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Feast of Blades: Trueblade Round 3: Hit the Deck

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Hit the Deck:


The Agrippa class destroyer is the newest, and smallest warship in the Order of Force Majeure airfleet. You would be fighting upon the main deck of one of them, weaving inbetween the large guns that dot the deck. Anchored upon the high docking booms next to the Dawn Komturie, its quite windy up there, but the greatest thing to watch out for is the gentle sway underneath your feet. A solid foothold will serve you well here, jumping and other maneuvers that require less balance will take a hit. Be careful to not fall at a critical moment in battle, it may be your last. 

Round 3:

Mōmoku Akuja Kenshi, "Senjō no Ōkami" (Player: @Etched In Stone) versus Dauner Light (Player: @Dauner Light)

Battles begin 1/20/2020 and will run until 2/23/2020

WEAPON CONDITIONS: Only two weapons may be brought. Dual swords count as two. Shields are banned. Polearms are banned.

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