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Forgive Me (Port Kyros)

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She wanted many things. That she may get them was another story.

Raveena gestured to the still image of Grant. She was nothing more than a projection of her will in her son’s head. She was talented at a great many things; A skilled weaver. A therapist. She had even been told she wasn’t so bad at the empire she ruled. There was still much to be desired in her skill of being able to give power to her mental voice.

The queen moved quickly—alarmingly so with conviction and purpose. Crossing the threshold between the two of them in moments as she reached up. The tip of her finger pressed to his forehead. She imparted upon him Grant’s suffering. His dizziness. His grief and unwoven sanity. Seraph moved with her, dancing around her petite frame with sudden zeal that his mistress may be retaliated upon. It was not that she aimed to hurt this creature that loitered in Grant’s mind. Only to make a point:

Leave my son alone.

Her hand dropped to her side. She would not stand to see Grant suffer any more than he already had at the hands of an ugly thing like jealousy.

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Emotions and sensations not his own ripped through his body and mind, sending him to his knees. The question of fight or flight filled his mind and S6 struggled to make clear he would do neither. Fight seemed like a proposition he was unlikely to win right now. Flight was pointless to consider since there was nowhere that he could run. Still, he wasn't about to roll over and die. Never again would he be consigned to sleep unending. 

Not alone at any rate.

"So for all that power, you're the same then," spat S6, "Seeing my as just an unwanted part of your son's psyche. Refusing to acknowledge me as the person that I am. Denying my right to exist!"

Cracks spread throughout the mental room the two of them stood in like fissures splitting the ground in an earthquake. Memories flickered all around them, distorting and dissolving. A low rumble could now be felt all around them, one that grew louder with every passing second.

"I will not disappear! You will not silence me! I'll destroy us both before I let that happen! I didn't choose to be born, but I deserve to exist! Do you hear me?! I DESERVE TO EXIST!"

"I know."

The image of Grant began to shift, blinking in and out of existence for a few moments before it finally solidified into the Prince himself. He moved to stand by his mother, threading his hand through hers for comfort and support.

"We need to talk, S6."


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