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[Artifact] Chasing the Blade of Flames

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Orisia. The tropical island that was home to so many people that enjoyed the life there. Away from the technology in the other parts of the world that caused countless wars. The dragon hybrid wasn't here for the life of luxury however or some sort of retirement. 

No, she was here for the Fire Blade, Solarijos, the one that can create flames. At least to get herself a better weapon and to become stronger.

The Crimson Dragon walked down the street in pitch-black armour that covered her whole body, tail with a black helmet. Various townspeople came to look and stare at her in absolute fear as she walked past like she was sort of feared knight.

"Hey, is that?" One of the townspeople said as the watched the hybrid walk past. 

"No way, what is one of the Black Knights doing out here?" 

"You've got to be kidding me. Are they here to kill someone?"

Came the voices of the local townspeople. Disgust and fear was all they knew around the supposed Black Knights of Orisia. Arashi however, didn't know what on earth they were talking about. She was heading torwards the tavern and opening the door. Inside the tavern was lively as usual, patrons going about and the bar staff serving drinks and food. Arashi went to sit at the bar, going to ask the bartender a question.

"So what brings a knight like you into here?" He said with obvious fear on his face. 

"I'm not one of those Black Knights. I'm looking for the Fire Sword of legend. You know anything about it?" Arashi asked. 

"Well, no, nothing exactly...I heard there's somebody maybe in town knows however. That's just a rumor though." He said, giving a sigh of relief as Arashi explained she wasn't one of those Orisian Black Knights.

"Thank you. I shall go look for this guy...but first. May I have a drink of beer?" Arashi asked, handing over the sufficient coin and well getting her drink after the bartender gave it. 

If only she had some degree of help to find this dratted thing...

@Zashiii @Twitterpated @Meraxa @Djinn&Juice

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There was a woman enjoying her cup of tea on the bar. A lit cigar was set firmly between her lips, the lucrative smoke wafting from her exquisite mouth. Her hair was white as snow, her gentle face a stark contrast to her vice. Her appearance on this tavern was not without precedent as she had been waiting for two questionable individuals. They were supposed to meet her an hour ago and now she's wondering if she should just leave. No point in waiting for an uncertain future. She motioned to stand but then the dragon kin arrived.

The woman knew that scent anywhere. She and the dragon kin had met many times before, perhaps too often for her own comfort. "Arashi," she mouthed with those full lips of hers. Before Arashi could ever leave, the woman would grab hold of the dragon kin's shoulder.

"My, my, I did not think someone like you would be interested in the High Lord's blade of all things. Arashi, sweetie, it seems you've matured since I last saw you."

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Family was a complicated cesspool that Rivana could hardly stand anymore. Her mom was stifling and her sisters had their own problems. Arashi was the only family she had that she actually cared about. She hadn't traveled so far in her entire life, but if Arashi could do it...then so could she. her travels taking her across Genesaris, Fracture, and eventually Orisia. Her short temper and stubborn nature would have plagued the search with further obstacles if it wasn't for the humble dragonborn that insisted he went along. Zobuuris possessing a rustic charm that Rivana only failed at; She gave him shit constantly for being so obviously in love with Arashi, but she couldn't deny how well he interacted with commoners. She couldn't help but worry that charm wasn't going to be enough for Orisia however...Several rumors had exhumed from the dozen hamlets and villages they traveled through about a peculiar girl with draconic features, her travels taking her to the lands of Orisia. A place of darkness and mystery. Rivana thought that of most of the places she visited. She was always into places she could start fights at! 
They arrived in a particularly dreary town that smelled cryptic and full of secrecy, pinching her nose as Zobuuris marched up next to her. It seemed a vast array of strangers would be arriving in town. 

"Ah think we should lay low this tahm around Rivana" Zobuuris spoke up, his southern accent starkly apparent in such a groomed land. The steely blue dragonborn eight feet in height and adorned in a thick duster and rawhide cowboy hat. A bulk to him that was mostly obscured by his ruddy coat wth only a wide tail dragging at the ground behind him.

"Anybody that calls me a dog is getting fucking kicked like one" barked back the twelve foot Krokahten; A giant race that stood twelve feet tall and possessed the characteristics of wolves, yet stood and operated as any man or woman. Her black wrought breastplate war scarred and pock marked, leaving her muscled arms bare; her black fur sprawled with pepperings of white that dotted her arms and face like freckles. 

