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BlackBlood Industries Incorporated

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BlackBlood Industries Incoporated
Type Private Corporation
Industry Conglomerate
Headquarters Forsthaven, Terrenus
  • BlackBlood Arms
  • BlackBlood Chemical
  • BlackBlood Energy
  • Excursion Stationstores
  • Norkotian Motor Company
Area Served Terrenus
CEO Rufus Wilkinson
Notable Members
  • Daran Wenig (formerly)
  • Rufus Wilkinson
  • 18,489 WT (as BlackBlood Energy Corporation)
Reorganized 18,598 WT (as BlackBlood Industries Incorporated)
"The beating heart of progress!"
―BlackBlood tagline

BlackBlood Industries Incorporated, formerly known as BlackBlood Energy Corporation and more frequently known simply as BlackBlood Corporation, is a Terrenus-based business conglomerate specializing in energy resource exploitation, weapon and motor vehicle production, and private defense contracting. Originally formed in Norkotia as an oil drilling and production company, it has gradually expanded in size and scope over time. It is currently the largest business entity on the Plateau of Zuhl.

BlackBlood attempts to fill the Zuhl's needs for non-magic-based technology, particularly in the realms of transportation and weaponry. Due to most of their technology being based on the exploitation of fossil fuels, the company sometimes comes into conflict with the sensibilities of the Gaian minority on Zuhl, though it offers little regard to their protests. While attempts to expand BlackBlood's oil and coal exploitation outside of Zuhl were met with failure, the company does still conduct business with greater Terrenus by value of its arms subsidiary, which produces various firearm designs originating from Norkotia, Zuhl, Terrenus and even Earth.



BlackBlood Energy Corporation was first formed in 18,489 WT, by a merger of two smaller oil companies operating in Norkotia and the Garrison Bay basin. Over the next several decades, it grew into the largest energy company in Norkotia, eventually becoming the largest business of any industry. Having by now expanded their services to coal-based electricity, BlackBlood benefited greatly from the economic growth that persisted across the region, even as the region's so-called "Golden Age" was nearing its twilight. Despite the eventual decline of other economic sectors, BlackBlood remained at the top, owing to the necessity of their services to the economy as a whole.

Corruption scandal

As Norkotian civilization began to decline, BlackBlood became a substantial corporate sponsor of the Secular Industrialist ideology, promoting a consumer economy and working to devalue the old Directivist morals that many citizens still ascribed to. This reached its peak under the leadership of CEO Daran Wenig, who assumed control of the company in the late 570s. Wenig was particularly active in the Norkotian political scene, using both his personal fortune, as well as company assets where he could get away with it, to support the political movement. Many of his dealings were illegal, or at the very least, kept secret from the public. Most notably, he had dealings with local media outlets in order to ensure favorable coverage for both secularism and for his company. In addition to Wenig, many lower-ranking BlackBlood executives also became involved in various corrupt activities, both for political and personal reasons.

In the spring of 18,596, a pair of foreign mercenaries enacted a break-in at the headquarters for the Norkotian News Corporation, on secret orders from an agent affiliated with the recently-elected Joseph Tynes administration. The mercenaries stole a series of documents which were then released to the public, causing a massive scandal. Many current and former politicians, members of the media, and business leaders were subsequently arrested and jailed as a result. However, Daran Wenig managed to avoid arrest and holed-up in an old BlackBlood refinery with a contingent of hired gunmen. Another team of foreigners was hired to capture or kill the rogue businessman, eventually succeeding in the latter after a brief but bloody incursion into the facility. Wenig's fortune was then secretly recovered by Tynes officials and stashed in secret accounts for later use.

With Wenig dead, and most of the rest of BlackBlood's leadership arrested or otherwise deposed, the corporation was temporarily nationalized by the Norkotian Government. While the company continued to operate, it remained under state ownership for over a year, and suffered significant loss of revenue due to a significant public relation hit in the scandal's aftermath.


Plans were in place to return BlackBlood to the private sector, though they were repeatedly delayed. This proved fortuitous to Joseph Tynes, who soon found himself embroiled in a scandal of his own, in the form of the aftermath of his invasion of Forsthaven. After the Norkotian Council concluded that Tynes had violated the constitution, among other crimes, his office was abolished and he was banished permanantly from holding office, though he managed to avoid imprisonment. However, just prior to his removal, Tynes managed to push through BlackBlood's reprivatization. Using the late Daran Wenig's hidden wealth, Tynes and his loyalists bought-up majority ownership of the corporation, and Tynes ensured that the acting CEO was one of his own supporters. Subsequently, as soon as he was removed from office, he took up the position of Executive Director of Security with BlackBlood. Although Rufus Wilkinson, the man instilled as CEO during the privatization process, was officially named leader of the company, it was Tynes who actually took control behind-the-scenes.

