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full moon rose in the youth of the eve, the sky more or less devoid of clouds; Allowing the beauty of the moon to shine down upon the lands unhindered. While viewed as a daily special event, omagatoki was an even more breath taking sight to see here in Neo Oo'Xora. These days, the mysterious glow provided by the tip of Ventus Temple reflecting the suns rays was an experience that painted the Golden Dragon red if only for the hours of sunset each day; For the growing megacity of advanced tech provided exterior walls on the building that too reflected this glow. Koji had put off seeing it himself long enough, and this evening he was rather pleased to have no excuse to not have spent such a beautiful moment with his Empress. This was but the first of a series of nights that would be spent here by the royal family. With the magestorms sweeping through their peak season in Genesaris, the New Union Frontier was going to be locked down for the better part of a couple months. This left the administrative duties on those he'd place in his absence, while the General of the Imperial Army himself remained to defend Jigoku against both nature and any potential incursions whilst he was away. His other wives and his children were all settled in, even better sleeping last he checked. This left him and his Katiya to one another's company until they saw fit to make a return appearance. For the wives and children, their absence was nothing too out of the ordinary. However, the sort of leisure time he had to spend with his Empress was something that wouldn't present itself too often. This was an opportunity he could not let slip by him so easily. 

"I've made plans for us to have Ventus Temple all to ourselves starting tomorrow, tonight however, we can do whatever you'd like. We can go, where ever you like."

In a more playful manner than usual, Koji allowed a part of himself that he usually kept controlled to be exercised. Grasping Katiya's hand firmly, he stood erect and looked out at the expanse city both before and below him. They weren't on the tallest building per se, though pretty close to it. She had a few options, they could visit Ukiyo as the local attraction had been renamed. A place where she could fill her belly, entertainment purposes, and carnal desires all at once. They could check in with Belah, whom he was sure Katiya both had yet to meet, and that she would surely be just as interested in. They could merely wander and enjoy one another's company unhindered, or perhaps even take a ride upon the floating waters that remained with this strange islands in the sky. They could just as easily venture into the wilds and find that space they craved. The place where they could go to be away whenever they pleased. For it wasn't as if they'd miss their chance with the Temple if they didn't arrive promptly the following day. Reservations held a whole new meaning when it came to being the Magister of the entire province. He was doing nothing but costing his own nation money for any length of time he closed to Temple to the public. Compared to his purpose however, the money he could go without. Finally stepping forth, just before stepping off the edge of the tower, he mused a single phrase that was one she'd likely heard Kaori say a bagillian times already.


She'd have plenty of time to talk and think while they were in motion, regardless of choices to be made, Koji was already beginning to enjoy himself. Any time he got to spend with Katiya was time well spent in his book.


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Deep shades of purples, pinks, and orange hues illuminated the Oo'Xora skies, painting her pale face just lightly tan. Katiya's eyes looked like ruby jewels as she looked out into the city. For a moment she closed them and lifted her head to take in the light breeze. Unlike most of the trips they had attended for business, this one was finally for a little rest. The vampire could have crawled out of her skin when she heard they would have some time alone. Especially when it came far between normally. Hearing him speak she finally opened her eyes and looked over at him.

Instead of being dressed in royal attire, she was wearing a bland black robe with some chiffon falling just over her opaque arms. Blood red ties with hints of silver wrapped around her curved waist. Long bright blonde hair fell around her shoulders instead of pinned in a million different places. She seemed more in her element, the Gothic bartender he had acquired in the Halo. Katiya's eyes left him to the city once again to look onward at the Ventus Temple he spoke of, she knew what building just by the glow at the top.

"Really?" There was a hint of excitement at exploring the temple and relishing in what it had to offer.

His hand wrapped around hers soon after, causing her to break her view of the city, looking at him once more. While she enjoyed the taste, even the entertainment, she also enjoyed exploring and learning the history of where they were at. Perhaps they would start there and find this figure 'Belah,' that Koji had mentioned. The vampire, being more nocturnal would find more than enough time to scratch an itch that had been nipping at her feet for months.

The energy in the air changed, it has his energy. A normally composed Koji was no longer there as she found herself amused with her husband's excited nature. He had managed to pull a genuine smile from her.

"Ikimashou." She returned softly.

She did not find herself afraid of the height in which he had launched them from, after all, the hand of a dragon would bring flight into play. A laughter emitted from her as they found themselves off to start their adventure.




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Against the laws of physics and nature respectively, The two humanoid bodies remained afloat as they streaked into the stratosphere. Their loose layers of fabrics and their long hair whipped wildly in their wake, their bodies largely unperturbed considering their respective species; As well as the fact that most Vampires could compete with his current flight speed on foot. Yes, in his ripening he had earned the capability to harness flight without taking the form of a dragon. Without so much as erecting wings upon his back. Katiya could likely feel it herself, his aura. The way he'd molded it, they way he shared it with her now in their gravity defying antics. Bringing her before him, he cradled her, looking to her as he spoke though also paying attention to their surroundings as to not lose track of where they currently were, or where they were going.

