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The Claws Estate

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A Feast Fit for a Queen





Past the enormous iron gates that began to open was a long twisting path that led a full mile into the thick of the large Pine forest. A gentle breeze rustled the trees as the sun gradually fell lower in the sky, it was nearing evening- Guests were expected to arrive before the official Dinner was held and given the monstrous size of the estate, anyone invited all felt the nervousness settling in at a place that was nearly unheard of.

THE MANSION itself was made of stone and stretched four stories upwards on the main building, the wings were two stories higher and created an almost castle-like feeling. The staff of the Mansion stood on-guard and dressed to the nines, all waiting quite patiently in the chilly drive alongside the dwarfing building. There were six carriages total that pulled around the circle drive, each carriage held One guest, and each Guest was greeted by two Staff that held little of emotion. A brief smile and greeting, and then they lent their hand to assist Invited to the front entrance.

Once the doors swung open and everyone was brought inside, the Staff and Butlers stepped aside and stood inline. The ceiling was high up and painted, there was a double staircase, a fountain in the center, and elaborate paintings on walls decorated with crimson curtains and marble pillars.

“Oh what a Lovely bunch!” A chipper young woman in a beautiful red dress came down the staircase. She stood in front of the group and folded her green-gloved hands in front of her.

This woman was quite petite and young, she had her raven-black hair pinned up and she had a beaming smile on her blushing freckled face while she looked them all over. With a little bow, she introduced herself.

“Thank you all for coming to my Parent’s estate, my name is Luna Claws, and I apologize for the absence of the Family. There was some very important business that needed to be tended to, so they sent me to Welcome you instead. I am sure you have questions for me, I will happily answer them in a moment. Dinner will not be ready for a few hours yet, and if the Family has not concluded their business do not worry, I have plenty to keep you all entertained."

She turned aside and swept her arm in the direction of a hallway to the side.

“Please, follow me so we can speak before dinner! The staff will now take any gifts that you had brought!”

Luna allowed the Butlers to take the precious bundles, and then allowed the group to follow the Daughter.
The warming room had a giant fireplace which she stood in front of, and a large assortment of very fine and expensive furnishings. There was the faint play of piano in the back of the dimly lit sea-blue and gold room.

“Now- I do believe introductions are in order!" She smiles at you brightly. 




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Square-Shane.png It was a striking change from recent experience for Shane Haydes, who found herself being practically given the red carpet treatment as a guest of honor, rather than being viewed as a filthy peon like always seemed to be the case otherwise. This was her first job since she had been baptized into the Blackspear Cartel during their joint expedition with House Karradeen, many months ago, and she was more than a little nervous. There was nobody to back her up, and what's more, the Mistress had entrusted her with secretly protecting her sister, who was one of the other guests. As Shane stepped off of the carriage and was escorted toward the mansion, she spotted the blond-haired woman that she presumed to be Middy's little sister, though she quickly averted her eyes to avoid staring. 

Glancing around at the servants, the decorum, and finally, the woman who was to be their host, Shane suddenly got that distinct feeling like she had come underdressed. She was wearing nothing more than blue jeans (albeit, nice-looking brand-new ones) and a dark green sweater with white and scarlet patterns, as well as plain brown work boots. She did also have a black coat, ostensibly to keep out the winter cold, though the actual reason for her possessing it was because it was the standard cartel uniform (though this coat was absent the cartel's emblem, for the sake of anonymity during this mission). Although she didn't anticipate trouble, she did have a gun hidden under her sweater.

Their host spoke, calling the group a "lovely bunch", fitting given that all the guests were women it appeared. Even so, being referred to like that made Shane turn a bit red, as she was not used to being referred to as such, even indirectly. She twitched a little upon realizing that she was probably blushing in front of everyone, and quickly straightened herself out. She was internally cursing her own idiocy as their host led them to the warming room, when suddenly the declaration that introductions were in order reached her ears. That sent Shane into a brief, internal panic, as the sudden stress made her forgot her plan on how to handle her own introduction.

"Oh right, I wasn't actually going to try and hide it... sheesh..." she thought to herself in annoyance, before forcing a smile and responding to Ms. Luna Claws, "My name is Shane Haydes, though people just call me Shae. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, uh... ma'am."

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"I very much don't like that this mansion is in the middle of nowhere captain! A mile into the forest! A mile! This could be a horrible elaborate trap. Or worse..." The younger looking elf, Aquila, nervously looked out the carriage towards the mansion. Obviously she was a little paranoid seeing as people that she's never heard of before decided to make the captain a guest here. Luckily for her she was able to come and keep her captain safe. "Captain I really don't li-" A hand was placed over her mouth and soothing smile was directed towards her.

"Aquila, sweetie, it's fine. If anything happens we'll be gone. You can still summon Luna if ever needed." Sylvis stepped out of the carriage, gathered the satchel that contained the gifts and looked over the host, who was also named Luna. Handing the satchel over to a butler she followed their host inside, eyeing the more casually dressed woman. After she introduced herself, Sylvis and Aquila both bowed. "The name is Sylvis Blaze and this is Aquila Talnae." With a paused she nervously smiled, looking a small embarrassed. "Forgive our outfit choices. Aquila said party and I figured I would dress up for one." Quietly under her breath she mentioned something about not realizing she might be highly overdressed.

The two women were dressed both formal but entirely opposite of each other. Aquila wore a long and hooded mage styled robe that was white with gold trim, her arms sporting white finger less arm warmers, fit for the cold. Meanwhile Sylvis wore a long pirate themed black and silver trimmed thigh slit dress that seemed to fit more of a fair weathered ball then a winter party. The only unique thing of her outfit was the eyepatch she wore which was black and had an intricate silver skull design. 

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