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Feast of Blades: Trueblade Round 3: Holy Ground

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Holy Ground:


A relatively simple stage within the Komturie’s training grounds. Appearing as the emptied interior of some abandoned chapel, you can feel a holy aura about the place, a solemnness reflected in the statue idol of a nameless knight positioned at the front of the chapel. The ground appears to be smooth, solid, cold marble, cracked in many places from battles past. Impacts are going to hurt but at least you have plenty of space to maneuver around, even with the stone pews and pillars. The Custode escorting you tells you that religions of the Knights and Custodes themselves differ and vary greatly, and that this room was more to pay respects to the Unknown Soldier, for everyone who has ever fallen in service defending humanity against the only enemy that ever truly mattered.

Round 3:

Tzak "The Ripper" Bishop (Player: @Twitterpated) versus Vadrian Dawnwood (Player: @Die Shize)

Battles begin 1/20/2020 and will run until 2/23/2020

WEAPON CONDITIONS: Only two weapons may be brought. Dual swords count as two. Shields are banned. Polearms are banned.

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Between being stood up last round and being unable to get that sweet ass bike started, it was same to say that Bishop was in a pretty sour mood. He almost didn't care whom he fought this round so long as they showed up for their ass whooping. With the tournament's current restrictions, Bishop widely remained unaffected by large. When he arrived on the scene, once again topless, his left taped fist was already equipped with one of his wretched spiked cestus. In his right hand he carried his morning star. As per last round, he was just as willing to forgo weapons altogether and commit to using nothing more than them hands. His cleat boots audibly clicked against the concrete with each stepped, mildly echoing as he paced the aisle between the pews. He stopped before the alter, and beyond it a grandiose statue. Placing a lho stick twixt his lips, the Russian Meta struck a zippo and held it's flame up to the opposing end. With a reassuring drag, he inhaled deeply, exhaling in a mild sigh as his blue hazel eyes settled upon the statue.

@Die Shize

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