"It is said in these lands that this nation is reputed to conceive the greatest warriors in Renovatio, second only to Avylon. With our influence, I believe we're on the brink of tipping the scales into actualizing Oo'Xora's superiority. Just as their culture and prowess has donated to our own, it seems each hand washes the other. Though the lands are stricken with unidentified chaos, I think it's about time I organized a little competition. Not only may we prove our point, but also sample the might of our neighbors directly."

It wasn't much further now, Belah's estate. The Capital itself sat amidst the skyscrapers as an untouched blemish upon the new face of the rapidly growing city. It's stone architecture, though aged was largely well kept, a sight to see. Koji personally didn't know much about it, though that was because he'd been distracted with whatever else he was usually up to. He'd abandoned the taste for history and knowledge just as he had the Tian refugees. He was hopeful that the Veluriyum would care for them, though if whether or not that hope came to fruition, Koji's ultimate goal conflicted with it inevitably. That was about all the excitement Katiya had outside, seeing the nations native flag flown below their very own boasting the Imperial Kamon. The inside however, was assuredly dressed in various forms of art, rich in the history of this nation. Then again, Koji had no idea what to expect considering this would also be his first time visiting Belah personally. Without notice at that. As their speed tapered off and he made way to land near the guard set at what was obviously the intended entrance. 

"At ease men, inform Belah that the Magister is here to see her, as is his wife."

Prime, magister, he was almost unsure of his precise title in these lands under the wing of Primera. Those beneath his employ however, always saw fit to call him Emperor. As he spoke, he allowed Katiya to her feet a brief moment after his only connected with the ground. While they were dressed informally, and traveled without some sort of escort or security detail, even these men were wise enough to spot his Draconic right hand. Without question, they proceeded to notify the Lady Belah on their behalf. Another of the men reassuringly ushering them onto the premises and into the foyer where they could somewhat comfortably. Silently, he watched Katiya for her reaction to merely the entrance what with it's grandiose decor. Luxurious and plush furniture that seemed as if it'd never been used, matching rugs, drapes, and tapestry. Rich, vibrant woods in some variety to accommodate. Pictures hung on the wall, and while he couldn't identify them all, he could make out a few. 

"Over there, on the wall, the brunette is the Belah. The other woman you see pictured nearest her is the Primera, and the mighty figure beside her image must be her late father."

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Katiya enjoyed the pressure of being pushed up against her Emperor. A small smile tugged at the side of her lips as they sailed about the air. Instead of looking directly at him, she listened to him as he started to explain more about the city. The Empress took note of the lavished city and skyline before her, relishing the view that mere mortals would never enjoy. They descended not long after their tour and his explanation of the culture of the city’s people.

As they came to the large doorway she could see guards leaving them be as if they needed any introduction. The Empress clasped his draconic hand without worry, prideful even. Though her face appeared different, she was in awe at the intricacies of the building as it unfolded before her. The curious nature in her would have assuredly touched and looked at things up close, yet she felt the need to stay near him as they continued their way in.

They passed the portrait in question, she paused as if it was an art piece in a gallery. Katiya’s head finally turned to the side and looked up at him.

“I look forward to meeting them. This place is absolutely decadent, well put together.” It looked like no one had even lived in it with how still everything was. Was it bad that she looked informal? Clearly Koji wasn’t worried about it, yet she didn’t know the people in the picture well enough to judge. Koi was Emperor and Katiya was the new Empress, she felt she had to make up for that in most instances since she largely stayed away from the lime light.


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sEaAP0B.png"You've a comfortable living here in Oo'Xora."

Celine tilted her head towards the curvaceous voice that matched the equally curvaceous form. For a split second, she felt the rise of envy work its way through her aching body. The woman was beautiful for sure, there was little to compete with such a creature, but it was not the woman's beauty or even her body the Concubine envied. Right now, she would do just about anything to be that comfortable.

"You could absolutely say that. It's just unfortunate that I can't be part of such comforts due to my current condition."

The woman nodded in understanding. She, being part of the population who is unable to bear children, can be empathetic towards the woman sipping away at watered-down tea. Belah had intruded upon the woman's privacy, feeling a bit displaced now that Oo'Xora has gone through so many changes it isn't very easy to keep up. Celine had welcomed the intrusive woman with open arms, though it could be out of propriety more than anything else.

"I don't appreciate you casually draping yourself across my floor unless you intend on becoming a part of the furniture. If so, by all means, continue as you are; you'll be the most eye-catching thing here."

"You don't wear jealousy well, Celine."

A small wave of silence rose between them before they broke it with laughter. It was nice, this collective casualness that's just blossomed between the two women.

"I also think that your pregnancy is affecting your thinking! This is my home, my lady."

