mix of hope and doubt superseded by caution. The thick, ugly orange and black scar slithered vertically across her face from ear to chin as the woman's lips flipped from neutral to frown, just as it had done each time the message repeated. She'd survived nearly two decades since Pandora's box was opened and, despite all the fucked up shit that'd happened, time travel still probably topped it all.

And she'd literally fought against the Commander of Death. Her scar started to burn at the thought of Lilith Reiter. In the past she'd pray to Gaia that Lilith was long dead, but any hope of salvation from false gods was long since extinguished from the minds of all in Valucre but those so faithful as to drown in their own delusions. 

In any case, she didn't have much left to lose. Kingdom lost, family dead or missing, friends killed by monsters. Even her left arm had been taken from her; though it hadn't been from a monster. At least not one released by Pandora. Her scar screamed again, contorting her once beautiful face further into a mask of hate and rage. All she had her husband, Som. His presence was the only thing that kept her far enough away from utter despair long enough to hear the message. But he hadn't believed in the message. She had to believe, so she'd left him behind at their place. 

"Site 909," she muttered. "Pyre's stall. Trapdoor. 2309." 

Might as well give it a shot. Worst case scenario it was so random deluded fool and she'd put him out of his misery before he ended up food for one of the billion horrific beasts of Pandora. Based on the short service of her walkie, the good doctor was likely somewhere close by. 

Though she had never been to Last Chance prior to the destruction of everything, there weren't many Titans in the area. All she had to do was follow the constant thump thump of heavy footsteps in the distance to find the general location. Titans were tall, strong, and merciless, but they weren't smart or fast; at least not your average Titan. After a moment of silently watching the large creature stumble around idiotically, she slipped past him using the roof shadows as cover and made her way toward the trapdoor's location. It took her a moment to find it, buried under a pile of cement and a few corpses and all, but it wasn't exactly a difficult chore. The entire Era of Pandora was essentially survival through finding a needle in a haystack.

Her wings beat silently and a gust of wind gently pushed the obstacles away like dust on a shelf. 

"2309," she repeated. The trapdoor mechanically decompressed as it popped open an inch. She slid the fingers of her remaining arm under the crack and lifted it up. A quick look spotted only darkness. Her gold eyes shrank into a squint, but she entered anyways. Wouldn't be the first time a shred of hope turned into potential death. 

A quiet thud was all that echoed in the darkness of site 909 as Teresa Demetrius, former princess of Veluriyam and rightful heir to all the kingdom once was, marched forward to reset time. 

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The signal repeating the message grew stronger the closer the elven pirate lord arrived in the city. Looking up at the sky, seeing nothing but destruction, looking at ground level to the city to see the ruins of what once was and the down at her outfit, which seemed to hold the usual pristine condition minus the burnt tatters on the sleeves from she used a runic discharge. Runes covered her arms and all she did was walk closer to the stall.


"Son of a-" With a quick twirl of her former first mate's staff sounds of fighting radiated from the direction opposite of her, other side of the titan. Watching the the titan look towards the direction, a sickening, slobbery smile crept across its mouth and then the sounds of rubble being thrown to the side from the massive feet of creature. No longer in danger, Lady Blaze kept walking forward and eventually reached the stall. With slight but determined presses of the buttons the trapdoor clicked open to be opened by a leather glove. "Let us see what is inside shall we?" The prim and proper voice was quiet but audible to those in close proximity. 

Darkness. Another usual sight in this land of destruction and death. With little care the elf lady walked inside and tapped the staff onto the ground and shined a dim light the was just barely bright enough to lighten the area directly around her. 'Really hope that I'm not the only helpful person here, or I'll just blow this stall to pieces.'