Rivana eyeing a bar that was up ahead, thirst and curiosity persisting toward it's threshold. The bar's roof barely high enough for her as she ducked into the dive bar and immediately garnered the attention of it's interior. Her kind not being found far outside of Shawnee. Her frigid blue eyes daring anyone to challenge them before Zobuuris stepped in front of her and calmed her excitement down. The bar returning to it's revelry as the cowboy sighed. He didn't have enough money to pay a bar owner for damages if she got too excited again. 

He didn't know if he could stop her again

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"Drink's on us, boy!"


Kurush wasn't sure if he'd take up the offer, though he'd admit, it was tempting to consider it. He was almost 18 now - at least by his counting - so he wasn't far off being able to try a proper beverage of his own accord. If he was to ever have the money for one, at any rate. Which admittedly, he might not do after tonight. So...

"I'll think about it."

He answered the rough and tumble gang of men with whom he had entered the establishment, the spirits high, and their coin purses stuffed. Unreasonably so, for men of their visible stature and class. It was in realising this that Kurush had ultimately given himself an opt out from drinking - and thus being associated - with them. His own pouch was only modestly full, jangling with a few high value coins, jewels, and trinkets that were more... concentrated in their value. Leave it to the men who valued mass over... well, value, to get eventually caught for their heist, when the city vanguard might hear through the grapevine of some idiots in roughspun wool having enough on their persons to buy up half of...


Half of...


Kurush looked upward, stopped just in front of a stool on the far end of the counter. It was annoying him that he couldn't think of an apt comparison for this now. Versilla? Seemed like too big and too rich a city for that to work out. But he'd never been outside Versilla, so...

Kurush shook it off with a grunt, a dirty clump of a dark fringe falling over his eyes before he brushed it aside, and took his seat. He withdrew one of the many trinkets he had acquired as a result of today's 'work', a most unusual locket, an amber-like resin sealed in a band of silver. Even at a glance, Kurush could tell it wasn't real amber, and so would argue as much to anyone that might question how he came into its ownership. Add in a sob story of it as a possession of his dearly departed mother or some such, and he should be fine.


"Huh." He muttered under his breath, at a most peculiar feeling.


He felt as though he... recognised the lizard man that just walked in. Or that otherwise they were 'familiar' somehow. It made absolutely little sense at all, yet the momentarily not so impoverished lad could not help but find himself staring a bit. A stare that shifted, he realised, to another person in the tavern. A woman, most certainly human, and still most certainly not related to him. Yet there was something tugging from inside him as he laid eyes on her, and he was pretty sure that was nothing to do with puberty; he recognised that feeling well enough.

"...Tea." Kurush ordered of the barkeep at last, deciding he'd take fancy over risky tonight. An urge that help vindicated as the doors swung open, and approximately five, lightly armoured members of the City Vanguard - bearing the Orisian Moondrop as something akin to a city crest, though he wasn't sure how official that was - entered in. And, of course, they immediately spied out the men with far too much coin for it to make sense. Just had to keep his head down now, and hope no-one was stupid enough to try and pick a fight - or drag him into it. Just keep calm, and keep fiddling with that trinket, and its... unusual warmth, he realised.

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Where she lacked experience, she made up for with intelligence. Places like taverns were always a great spot to hear about thing from rumors to superstitions. Having hardly began her journey to seek one of the lands most powerful artifacts, the young Akatsukizukuyo was virtually on a path that most would call something akin to a pilgrimage or a right of passage. She was seeking to earn her fangs. At her ripe age of 17, the intermediate student of the School of the Rising Sun, the last born child of the Momiji namesake, Mikazuki was ready to prove herself worthy of acquiring true power all her own, and wielding that power to carve a surviving and successful future for the true King. While most of her kind served their leader and nation feverishly, Mikazuki was of a different mind entirely. Though that was neither here nor there.

"My, my, I did not think someone like you would be interested in the High Lord's blade of all things. Arashi, sweetie, it seems you've matured since I last saw you."


Her ears twitched as she heard the words 'High Lord's Blade' spoken partially across the tavern from herself. Without turning her head or craning her neck to look, she merely lowered her chin and turned her head ever so slightly as to hear them more accurately with her enhanced senses. Could it be the very sword she had ventured from home to seek? And to think she'd only been sitting around here sipping on water for less than an hour. If it wasn't the sword of the sun as she'd heard it called, then perhaps it would be just as worthy of a fang to her. Arashi, that name sounded vaguely familiar to her, though she knew she had never seen not met the person before. Curiously enough she could smell the one they called Arashi. 'Dragon-kin...' Not quite like the sort she called Emperor, though not entirely different either. Undoubtedly she was strong, though how well could she wield her strength? She didn't smell that old, and she surely didn't smell that bloody either. 

