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Cost Reason Date
21.6 6 weeks TRP 2018-09-30
330 1yr dreamhost vps 2018-10-03
21.6 6 weeks TRP 2018-11-14
40 IPS renewal 2018-12-02
10 Light theme renewal 2018-12-11
10 Dark theme renewal 2018-12-11
86.4 1yr TRP 2019-05-01
31.93 Dreamhost SQL changes / dreamcompute 2019-05-03
-141.43 Refund for changing tiers 2019-05-05
40 IPS renewal 2019-05-29
31.62 Dreamhost SQL changes / dreamcompute 2019-06-09
10 theme renewal - light 2019-06-11
10 theme renewal - dark 2019-06-11
25.52 Dreamhost SQL VPS 2019-08-01
68.31 Engaged lawyer for copyright notice 2019-08-22
22.4 Dreamhost SQL VPS 2019-08-30
5 1 month DO droplet 2019-08-30
44.8 Dreamhost sql vps x2 2019-10-18
5.82 DO balance 2019-11-03
22.4 Dreamhost SQL VPS 2019-11-29
40 IPS renewal 2019-11-29
10 theme renewal - light 2019-12-11
10 theme renewal - dark 2019-12-11
22 Dreamhost SQL VPS 2019-12-31

Cost Total: $777.97
Donation Total: 780.67!

For the purposes of making record keeping easier on me I've decided to start posting this with the new calendar year. This is part of the reason the cost is higher this year. Another part is that we did more advertising through TRP than usual. And another part is that the new VPS host we moved to ended up having to move our DB to a more expensive server to meet memory consumption and capacity loads. DreamCompute and DO (DigitalOcean) entries here were me experimenting with cloud hosted servers instead of the traditional VPS we currently employ, something I hope to have us on in 2020.

If you have it in your heart and wallet to support Valucre's operations, we appreciate whatever you can spare. Post your confirmation number here for tracking and reference purposes and PM for your custom user title. If you prefer it be anonymous contact me in PM or email and I’ll post it on your behalf.


To give people an idea of how much value Valucre may be bringing them in terms of dollar amount I've included some common consumer costs below

  • Cup of coffee = 2-3 USD
  • Paperback book = 7-12 USD
  • Movie ticket = 9-14 USD
  • Video game = 20-50 USD


  1. Custom user title changes (PM supernal and desolate)
    1. 2.50 = 1x
    2. 5.00 = 2x
    3. 10.00 = 4x
    4. 20.00 = 8x


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11 minutes ago, Metty said:

I donated, dunno which one is mine tho

admin edit: 7VT21764VL5874204

There was only one. I edited it into your post since you hadn’t posted it and I didn’t want to forget. Next time I’ll definitely just wait for you! 

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