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[I have this with me, CS-0078, in site-909...] The message that came out of his radio device was enough to convince him to get back to working, even though VCF gave him some of the most bitter memories, including the opening of Pandora's Box. His whole future was ruined, but not only his, but the millions and millions of people who'd have died during the first hours of the apocalypse. The survivors had the worst experience of their life, though. So many, skewed by the monsters, eaten alive or dismembered to death. Watson was just shivering so heavily due to these memories. If it was for him to save Valucre from twenty years ago, he'd be in, whatever the cost. "Doctor Brett, I will kill you myself if time travel won't work. VCF was already enough for my tired self. I don't want any other bad memories to emerge, because of a failed misconduct." He spoke to himself, as he took his beloved magic sceptre, witness of so many adventures Watson took part in. It felt like both of them were the same thing when a fight would take place, but now? He wishes he wouldn't have been part of VCF, after the whole incident, including his sceptre. But that was all there is, he'd have to save the past, using time travel; what was there for him to lose, his own life? He's already old, being almost fifty years of age. He could have found a way to end his miserable life in the apocalypse, but he isn't a coward.

His blue eyes, sparking in intense, bright blue lightning, were analyzing the wasteland surroundings, moving towards Site-909. the thump noise the Titan would do was enough to annoy him, as he found a place to hide, before it spotted him. It was more than enough that he'd find a place behind a wall, but the constant fear that he'd be seen was there, creeping around in his mind, waiting to swarm and set him prey to the horrific being. Last Chance was not too far from him, but it was definitely slightly challenging to move past the monster, as he couldn't use electrcity to move fast, as magnetic levitation or lightning warp would give him away. He ran towards another wall, which led to a safe passage of houses, which would hide him from the monster...

And he finally reached Last Chance, looking for a trapdoor in the black market. It was not too hard to find, as the trapdoor had a distinct, red colour for the pyrotechnics. He reached for the lock, running his hands through the numbers and clicking the code. "2...3...0...9...", the trapdoor opening, as he just finished entering the code. He lifted it, managing to get inside, without catching his runic robe in the trapdoor. Closing it, there was just darkness. "Good god. I hope the doctor isn't as dead as this place." He lifted his scepter, managing to create some light using the electric powers of the sceptre. A dim blue light made its appearance, revealing Watson's face and the surroundings. "I suppose the radio signal was not just for me. There should be a few more people around." And it was true. There was another light there, brigth enough to reveal a sillhouette with pointy ears, handling a staff. It was not too far from him, so he spoke: "I guess I am not the only one who's heard the radio comm, am I?"

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Ever since he was born it seemed death followed  him everywhere he went, urging him to do its bidding. He'd refused many a time, and was paid by the incessant kiss of life. After Pandora had been unleashed upon the world he'd been forced into hiding. The beasts of prey and terror were much stronger than the death magic he wielded within himself. Within a week the small band of thirty he'd been surviving with had been shaved down to a mere seven, and that's if one counted the poor souls without leg or arm. That night, after staring into the eyes of an inky black Titan, he'd tried to take his own life, but couldn't. Each night after, under the sharp glittering of the skies, he tried and failed to leave this plane. He'd trail a hand over the leather of his spell book, feeling the lumps and scratches of old material mixed with the brine of tears that fell anew from his eyes.

Years later he sits in a heap of rubble in an indiscriminate town in a forlorn city. He'd been flushed here by a mage storm that blew in from the seas, catching him and his companion off guard. His companion, a young dragon-born, wanted to stay in the high mountains, weather it out, but Ivan could feel the fury of the storm. It set deep in his bones, rattling his teeth with an ungodly fear; he wasn't going to stay. They parted ways, knowing full well that they'd never see each other again, and Ivan traveled here through the dead of night, following whatever path death designed to keep him alive. The home was normal enough, a standard brick and mortar with pastel flowers that faded into dirt streaks on the walls. The only thing that was out of place was the radio that wined every so often.

This message will now be repeated...

He listened to that message for the week he stayed in the structure, memorizing it by the time he got enough supplies to travel to site-909. The journey was dangerous, like all things in those days. If it wasn't a Titan then it was the Giants, if it wasn't the Giants it was the Gargantuan Birds swooping in with wingspans 50 feet and up. He hunted and killed, rose a dead person in order to ask for directions. The sight of the port city lightened Ivan's step, the first spark of real hope igniting in his chest. This is it, this might be my chance to get out of this hell hole. He stuck into the city, keeping a low profile as he juts from house to house. The low crashing of waves echoes in the distance as Ivan hops down a flight of stairs. The Titan lumbers in the Town Square, hunched over in a low slouch. Taking out his spell book, he mumbles a few arcane words and traces symbols in the air. After a quick dusting of white powder Ivan is invisible, sneaking past the Titan without a problem.