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Arashi sighed as she turned to look at the Madame...sitting there. Minding her own business. Her again?! Arashi was not wanting to bump into an idiot for the 1000th time. Arashi wasn't keen that she had a stalker...and, of course, it had to be the mistress. She just glared at her under that helmet of her own before she took it off, laying her black helmet on the bar, taking the beer and drinking it before glancing at the Mistress. 

"What? Why are you here?" Arashi's multicoloured eyes gave off a purple glow for a second when she locked eyes with the mistress. She had enough of this bitch.  @Zashiii

While in the middle of her drink...what seemed to be a Dragonborn and a Wolf of sorts entered the bar. They were big. Very big. It looked like they were just tall enough to reach the ceiling of that floor in general. Arashi stared at them, they had seemed very familiar to her and the scent was as well, not knowing where they had come from or where she had seen them before. She knew she had seen images of that Dragonborn before in her dreams. But this time it was an intensely familiar feeling.

"Why the hell do they seem so damn familar...it's like I've forgotten something important." Arashi sighed as she said that under her breath. @Djinn&Juice

The asian looking woman that was nearby also caught Arashi's attention for a split second. She looked like some sort of adventurer of some sort. She was clearly not from here.

"Aren't you a bit lost?" Arashi shouted across at her before turning her attention to the human not too far away from her. @Twitterpated

She looked over at Kurush, noticing he seemed to have some sort of draconic presence that Arashi could sense.
"Hey kid...you some sort of dragon hybrid or--"

Her conversation was cut short as the guards entering the tavern walked over to the bar, looking fairly pissed off like somebody had wronged them.

"Hey kid, you the one that robbed the bank?" One of the guards piped up at Kurush weapon at the ready.

"Do I look like some sort of thief?" Arashi said, thinking the conversation was aimed at her, got quickly mad.

"So you're the one. Not that kid there. Surrender or--"

That was the end of the conversation at least it was when Arashi decked the guard into the wall. "Or what? You'll arrest me? Can't have any survivors now."

"Would you look at that? Looks like their getting what's coming to them. This should be decent entertainment." One of the patrons spoke up.

The other guards now just looked even more annoyed. "The captain is down! Send reinforcements! Do something about that knight!" One of them angrily said.

Arashi in the meantime had put the beer down back on the bar, went over and picked the guard's weapon was down and went to stab him in the head with the weapon and made sure he was dead. After all, she knew that no survivors, no reinforcements.

"Now I usually don't do this with my helmet off...but this'll have to do." Arashi threw the weapon at one of the guards that was fleeing to get reinforcements, stabbing him in the head as he fell over.

The other guards now charged forward, Arashi dispatching them easily, grabbing their weapons as they tried to attack her with them, stabbing them through the chest as they tried to fight back. Arashi was no idiot. Her reflexes were fast enough to take them on and to grab their weapons.

Satisfied, she went back to the bar, drinking the beer. The bartender didn't say anything as he merely gulped as he looked over at the mess Arashi made. Blood and gore everywhere. He knew they deserved it as they thought they owned the place. Always demanding free food and drinks. @Meraxa

"Last time somebody had a brawl like that, ended in a lot more dead bodies." A tavern patron chirped in as she saw the damage that was done.

(Yes I know Rivana will hear Arashi talking probably)

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...They were taking a while with his tea, weren't they?

Kurush began to fidget, and look about. It could be that the bartender was taking a while simply because they were busy, had many orders to abide by, and besides, water took time to heat. But there were those members of the City Vanguard there, and much as he'd like to think he got off scot-free, all it would take was one of his cohort remembering he was there for the whole thing to unravel. Putting the trinket around his neck, he began to realise that maybe it would be better just to go-

Wait, was she talking to him?

Kurush froze, not sure what exactly was it about himself that should be of any notice to a foreigner; something he was sure of just looking at face and red hair of hers. He'd like to say his good lucks, but in his current and general state of affairs, he really doubted it. She was saying something about him being a dragon hybrid...? He balked at the suggestion, quite confused, before he looked down and realise that sticking out the literal backside of the not-an-actual Black Knight was a tail. A lizard's tail. Possibly a dragon's tail.


