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Abigail Karradeen

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Abigail Karradeen

The Duchess

Birth Year 18,568 WT (age 30)
Species Human
Ethnicity Ursa Madeum/Terran
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 140 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Skin Color Fair
Voice Smooth, Deep

"No doubt the current unease is thanks to the sudden absence of Damien's heavy hand. We were being squeezed to a breaking point before, but everyone knew where they stood. Now, the future is an open canvas, and fear of the unknown is a greater fear than fear of mortal tyrants ever could be."

―Abigail Karradeen



As firstborn of the reigning Duke Firmus Karradeen and his first wife, Allisa, Abigail spent most of her childhood being considered the eventual heir to head of the household. However, following the death of her mother, Abigail's position within the house was altered when her father remarried and promptly had a son with his new wife. The newly-born Geoffrey Karradeen then became the favored heir, as Firmus held to tightly to the classic tradition of the Karradeen heir being male. Still barely a teenager, Abigail tripled her efforts in her education, expanding her learning beyond mere etiquette and propriety, but also obsessively studying combat, business and politics. By the time she reached her twenties, Abigail was already an accomplished swordsman and shrewd negotiator. With her father becoming increasingly ill, Abigail began to take-over many of the family dealings, often appearing in place of her father at events or business deals. Her half-brother, though still young, showed little interested in competing with his sister, feeling his position as heir was assured. As a result, a deep animosity grew between Abigail and her brother, as well as her step-mother, eventually boiling-over into outright contempt.

By the time Ursa Madeum's tyrant-king was in the twilight of his reign, Abigail had won-over many of the Karradeen employees and servants, but still had not gained the favor of her father. When the Taen Empire finally disposed of King Damien, Abigail led the charge in carrying out her father's order to seize all cargo and passengers affiliated with the king, hoping to turn them over to the invaders and buy their favor. The House was saved from prosecution as a result, though once again Abigail's success was ignored by her father. Some months later, after a female pirate captain swindled Abigail's cousin, Thomas, out of a small fortune of Karradeen money, Abigail led a small task force out to capture the captain, succeeding in seizing her but not before losing a warship and numerous sailors. Still, the event won her some prestige within the House for her willingness to join the assault directly.

In the summer of that year, Firmus's disease began to worsen, eventually forcing the patriarch to remain bedridden. Unwilling to invite the backlash from his daughter and her supporters by announcing Geoffrey as the heir in her presence, Firmus requested that Abigail re-negotiate a deal with the Norkotian government, who's new nationalist leaders were hindering trade between the house and Norkotian businesses. Believing such an important task may finally win her father over, Abigail took to the task eagerly, negotiating the deal in record time. However, upon returning home, she found her father had declared Geoffrey heir in her absence, while his illness had gotten even worse. Firmus died shortly after Abigail's return, paving the way for Geoffrey's promotion to duke. Unwilling to give up what she felt was hers, both by birthright and earned by deeds, Abigail made a bargain with a pirate captain to raid the Karradeen home port during Geoffrey's promotion ceremony, allowing an assassin the perfect cover to kill the boy and blame it on the crossfire. Once the dead was done, Abigail betrayed the pirates and had them all killed. With her father and brother dead, no one was able to oppose Abigail as she was declared Duchess of House Karradeen days later...


Intensely driven and focused, Abigail is not one to back down from a challenge, nor surrender a cause she intends to see to fruition. Many swear her amber eyes "burn" when her mind is set to a task, though given her thermokinetic magic affinity, that burn may not be entirely metaphorical. Needless to say, she is noted for being both intensely passionate and having a frightful temper, though she can also be remarkably cold and collected during important business transactions. Even when not enraged, Abigail is often perceived as snobbish and passive-aggressive, thanks to her condescending view of those of lower social standing.


  • Duelist — Exceptionally skilled in fencing and dueling with one-handed blades
  • Marksmanship — Able to handle and fire most traditional firearms with reasonable accuracy
  • Management — Well-learned in the realms of economics, finance and business
  • Leadership — Willing to lead men into battle directly and garners respect due to her extensive knowledge and commanding personality
  • Diplomacy — Trained in the niceties and etiquette of nobility since birth, capable of effective communication and negotiation despite her temperment


  • Thermokinesis — Able to manipulate the temperature of objects by touching them, or the air temperature within about a three foot radius
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