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Nu Martyr's Kingdom of Ascension

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"Be greater than yourself; ascend beyond mortality and you will not die among the weak."

[Map in Progress]

|| Geography ||

The Kingdom of Ascension is the civilization that rises from the flames of Nu Martyr's destruction. As with the rest of Nehalen, Ascension is riddled with mountainous terrain and the occasional flat fields where minor farming villages used to be. Instead, the span of land known as Nu Martyr to the rest of the world is nothing but land burnt black, rivers running red with the blood of the dead, and hills of corpses rotting across the mountains. 

Dark black clouds encompass the sky, becoming increasingly dark as they approach what was previously known as Nu Martyr City; now recognized by the country's inhabitants as the city of Aragonia. Within these black clouds you can often seem black smoke billowing from them in all directions; an ability famous to belong solely to the Paragons of the Cult of Power. A group of individuals who are rising throughout Nehalen at a near unstoppable speed do to the silence of the Grand Kommadant toward the Cult's Commander.

Other than the City of Aragonia, there are no other viable cities in the Kingdom anymore. The Commander's attack on Nu Martyr with her Paragons destroyed every other major and minor city-state. All that remains are smaller villages and towns. Refugees are still being forced and killed from the larger cities, the Cult's Paragons continue to drive them out while being fought by packets of resistances. 

Environment/ Weather WiP


|| Culture ||

There is no culture anymore in the land of Nu Martyr. In a situation where all you can do is survive, there's no opportunity to focus on the smaller things in life. Regardless of your culture or where you came from, there are only two choices left: Ascend and become a Paragon, or die with all the others. Thus those who refuse to ascend can simply run and try to escape the from the country into other parts of Nehalen. 

Among those surviving inhabitants, however, one tradition which has evolved is to get a black line tattoo'd for Paragon kills and a red line tattoo'd for Rebel kills. Generally you either only get all red or all black depending on your side, but the truly terrifying and neutral have both. Those are called Anarchists.


|| Factions ||

  1. Cult of Power: Followers of the Commander and invaders of Nu Martyr. Those of the Cult call themselves Paragons and live by their own power. Nothing but your own power as an individual matters.
  2. Nu Martyr Rebels: Those who are still fighting against CoP's invasion and believe in returning the land and rejoining Nu Martyr under the banner of Renovatio's Grand Kommadant. Includes Zodiac Knights and Celestial Guards (details to be added).
  3. Anarchists: Those who are taking advantage of the chaos to reign terror in their own right, doing whatever they want however they want. 


|| Government ||

All that remains of the previous government are smaller village mayors. Those that had chosen to remain neutral during the Nu Martyr War and became Paragons once the Commander had claimed the throne, were spared. Untouched. Others were annihilated like everything else. 

Now, what rules are Paragons and the hierarchy of Paragons. The closer you are to the Commander herself, the more authority you can command from the power you are granted. For information on the Cult of Power's Paragon ranking system, refer to their Manifesto.


|| Notable Locations ||

  • City of Aragonia: Sole major city remaining in the Kingdom of Ascension. Center of the Kingdom. Current headquarters of the Commander and her Paragons in Nehalen.
  • Graveyard of Souls: Located where Parrish used to be, now littered and rotting with hundreds of thousands of corpses of all species. Couple hundred miles North-west of Aragonia.
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