He opens the trapdoor, gulping in a lungful of damp earthen air before descending.

"Hello, I am Ivan."

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The motorcycle silently sped through the path to Last Chance. It's riders are two women who physically look to young to even ride a bike. Perhaps it was fortunate that a large portion of the authorities had long since cease to function, leaving these two girls the freedom they so deserved. Both wear dark sunglasses in an effort to protect their vision or at the very least to look even cooler while riding their bamf bike. Despite the dangers of riding such a vehicle, both of them opted not to wear any helmets for protection.

The one up front driving the bike cocked her head as if listening to something. "Can you still hear it?" the female driver asked. She would have turned to face the other girl but it would be best not to take her eyes off the road.

The passenger, who was clinging to the driver, scratched her head, tousling those golden strand before replying. "Yes. The radio signals. I'm glad that the fucktards are using a lower frequency. Makes it easier for me to fuckung pick-up their shitty signal."

Chuckling, the driver slowed the bike down as they neared the city. "Brings back memories doesn't it, Sera?" 

The woman called Sera scowled at her companion. "Fucking Last Chance." Sera gave the city a good flip off her dainty hand. "Fuck Last Chance. Fuck the military. Fuck the Legion. And Fuck Mike. Neither of them survived anyway so to hell with the lot of them cunts. We outlived them sons of bitches, Khaki. That's all that fucking counts."

Khaki chuckled in response. "Well, just put up stealth mode before we enter the place. I don't want to lose my cuteness to some stupid titan."

With that, the vehicle and the two ladies gradually disappeared, perfectly blending into the background.

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Product Code RBBY-A09, nicknamed “Robby”. The former was stamped into his aluminum body, and the latter was a personalization from his owners that could be overwritten at any time. His owners were also his creators, and he was never meant to leave the lab. For he was a prototype, a test machine, a product that was not yet fully complete. His function? A domestic cleaner, but an intelligent one. Voice commands were a given, but Robby’s flagship feature lay in that he was fully intelligent: self-emptying, self-charging, self-repairing, and self-learning. On Robby’s underside, flexible arms with suction cups were capable of extending out to allow him to climb up walls for those hard-to reach places. Furthermore, he was equipped with various defensive modules, because one could never be too prepared after Pandora. All of that was neatly packed into a round and flat package with a low profile so that he stayed out of the way while cleaning. He was meant to be self-sufficient, only needing the rare reset if something went wrong.

In the end, what went wrong wasn’t him, but everything else. The lab was no more, the engineers were presumably no more, but yet Robby was here. His ‘low profile’ was useful indeed, in not being detected by the Titan that caved the lab in. Today, on schedule, Robby left his docking spot beneath a metal cabinet. Even though the lab no longer had walls, the floors could be considered clean - of course Robby performed his job, come rain or shine or apocalypse. He had cleaned the place on schedule over the last five days, but today was different. Today his senses beeped that he was running low on battery, and shutdown was imminent. The command to find a power source overrode the command to clean, and so today was the first time that Robby left the confines of the lab and set out into the world.

He had no expectations for the world, and so did not see desolation in the chaos. What he knew, however, was that it was filthy. Luckily that he was on the hunt for power sources right now, or the attempt to analyze areas of dirt might have burned out his circuits.

The magitech sensors inbuilt into his body sensed a faint pulse from a distance, and this was where Robby headed, rolling along the bumpy ground on his wheels. Eventually he came across a device that spoke the same message over and over again. Unlike himself, this device wasn’t intelligent, and its only function was to speak. But this device carried voice instructions, to which Robby listened to and processed.

If you hear this, I'm in Last Chance. The site 909 entrance is in the black market, pyre's stall for pyrotechnics. Find the trapdoor leading down, the code to the lock is 2309.