"You speak the truth with enough pride, you can barely hear the hints of uncertainty."

Again another brief speck of laughter before Belah shifts the conversation. "I hope you're not too upset about me absconding you here at such an hour. I enjoy your company, and I figured you wouldn't mind some tea and conversation."

"I'm beyond the point of being comfortable that sleep eludes me. This is better than tossing and turning all night long."

"Thank yo- ."

Their conversation was broken when the arrival of new guests - uninvited guests at that. In a matter of seconds, the guards and such were quick to inform the lady of the house that she guests, who were not only uninvited but prestigious. A part of her was rather excited to have the Emperor and his Empress step foot upon her estate, yet the other half of her wanted to continue the conversation with Celine. Unfortunately, even if she wanted to send away Koji and Katiya, Celine would have her head.

"If you will excuse me, this shouldn't take too long. If it does, you're more than welcome to sneak out the back door."

"Like the respectable lady that I am."

Belah exited the library, her laughter chasing after her as she approaches her company. Celine would be comfortable on the second-floor, giving her all the privacy she needs along with any snack and drink she so desires. It would provide Belah an excuse to keep the Emperor and Empress preoccupied with the lower level of her home.

"You've pleased me with your evaluation, Empress."

Belah appeared with an array of protection that would quickly be dismissed; there is no reason to be so guarded when in the company of such greatness. Offering the appropriate greeting, she studied the two with curious blue eyes that have a spark of mischief.

"I welcome you two to my humble abode, but you will have to excuse my obvious surprise. To what do I owe this honor?"

Unlike the other two, the hostess was dressed as lavishly as the home she resides in. Her dress was a splendid affair that made the woman look more highly regarded than she ought to be. The appliques were sweet in their simplistic nature, and the fabric was expensive in its subtly; she has a somewhat love-hate relationship with it, but they will not see her complain about the odious job of walking like a Queen while wearing her weight in finery.

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It was hard to remember at times, though at his core, Koji could care less what sorts of layer one did or didn't cloth themselves with. That was more of a human's debate over standard or expectation. If he decided to appear stark naked at any place or time, then so be it. After all, those that would mock, shame or otherwise prove distasteful towards his choice of appearance was certain to discover that he was more than capable of making an example out of just about anyone. A feat that hadn't been tempted more than twice now, granted over manners less trivial than one's apparel. Koji stood smiling in silence. Already he could smell and hear the Belah approaching. It had been a long while since he'd had the pleasure. Without crushing her element of surprise, he waited for her to enter their vicinity and begin speaking before he turned to face her. Glancing between the two, he read body language more than anything to assess how well he thought they may or may not hit it off. He was almost certain they would, though to what degree he'd make no guess. As Belah spoke, Koji smelled another scent on her, one that he could never mistake. Yes, somewhere in this home was one dearest to him. Barring his seed no less. His eyes dilated subtly to the likeness of a single strand of hair before slowly expanding once more to their natural, serpent like width, Otherwise, he chose not to acknowledge Celine's presence here; Nor to question it for that matter. Celine had earned such luxuries in life after all she'd endured for her Emperor. 

"I welcome you two to my humble abode, but you will have to excuse my obvious surprise. To what do I owe this honor?"

"To state it rather plainly, you could say we've decided to take a little vacation. This being the first time I've been able to bring Katiya to Nehalen, we've elected to explore a bit. From the options given, she chose to come here first; To meet you."

As he mentioned that last part, he afforded Belah as genuine grin; Albeit a menacing one thanks to his odd, not so human features. Briefly, his amaranthine eyes scintillated with a latent brilliance. In that moment, one may have felt the small hairs rising all over their skin. As quickly as the glimmer occurred, so did the feeling of dread and unease. This was the first time Koji had exposed himself so publicly after a few days spent in supposed isolation. While some whispered rumors of what had actually taken place, the only one with a clue was Katiya, the Empress herself. Though she knew of where he'd went and what he'd went to do, he hadn't even revealed what had truly happened to her just yet. She wouldn't be given any details pertaining to until they found themselves deep within the puzzle that is the Temple of Ventus. For now though, he gestured to the each of them with the lurid scales and ebony talons of his right hand as he introduced them formally to one another.

"This Goddess of youth and beauty is the Empress, Katiya. I'm sure it's obvious by now, but this ravishing maiden is the mysterious Belah."

Perhaps the two of them would recall that she was promised to be Akui's bride once he came of age. Or perhaps he'd not mentioned such to Katiya being that Kimi was still his Empress at the time. Regardless, with the dramatic shifting of the nature of these lands, there was simply no telling if that promise would ever have chance of living to fruition. The entire world grew turbulent, as did the microcosm of his life simultaneously. There was no telling what Belah might have been dealing with privately in retrospect, or just how hungry Katiya might be feeling tonight. After all, what better way to glimpse at a nations history than through blood? 

"I hope we haven't caught you at a bad time."

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