If not for the fact he was on a bar stool and thus it was a real possibility, Kurush almost fell out of his seat. Even then, he could became saliently aware of that sensation of recognition within him about this figure grow stronger, as though he understood more of what he looked at. But why should that be the case for something so strange and out of the way from anything he had ever laid eyes on before? So long was he stuck processing this, that he didn't even realise that one of the cohort that the Vanguard were about to take in had, in fact, given away that there was one more to their gang, and it was the 'guy over there'.

"Wha-?" He reacted in shock, both out of genuine confusion and surprise, but knowing that such might buy him a second or two more with which to figure out his escape from here. Emerald eyes would dart about the room, wondering what would be quicker and easier - forcing open the nearby window to climb through, darting over the counter and finding a back exit, or getting out under one of the tables crowded with people that the Vanguard might think twice about disturbing-

"Do I look like some sort of thief?"

The 'black knight' spoke, and for a moment, Kurush allowed himself to be elated, thinking that this would be the perfect cover, even if it came at an idiot's expense.


Then said idiot proceeded to murder the Vanguard, pretty brutally at that. 


Well, they did come after her with their weapons, but... still! Kurush couldn't give a crap about the Vanguard, but this was gonna bring a mess down on the bar once word got out! And it would get out; these people always had some partner or parents or whatever else who would wonder why they weren't coming home that evening. He needed to get out of here now; it was easy enough to dodge investigations of petty theft, but wholesale slaughter was another matter. Picking up what few possessions he had, Kurush was ready to go-

"Hey, kid, your tea!" The bartender raised their voice just as Kurush passed by, holding out the teapot as to try and catch their attention. Kurush, rather recklessly, simply tried to shove his way through, doing so with a strength that certainly took the owner of the establishment aback - and off his feet, even, falling down behind the counter, while the teapot came free from his hands. Naturally, the contents proceeded to spill, though the pot did not shatter, as Kurush at least had the decency to catch the thing. But there was a splash of the boiling hot brew across his bare chest, and there was a wheeze as Kurush was forced to simply stand there and withstand the heat until it had sufficiently cooled, and the shock passed from his system.


"...Hey, knight, that sword thingie you're looking for look anything like that?" One of the patrons, evidently privy to some conversation the knight had - which Kurush was not - pointed at the... glowing light that projected from his recently acquired jewellery, and landed on the door of the establishment in the rather distinct shape of some strange and arcane blade.

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The Mistress only shrugged. As soon as Arashi's attention was diverted from her, the woman finally showed her true colors. Before anyone could react, Baeoi was unsheathed and its glory was unleashed. Her body moved then, with such grace and form, and unceremoniously delivered a vertical strike at Arashi's back. Her blade cut from the top of Arashi's head and down her foot. A clean slash, the sword cutting through flesh like butter. When the deed is done, she sheathed her blade and motioned to leave.

"We'll meet again once you find the other High Lord's blade. You can give me a proper 'thank you' by then."


Baeoi [Both]

Legendary Weapon

A blade forged in honor of the Ryzerus, High Lord of Neutrality.

The sword of dusk and dawn, it is said to be the only force capable of uniting fire and shadow. It is a greatsword of peerless beauty, with a blade that shimmers gray. The crossguard is of simple make, black and laced with cold. The pommel is fashioned from polished mahogany wood. At its end sits a large sphere which holds either the sunrise or sunset within it, depending on which is occurring.

Blade of Power (Passive): As a legendary weapon, this sword can negate the abilities of other non-legendary Genesar relics in its proximity. It is a powerful spell-slicer, and can also cut through all inanimate objects. The blade, once owned, is summoned to the user’s hand.

Zusammen (Ascendant): The blade of healing, durability, and balance. Baeoi grants the user superhuman levels of durability (nigh indestructibility) and agelessness. It can cure any known disease or ailment, remove any status effect, and is said even to be able to resurrect the dead. The blade cannot kill, however. Those it cuts, it heals. The most powerful ability of this blade, however, is that it can seal away the abilities of the other two blades.

Beannachdan (Legendary): The final ability of the Lost Sword, Baeoi is capable of amplifying or inhibiting supernatural abilities. Referred to as "blessing" or "unblessing," the former allows the sword to significantly increases the effectiveness of a spell or ability (in combative terms this would be equivalent to applying a 3-prep modifier to any spell/ability once every other use). Alternatively, the latter emits an aura that reduces the effectiveness of all spells/abilities within its range (5m range from the wielder; this effects all abilities that are not the user's). These two abilities can be used simultaneously. 