“Alright. Heading to site 909.” Robby replied in an androgynous voice through his speakers, confirming the instructions. His low battery indication continued to beep, leaving him no choice but to dismantle the talking device. First, he had to deskin it, force out its innards, remove its battery, and connect that to himself instead. In his wake was left a broken, pitiful intestine of wires and twisted metal. Was that cannibalism? There was no such concept in Robby’s dictionary though. That done, he headed towards site 909. The Titan mentioned in the warning failed to notice Robby at all, and his location module found the place with no trouble. The next order of business was to input the code, but the buttons were made for fingers, not suction. No matter. Robby climbed up the wall to the input device, whipped out his self-repairing tools and started to dismantle it. The aim was to reach the internal circuits so that he could give the code in machine-language. So if anyone arrived at the door right now, they would see a domestic cleaning machine seemingly devouring the keypad.

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Image result for alternate scp symbolLevel-3 Researcher Doctor Brett

Day [ERROR] since containment breach

KX-end-of-the-world scenario in progress

The site was old and dusty, decades of inoperation and decay has left it barren. It was there only to exist to handle a single CS, a CS that is Anattan and on the verge of being Yggdrasil; if only it didn't come from the future. Sure enough, we received it centuries ago, with a note from a different VCF in a different timeline, stating that it came from the vortex they call CS-0001. In many ways, similar to ours, but the material composition was alien. We have no clue if the note was true, we never even tested the CS to see it was true; yet the implication of time travel was so powerful that an Anattan was given.

Still, it was more than enough. Brett didn't need to tell the others that the CS was untested, that their hope of redemption lies on mere speculation, a note given from a hypothesized "future" and not concrete evidence. No, this small ray of hope, however microscopic is hope nonetheless, and must be preserved and must persevere -- for it's the last hope this cursed world will ever see.


First it was only a few, but then more kept coming in. At first Brett grabbed her FI-99 DD-Shotgun expecting the shamblers to have broken through the trapdoor. Why wouldn't she? She has called for help countless times, for months and years with no return. She figured sending a low frequency message for a final hail mary, but expected nothing to arrive. She let a sigh of relief leave her though as she saw living people, actual living people come through the trapdoor and come face-to-face with a metal gate; a little something Agent Corey welded up to keep the shamblers out. 

As they arrived one by one, darkness still enveloping them, she observed through the gateway entrance camera. It's a miracle that she can still do so; nearly all magi-tech coughed it's last few spurts of magical energy a few years back, only leaving mechanical technology in it's place. This site was almost as if it was designed to survive external attacks, rather than internal -- the dim LCDs and cracked screens that litter the observatory walls a testament to it's architect.


"Aidan, scans?"

"Nothing Doctor, no shifters in sight. By my count; 4 females, 1 male, 1 former VCF Agent identified as Watson and...."


Agent Aidan couldn't help but chuckle at what he saw.

"A... Cleaning robot, devouring the keypad outside"

"Well, it's better than nothing. Let them through, I have some words for agent watson personally." She said, stern as ever.


Light blared through the metal bars, the deafening hum of the fluorescent lamps filling the silence that once permeated through the cavern-like facility. The lights seemingly blinded those with a brightness that could be only described as "sun-like", if the sun was still what it was so long ago.

The iron bars open with a creak, the sound echoing throughout the facility.

The path was clear, with traps triggered and trinkets lying on the floor; with a corpse of what seems to be an agent lying near the entrance, previously shrouded in darkness but now fully visible. One could only presume his death was recent, as maggots and rats feast on the dead flesh.


The path opened up to the observatory, a large, open space, a rather pristine place, that does not suit those who inhabit it.

There were 4 agents, all bore scars of battles past fought. 1 has only a single arm left. 1 has an eyepatch over his left eye, while another is on wheelchairs. The only one who seemed physically unharmed was but two people who sat near each other.

An agent by the name of "Corey", who had an "exoskeleton" from welded ReBar around his agent outfit, one could deduce he was the Macgyver of the squad,

And of course, the doctor herself. Doctor Brett, who adorned a tattered and torn lab coat over a bulletproof vest; a testament of her previous occupation now irrelivant in this cold unforgiving world.


