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Nightmare Descends 2:4B - Before the bell trolls

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Tim has been destroyed.

Congratulations Fred....... Um.... Hold on... IS THAT AN ADV BUFF!!????

Aww Shit, we're lookin' at a recount here!


>>Consider the final round posts above this post locked. Round continues~<<

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No. Events had seemed clear before. The turret "Tim" felled by the Subversors' attack, the power taken from its kills granted to them. But time wasn't so linear in this place. They had acted on outdated information.

The purple orb of fire reappeared on Frederick's shoulder. His eyes, and those of Bors and Oswin, glowed purple for a moment as information was conveyed to them. Though Tim had still been standing when they attacked, they had underestimated the power of Charlie's attack. He had sealed the deal, taken the power. The three of them were still Hollow. Each of them take off their gauntlets, the look of their hands confirming the orb's information. Their attacks had been wasted. And soon enough, time would run out...

"Who would you trust to give aid... And who would ram the knife in to watch you fade..."

The voice of Neque, the Shadow King, echoed in the minds of the Subversors.

"Vlad rammed the knife in to you. You know this. Those whose you put under your protective power, they have not raised a hand against you. Your energy fades, but you have time still for one last desperate act. Sir Frederick. Will you truly wait for the deliberation of Gormaric, of Fidelitas? When that treacherous dastard still walks with your blood on his hands, and will have time to spin a yarn against your word? You did strike him first, although you could rightfully claim that his retribution was excessive, and that you thought the attack was justified in your confusion. ... But why take the chance? None behind you will fault you for sealing the deal, especially since two were torn apart by the fire of the turret. Give the order, Sir Frederick, and Bors and Oswin, even if it costs their lives, will end this with only the loss of those who fell behind, and that poor lass blasted by the turret."

Frederick considered the (apparent) words of his liege. He had been willing to wait for the deliberation of justice. But that was after he had thought his own return of vitality and presumable escape from this realm had been assured. He had three choices now. To give the order, to send his subordinates for one last strike, to take vengeance... Or to turn on one of those weakened by the turret's barrage, betray them to ensure his own escape... or to simply wait and accept his fate.

Ante mortem victoria. Victory before death. The motto of the Subversors. No, for the honor of the Subversors, and of the picture of Aligoria as a whole to their companions... there was only one true choice. Frederick inclined his head toward Bors and Oswin. Then, he pointed toward the last standing Twistling, the one whom represented Vlad. The subordinate Subversors gave somber nods, then advanced. Lance and axe clattered loudly to the floor below. Was the duo so weak they couldn't hold a melee weapon anymore? Or did they intend to beat down the Patian engineer with their bare (well, gauntleted) hands?

The answer, as it turned out, was neither. Bors and Oswin each picked up one of the Norkotian SMGs that Twistling-Tim had previously used. Did they even have ammo left? Down below, Vlad would see the ratkin representing the Subversors take hold of the twin turrets of the fallen golem-Tim, and turn them toward him. He might have had just enough time to utter a quick prayer, if he believed in any deity that might listen, before the triggers were pulled and a hail of bullets streamed toward him. Bors and Oswin... Frederick saw that it wasn't normal bullets they were firing. Their essence was slowly picked apart and turned to ammunition, by the very fragment of the Inanis imbued into them by the Shadow King upon their oath of service... the fragment that gave them the power to use and manipulate that dark energy. They fired, and fired, until they were absolutely sure that Vlad would not be getting back up.

Bors and Oswin had had black flames wreathed about their bodies as they fired. As their fire faded, the flames pooled beneath their feet, and began to consume their bodies from the ground up. The two Subversors gave a solemn Aligorian-style salute to their commander as the flames rose higher and higher. Frederick returned the salute. His helm concealed the tear that sneaked from the corner of his eye, and his expression as a whole. Was it pride? Sadness? A mixture of both? Those who stood behind the Subversor commander would never know unless they were so bold as to ask. When the flames had consumed and then faded, Frederick planted the dropped axe and lance into the ground, and then turned around and looked toward the rest of the group.

"... This is not how it should have ended. But for those who have fallen, we must strive our hardest. Whatever has us in its grasp, and has set us into these trials of darkness and madness? We must pay it back tenfold for what it has done to us, and what it has forced us to do to those we should have considered friends and companions."

He paused for a moment.