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Whether or not she'd heard or registered that the dragon hybrid was speaking to her, Mikazuki made no outward indication of being disturbed. That is, until her ears twitched at the sound of a blade being drawn. Even with this loud and confined environment, her keen senses picked up on the familiar sound as one adept in the ways of the blade herself. Only an intermediate study, yet talented and a ahead of the curve as far a skill and technique was concerned for her age and rank. That was why she wore the black robe with red trim, that was why she had been recruited into the Akatsukizukuyo personally. Regardless of the outcome of the strike, by the time it'd finished, she was standing, facing them head on as her left hand grasped the top portion of her own sheath, to her left hip. Out of a pair, it was the one respective to her Katana, the longer of the two. She'd never seen the likes of such before, but whatever that blade was, it was one that wrought power. Dominance. This was enough for her to remain still and silent as the exchange concluded one way or another.

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Arashi looked over her shoulder after she sat back down at Kurush as she noticed him wandering about after it looked like he was panicking. Arashi knew the feeling at people dead on the ground and how stressed out people can get. The other patrons in the bar seemed to not give a crap about what just happened, a maid came by to dispose of the dead bodies. It seemed this was a normal day in the tavern.

The bartender went back to cleaning up the spill of the tea on the floor, looking quite disappointed in the young man that tried to run away from him. The patrons were mostly older people after all, some of them seemed to look like soldiers of sorts from another land. One not in Orisia. They didn't seem to care about the murder after all. As they just continued eating their food and drink, not a single care in the world. The other patrons didn't bat an eye either. Normal tarverns and inns the patrons would panic at least.

"There isn't enough killings of those so called knights anyway. I wish our boss did more to get rid of those damn guards and throw out of the tavern for good. They aren't welcome here." One of the gruff-looking soldiers said as he sat at the table.

Arashi turned and raised an eyebrow as she walked over to Kurush, not before getting sliced down the back by the Madame, which surprisingly...didn't hurt. She felt weird for a second as it seemed her mana allergies were cured, she didn't feel as a sneezy and sick like she was before. 

She continued forward torwards the boy before she got interrupted by a patron of the tavern who said something about a sword. She looked over in the direction he had said it was...and there it was...an illusion?

"Does that look like anything like a sword to you? You can't even pick the damn thing up! Although it does look similar..." Arashi clenched the beer glass as she walked further towards the young man, as she attempted to grab him by his arm and drag him back to a seat with her. "Come on dragon boy. You aren't getting away from another dragon this quickly..."



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Kurush was... not quite sure what was happening now.


He had only a moment to even really register the fact that the piece of jewellery he was wearing was, for whatever reasoning, projecting some lightshow of a sword. A moment that was taken away as something in his sense warned him of a threat to his side, and he turned to see... something. It happened so quickly he couldn't really register that either. It was... almost as if the 'knight' had been slashed in the back by the woman behind her, but she seemed not at all the worse for wear, not was she mad, as any reasonable sort would have been from being struck so. So... clearly, that mustn't have been what happened.

At that point, Kurush had enough conscious thought over instinct to realise that he was still here when he shouldn't have been, but that was too late to really put into action. It was barely enough to step back as the stranger made a swipe at his arm, crouching low as he watched her, like an animal getting ready to spring before its potential escape.


"The hell are you on about? I'm no dragon!" Kurush sneered at her, before getting another glance on her, making more conscious a note of her tail. "I mean, you'd be the prettiest dragon I've ever seen, but I've not really seen any other dragons, so that's just by default."

Still, with no desire to be made a plaything for some crazy woman, the young man dived beneath the open section of the bar counter, rushing into the back of the establishment even as the proprietor kicked up a rather loud fuss at the front. There was a pause as he reached the other end of the building to find no readily apparent exit, only to spot an open - and rather sizeable - window on the second floor, to which the stairs were readily available. To the shock of the owner's... daughter? Wife? Kurush rushed by, leaping out from the window to land firmly and safely upon the ground. With the illusory sword still shining from his chest, Kurush picked himself up to run across the small field that separated this building from the next, only to rise right into something that immediately knocked him back down on his ass.


"Ah, my head...!" He hissed, a slight puff of cold air escaping his throat.