"Welcome to Site-909. We have waited for months; and I'm sure you all have questions. Please, take a seat, and ask away." She spoke. She knew of these people, some glared at her even with mistrust. Even if they did not know her personally; they would despise the foundation she stood with. 

Everyone alive in Valucre must've heard the message OS-01 sent out by now. A message she still gets nightmares about; the very organization sworn to protect Valucre, dooming it instead.

"And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes." Brett spoke with clear exhaustion and regret in her voice. The regret was warranted of course.


They brought hell upon this world, and they killed the gods that could've saved them.

@Ataraxy @SteamWarden @The Fire Heart @TheElementHunter @Zashiii @jaistlyn

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Lady Blaze watched as the people filed in the area and then the lights turned on at an extremely bright level. With a slight wince, she tilted her hat to cover her eyes better and looked at the people who appeared. They all must've been the agents but definitely war torn agents. Questions were definitely an assumed thing she'd have and boy did she have major one. One question that would lead to many more questions. Though the duo light sources were bothering her so with a quick tap the staff turned off and then she heard the triggering sentence.

"And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes."

The feeling of calm and relaxing that one could have in this kind of destructive world immediately and was replaced by an immense amount of rage. The regret was definitely noted but that wouldn't stop the former pirate queen from yelling. "So you unleashed the horrors upon the world that ended many lives. So much lost and gone, families dead, little survivors and even less amount of hope!" With a sudden stop she took in a deep breath and looked at the person in charge. "I watched my entire crew die right before my eyes. One of my best friends was torn in half, my other friend was squashed by titan, there's nothing left of him by the way, and my daughter was literally eaten alive!" With another pause she breathed in again and exhaled loudly. "You give me a reason why I should help you."

She looked at everyone else who was standing there, watching her have an outburst and proceeded to sigh. "Look, sorry for you blokes here to see that outburst but I have extreme emotions for what has happened during these years and now knowing they are the ones who caused this shite to happen but I'd be surprised that those of who have lost loved ones right in front of you and you not want to yell or something." As she looked around to see the faces of everyone she noticed something weird. A cleaning machine was in the room and it seemed to have opened the trapdoor. "Is... that a Roomba? Why is there a Roomba here? How did it..."

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Ivan had seen many oddities in his pre-Pandora life, but even the cleaning robot caught him off guard and even gave him a bit of a chuckle.

As he past the corpse, he whispered a few words and mushrooms begin to pop up all over the body, quickening its decomposition so the poor soul that was trapped inside might leave this plane more quickly. The cleanliness of the observatory is a welcome sight to his weary eyes. Running one hand along the wall, memories washed over him, making his heart ache and eyes wet. He closed his eye for a moment, breathing in the sadness and pain around him. He was going to stop this from ever happening, even if he had to die trying.

On 12/17/2019 at 11:43 PM, Sanonymous said:

"And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes."

A woman immediately began to go off at this comment, saying what most of them felt. How could they actually do something like that? Who in their right mind would unleash such hell upon the world? Maybe they weren't in their right minds, maybe this was some sort of trick to kill the remaining survivors. Ivan immediately went into defense mode, eyes glimmering a deep purple, shadows whipping around his cloak. He stepped forward.

"I have spoken to many dead during these years of being alone," He looked around at the others, seemingly examining them one by one. "You have done something unforgivable and deserve to be cut down where you stand." Eyes flared a moment. "So yes, give us a reason to help, and me one to not take your souls." 

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"And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes." [Brett]

"So you unleashed the horrors upon the world that ended many lives. So much lost and gone, families dead, little survivors and even less amount of hope! I watched my entire crew die right before my eyes. One of my best friends was torn in half, my other friend was squashed by titan, there's nothing left of him by the way, and my daughter was literally eaten alive! You give me a reason why I should help you. Look, sorry for you blokes here to see that outburst but I have extreme emotions for what has happened during these years and now knowing they are the ones who caused this shite to happen but I'd be surprised that those of who have lost loved ones right in front of you and you not want to yell or something." [Blaze]

"I have spoken to many dead during these years of being alone, you have done something unforgivable and deserve to be cut down where you stand. So yes, give us a reason to help, and me one to not take your souls." [Ivan]