"Ante mortem victoria."


Frederick York (+ Bors, and Oswin) 07

HP: Starting: 5/5

Sanity: Starting: 5/5

Normal skills: Defend, Meditate, Attack

Special Skills: Passive Defense (2/3 uses), Area Defense (3/3 uses), Counter-Attack (2/2 uses)


  1. Warrior's Death (Bors)- (Sustained Fire x1 on Vlad, -2 HP, 2/7 HP remaining)
  2. Warrior's Death (Oswin)- (Sustained Fire x1 on Vlad, -2 HP, 0/7 remaining. 👀)

Ending HP: 5/5; Ending Sanity: 5/5


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The engineer stared back at the trio of mutated monsters, as the main threat was emanating exactly from them. However, the "knights" were doing the same thing as Vlad: just staring at their adversary. It was hard to tell if it was a mutual struggle to see through the vile magic or just a test of each other's mettle before the showdown. Suddenly Vlad was distracted by a flickering light coming once again from his glove. The Philosopher's Stone had picked up another source of psychic energy. Yet there was no one in this den but himself, a pair of undead knights, a stale pile of metal and the ratkin. And those beasts obviously weren't capable of telepathy. So where exactly the psychic wave was coming from?

Vlad noticed that the alpha male beast was preoccupied with something. Its head was leaning slightly on one side, its ears were raised and twitching. It seemed that the monster was listening attentively, while the rest of his "family" kept silent. "Who... or what could communicate with those knights?" - Vlad pondered. He can detect such transmissions, but he could not intercept and listen to them. So he could only guess whatever was happening in the knight's mind.

As the light inside the stone went dim, the alpha ratkin raised its hand and pointed at Vlad. Two lesser beasts near him rushed toward Tim's remains. They torn out the golem's gun barrels along with ammunition case like chopsticks. 

"What the hell?!" - Vlad exclaimed, shocked by beasts' massive strength. He suspected the Aligorian captain would end their quarrel with a bloodshed, still he was betting on the knights' sound understanding of the situation and a bit of common sense. Tough luck, it would seem.

"Gaia damn it, you were right, Tim. Those armored bastards wouldn't just wait for a moment to strike, would they?!"

The engineer instinctively raised the gun at one of "knights" and pulled the trigger... 


Vlad's heart sank. His mind got stuck in a state of turbulent panic.

*click* *click*

"...E- empty?! I-i-it's impossible! I remember fully loading it, and I never - EVER! - took a shot. I know... They know! How the---"

The last thing Vlad heard was the sound of whirling barrels.

"No, wait---!!!"


...Just like the old saying goes - an eye for an eye.

The twistling slayer of Frederick had received as much lead as everyone standing in the room (save for Soryn's drone). Instead of a widespread bullet shower cast by its now deceased kin, it was a concentrated beam of bullets, dark magic and death. When Frederick's faithful knight had finished their returning attack and gracefully disappeared into oblivion, everyone's gaze would be turned over the smoking corpse of the twistling. While its torso was left mostly intact (as if it was protected by an invisible shield, an armor vest or perhaps carapace), its head was completely removed down to the neck. Not even Soryn would identify the poor bastard who crossed the Aligorian knights...


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Ratkin's Den / [+2]

HP:        | 0/7 
SP: █ █ █       | 5/5
AP:            | 3/3

== Vlad "Philosopher" Nassar, the freelancer engineer from Patia, had bitten the dust ==

===      NO MORE ACTIVE UNITS      ===


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The status of the participants at the end of the realm:

Tim the turret has been destroyed.

Vlad has been killed.

Barrastan & Junia after a 2/5 round participation lacked the capacity to safely leave the realm and have died. I was wondering if this grenade was a dud or just cooking. I gave them a refreshing 3x adv buff that in the last week would have just deleted anyone. Dud it is then.

Challara lacked the capacity to safely leave the realm and has died.

Bors and Oswin have died in a final act of self sacrifice.

Soryn & P.U.D. have survived. Both are crit vulnerable, but they made it out alive.

Jack Murray & Squad have survived. Still at base stats despite the pyro really putting her best efforts in.

Charlie has survived and has come out at [+2].

Fredrick has survived and come out at [+2].


My picks for realm MvRPer's are @P.N.See@Tyler@EpicRome23. Thank you guys for being active in every round!


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