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As luck would have it, Kurush hit into a rather tall thing. Well, less than a thing but a human female. Clad in black and a leather long coat that billowed with the coincidental wind, the woman took off her sunglasses to have a good glimpse at her would be attacker. 

"Ya alright there, boy?" the woman asked as she leaned closer giving Kurush a good view of her disfigured face littered with scars and burns. Squatting low, the woman would hum a simple tune. Once the music reached Kurush's ear, a soft gentle energy would enter his body which would try to heal whatever ails him.

"Smelly. Lizard stench. Hey Sera, watcha doin?" Another voice popped in. This time from a short woman, easily mistaken for a little girl, which appeared beside Sera.

Sera scowled at her companion. "God-fucking dammit Khaki! I'm trying to see what's wrong with this shit."

"Eh? But we're late," whined the girl named Khaki. "Middy don't like it when she has to wait long."

Then the duo fell silent as the person in question stepped into view. Middy Ochre or more popularly known as the Mistress Blackhead had left the tavern a bit prematurely and happened upon this scene. 

"Hello, ladies," Middy spoke then pointed at the image of the illusory sword. "We have another artifact to find."

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Image result for alternate scp symbolAgent Cole


"Agent Tempest Evaluation"

Agent Cole, a young, clumsy but promising rookie of Red Right Hand, was bright-eyed and gleaming full of excitement. This was his first mission in months ever since his suspension after a certain incident he didn't really find funny, but others certainly did. Today he was tasked with observing Agent Tempest, a well-known troublemaker within the VCF, if not for Baron's constant nagging and supervision. Cole had dressed up with a vest and a shirt, tie and all; he wanted to look presentable but unrecognizable. Should be pretty easy -- Arashi has probably never met him in his life.

He has to admit though,

There was a certain charm to her brash personality. Maybe Researcher Baron was onto somethi-


Almost as if a little Cole formed within the back of his head and smacked his brain out of the daydream, he's on a mission and he has to be professional.

He sits near the corner of the bar, making sure to not attract attention. His mission was clear, to strictly observe and survey her actions.

So far, she's not doing well.

A crash, a thud, and a crunch, and blood and gore spilled out to the rotten wooden planks, the hot weather intensfying the smell of blood. For many in the bar, it was pretty common; if anything it made the booze tastier; but not Cole. He couldn't help but gag -- it had been months since he saw proper action, no less blood, and he was not ready for it.

Still, he waited in silence, his eyes and mentality following Arashi's every move, ever so subtly of course.

He wouldn't want to be caught staring, would he?


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Before her staring made things more awkward, Mikazuki resumed minding her own business. She turned around a reclaimed her seat at the bar. As she lifted a glass of water to her lips, a putrid smell overcame her sensitive nose. She gagged as she swiftly pulled the glass away from her face and placed it back upon the counter. Closing her eyes for a moment, she breathed through her mouth instead for a moment. Once she was sure she wouldn't vomit, she closed her mouth and resumed breathing through her nose. Focusing upon her aura, she reinforced her nostrils with a layer of concentrated aura. This acted as a filter for the debilitating odor. While it kept her from smelling as much by choice, it was a worthy sacrifice to not endure the rancid aroma. Finally, she was able to manage a few gulp of water before inevitably setting the glass down again and opening her eyes. All the while, excluding the moment she was distracted by the bad smell, she continued to listen out for anything that might help put her on the right track. 

If she couldn't manage to acquire the legendary blade first, then perhaps she could earn it from the corpse of one whom could. 

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"What the hell!" Arashi shouted after the young man. She stormed outside, following Kurush's scent outside. Arashi grabbed her helmet, putting it on, putting her drink down, finishing it and heading outside to find Kurush...laying on the ground, surrounded by...two woman, who she was not remotely happy to see at all.

"Hey! You piece of shits, why are you here?" Arashi growled, going to grab Kurush's arm again. "What are you doing with dragonboy?" Arashi was annoyed, insulted and overall confused as all hell about this.

The bartender looked up, noticing Arashi had gone. He sighed deeply, knowing the hybrid would probably be back for another drink the next time.

Nearby, Stormbreaker was up on a tree in full armor, watching Arashi from below, making sure to not break the branch she was sitting on. 

"What on earth are you doing? You're making stupid decisions...I was sent here to watch you and you're making the worst decisions possible...if I knew I was this gullible in this universe, I would of killed her and be done with it but orders are orders I suppose." She muttered under her breath.

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