Teresa's jaw nearly dropped at the absolute emotional stupidity the man and woman next to her were allowing to spew from their mouths. It was truly amazing how not even the harshest of times increased awareness and observational abilities. Instead, however, Teresa just scoffed. Loudly. "Bunch of goddamned bleeding hearts, huh? We've all lost things important to us, get the fuck over it," she said with barely a look in their direction. "They're the VCF; everyone already knows the VCF caused the world to go to fuck. The os-01 message said as much and that shit's been around for years." Teresa whipped out her walkie and shook it in their direction as she mentioned the message, replaying the beginning. "Start priotizing the world over your own inconsequential emotions. And reason? Are you deaf or has this place turned your memory to mush? The only reason any of us bothered to carry our asses to this gaia-forsaken piece of shit city is because they've said there's a device here that can alter the timeline." She drew her sword and positioned herself between Dr. Brett and the two angry travelers looking ready to fight. "And if you continue to threaten the only people who can potentially fix this shitty world, I will fight to my very last breath to make sure both you die before you can get your blind revenge. 

Teresa's white-blood stained wings expanded, blocking all view of Brett from the other two, her eyes set hard as her killing intent encompassed the room with a heavy, suffocating pressure . No one would get in her way. Not since she'd finally found a potential solution. Everyone should have heard the same message and known that this was probably their last chance to fix the world. Why they would threaten their salvation was beyond Teresa. What was the point of revenge in the face of being able to make it so that none of it ever happened? 

But in the case that it failed and nothing changed, well, then and only then, would the doctors behind her pay with their blood. But only then. 

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Shane, the Elementless


"Where are you Teresa?"

The pyromancer muttered the words to himself as he walked through the ruins of the city that had once been Last Chance. Som had somehow managed to sneak into the city without encountering any Titans. Once upon a time he would have simply reduced them to ash. He had been one of the most powerful pyromancers in the world. Those days were long past, though he supposed he might still be one of the most powerful pyromancers. Just like with everyone else these days, there probably weren't many of them left. 

During one of the countless battles during the end, he had been forced to push himself farther than he ever had before. He had saved lives, at least for a while. But doing so had damaged his body irreparably. Now he could only use roughly half of the power he'd had before. Anymore then that and his body would break down under the strain. 

But that was fine with him. He had been content to live out the rest of his days with his wife, Teresa by his side. But lately she had been consumed by a radio broadcast that promised that the end times they were living in could be changed. He didn't believe it, and he thought he had convinced Teresa to let it go. Then he found her gone when he'd woken up this morning, found the letter telling him that she had to try.

He had followed the instructions from the broadcast and now stood at the door. Uttering the code, he was allowed entrance to the facility and made his way inside. Soon he heard his wife's voice, and he hurried forward. Som found her confronting an unknown group of people, battered wings displayed.

"Teresa? What's going on?"

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On 12/19/2019 at 5:46 AM, danzilla3 said:

"Teresa? What's going on?"

"Teresa, huh?" Ivan stepped forward to get in a direct line with the woman. "Well, Teresa, I am not a man to fight in such a base manner." A staff appeared in his hands. Runes ran intricate lines all over the silver body, stopping an inch from the top where a purple crystal floated, pulsing a deep purple.

"Now if we are to travel together, I would have opportunity to kill her, and you, with a spell or poison we find along the way. I do not wish to jeopardize humanities hope, I only wish to make sure that this is true hope, not some false experiment." He looked into her eyes, tracing the lines in her iris, waiting. The wings blocked his physical sight, but the souls of the scientist's bodies still danced in his minds eye. Were they good and right, or black as tar, never to be purified? Ivan didn't know, couldn't know at this moment. He could only stand in front of this woman, in front of this whole room, and let them see the intent in his eyes and the pain hidden underneath.

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"Teresa? What's going on?" [Som]

"Teresa, huh? Well, Teresa, I am not a man to fight in such a base manner. Now if we are to travel together, I would have opportunity to kill her, and you, with a spell or poison we find along the way. I do not wish to jeopardize humanities hope, I only wish to make sure that this is true hope, not some false experiment."

