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Hey just need some pals

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Hey. Sorry to add a little topic to the water cooler.


 I’ve been super lonely lately. I wanna jump into threads on Val, but don’t really have the drive. I have that super ambitious project I planned, but Psyched myself out on.


  Long story short, I’m craving a long term rp or at least a long term partner. Things are kinda rough? Not exactly that. Got a great big void in my heart for interactive stories and people I like. Haven’t been doing much on here.


 So if you’ve time to kill and can be on regularly or at least tell me something is going on, how about we work something out?


 Not the biggest combat person. I like character interaction. Long term stories 


 and I’d like to do a big list here, but generally I’m down for most anything that isn’t gory or violent. Sit com style. Romance style. 


  Most genera are open.


 The general rule of thumbs, 1 paragraph,  I’d  like to give more but I’m running low on steam I wanna collapse in on myself at this point. And just good or exciting stories. Sorry if I’m a bad partner. I try my best but my story telling needs lots of work


what else?

 Craving some dragons, ghosts, gods, angels , demons, just about anything exciting or out of the usual. But I’m not picky. 

 Sorry this is a mess. Thanks for the time I’ve you’ve read this. 


 Either Pm and let it be know or comment or like the post and I’ll on you, if you’re a shy bee. Good night good luck happy life safe travels Etc. Imma collapse 

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