Her eyes darted quickly to Som for a split second, surprise and worry filling them like a flash of lightning, before just as quickly settling back on the male mage. Hundreds of questions flooded her mind at the sight of her husband, but she pushed them back with the force of a mountain. It didn't matter why he was here or even that he was. The scientist behind Teresa was the only solution to all this madness. That was all that mattered now. She'd lost the one thing that truly made her a mother, and each day she lived, a little bit more of her soul was eaten away by the guilt and sorrow. She loved Som. She did. But without Titania, it was only a matter of time before Teresa chose to join her young daughter in the abyss of the dead.

Instead of answering the nonsense the old mage was spewing, Teresa snorted and kept her sword raised toward him. As if daring him to try. As if telling him that since the apocalypse enveloped the world, some random poison mage was at the bottom of her list of things to worry about. Rather, she scoffed, "And what if it is some experiment that potentially has a 0.001 percent chance of success? So what if it's incredibly likely to fail? True hope? False Experiment? Bullshit. There's no difference anymore. Potential hope. A weak maybe. That's all we have. And it's all we need. There is no. Other. Way. So put your staff down, poison mage. I will not let you come closer and further risk our looming extinction."

Lilith Reiter

Pretty far away from the kerfuffle in the lab...

There was nothing but darkness and slim streaks of red that glistened the black walls whenever a cloud overhead reflected a ray of sunlight into the cave's depth. For miles around the cave, not even a bird chirped nor did a frog croak. Even the wind itself seemed to avoid the cave where the ground shook and screams echoed for ages. If one were to look inside the cave and see beyond the darkness, they would spot many ghost-like streaks of smoke. One black as the cave's depth; the others a white like snow. Within each white smoke flew a new-age Descecrator; a follower and believer of Zengi, The Witch-King. 

The black held one of the few existences that stood between the Descecrator's and Zengi's Resurrection. With the hundreds of thousands of deaths spanning the entire globe, life-blood was of no issue. They had the means. The had the power. They had the fuel. Only the Commander stood in their way, killing them wherever she tracked them to. 

Only this time, Lilith wasn't sure she'd make be able to stop them. The Descecrators before her now were their elites, equipped with some of the best relics and artifacts found throughout Valucre. If she couldn't stop them, Zengi would once again walk the world. And if the mortals believed Pandora to be bad, wait until Prometheus arrives.

Asteria's Crown lit up as a Descecrator appeared behind her, stabbing forth with his sword. The crown protected Lilith, if only a little, though the Descecrator's saber was an Artifact of Fracture, allowing it to slice through her armor like heated butter. Lilith grunted, black smoke encompassing her body once again as she retreated a few steps, hand pressed tightly over the freely flowing silver-blood. Inside the wound was a sliver of gold metal, an unholy aura wrapped around it. 

"Where did you find this," she growled, her soul stone lighting up in fury. "No Marzanna weapon should still exist."

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The duo's trek into the lab was mostly uncontested and uneventful. After jumping off their bike and having said bike transform into what seemed like a wheeled luggage, a contra ption similar to what Shishi and Linda used in Dougton. Entering the lab was simple enough for the two as both are masters of both advanced technology and the properties of electromagnetic waves. 

Finally, they gazed their eyes upon the infamous doctor, one of those responsible for the hell everyone is in. Should they chastise the woman then, as if they have the right to stand in a more moral high ground? Most probably, yes.

"And to get it out of the way, yes. We opened pandora's box, yes."

"YOU MOTHERFUCKER!" Sera spat at the woman. "WHAT KIND OF DUMB FUCK PISS ASS SHITTY SON OF A BITCH BRAIN YOU HAVE INSIDE THAT HEAD OF YOURS? Are you fucking asking us to clean up your motherfucking mess-?"

Unfortunately, Sera was unable to finish her words as Khakina delivered a strong chop to the back of the mad woman's neck. With Sera placated, it is now her turn to speak.

"We had expected better of you given what you and your organization stood for. You should have been containing these things not letting them out. The Mistress thought highly of you but you have proven yourselves unworthy of my Mistress' regard." The little girl paused, her face tinged with sadness and pity. "You disappoint us."

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