However, this proved a short-lived arrangement, as Tynes's ambitious desires led him to attempt to expand BlackBlood's influence into the rest of Terrenus. Unfortunately, he found the availability of the energy sources that BlackBlood specialized in was far more limited than he anticipated. Furthermore, it was later revealed that Zuhl's own reserves had reached their peak, and that supply would start to dwindle in the future. Distraught that his efforts had once again been thwarted, Tynes resigned his position and disappeared from the public eye.

BlackBlood continued on, trying to discover new ways of making use of Zuhl's existing oil reserves, as well as trying to find new fuel sources in order to corner the future market. The company remains a major presence in the Zuhl political and economic scene, with offices in nearly every major city on the plateau.

Ideals & identity

BlackBlood has long identified itself as a vital contributor to Zuhl's economic and technological progress. Indeed, the corporation is branded around the idea that its products, mostly petroleum or coal-based, are the lifeblood of the economy. For many years, the company's tagline was "The Beating Heart of Industry", though it re-branded after its leadership change, switching to "The Beating Heart of Progress" instead.

The corporate colors of Black and Gold are found frequently throughout the company, and are featured prominently on the company's security and paramilitary forces. Variations of gold and tan are paired with black on most uniforms, and though the equipment code for BlackBlood PMCs is somewhat loose, the company's colors are strictly enforced.

Organizational hierarchy

The company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) acts, officially, as the leader of the business, although the majority owners technically hold the power to remove the CEO if they see fit. Below the CEO the Board of Directors, a council of the highest ranking officials who oversee entire departments or critical projects of the company. Below the board are the Branch Administrators, managers who oversee local iterations of the company, and who hold considerable power within their assigned jurisdiction. Under each administrator are various Managers, Department Heads and Foremen, who oversee operations at singular locations.

Products and services

Fossil fuels


An oil rig in Zuhl, during the winter season

BlackBlood's primary source of income is through oil drilling and production, which includes the sale of various types of refined petroleum to consumers. Excursion Station Stores, a chain of fuel stations, acts as the primary hub for the sale of gasoline and diesel fuel. Motor oil is also made and sold by BlackBlood. In addition, electric energy produced through the mining and burning of coal is a major asset for the company.

In addition fuel production, BlackBlood uses petroleum for a variety of other purposes. Perhaps the most predominant is Petrogel, a type of jelly that makes an effective propellant alternative to unreliable gunpowder. Another petroleum product is petrosteel, a hardened plastic alloy which was invented in the early 18,590s. Petrosteel has found a variety of uses, particularly for military-grade equipment, such as lightweight ballistic armor, heavy-duty weapon stocks, and even aircraft frames.

Other branches

In order to take greater advantage of their energy resources, BlackBlood operates several subsidiaries specialized in products based on their lifeblood resources. One such branch is BlackBlood Arms, which produces a variety of weapon and ammunition types designed specially to use petrogel. It also partners with several firearm producers based in Norkotia, Schmidt Arms Company most prominent among them, as a distributor and retailer of their products outside of Zuhl. BlackBlood also owns an automotive wing, the Norkotian Motor Company (NM), which produces gasoline and diesel vehicles of various makes and models for sale to both civilian and military buyers.

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BlackBlood Arms Company
Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Norkotia City, Terrenus
Area Served
  • Terrenus
  • Genesaris
Founded 18,598 WT

BlackBlood Arms Company, usually referred to simply as BlackBlood Arms or just BlackBlood, is a major subsidiary company of BlackBlood Industries Incorporated that specializes in private military-grade weaponry, armed vehicles and tactical apparel. BlackBlood Arms produces a wide variety of equipment, almost entirely non-magical in nature. Firearms are the backbone of the company's sales, with numerous popular pieces from Zuhl and several reverse-engineered Earth designs making up the bulk of its stock. BlackBlood also has several original designs of its own, and is willing to take custom orders for weapons, provided they are of non-magical nature. BlackBlood Arms has a working relationship with several local retailers, most prominently the Taen-based Mil Dot Lunaris.



Main article: BlackBlood Weapons

BlackBlood produces a wide variety of firearms, all optimized to use Petrogel, a petroleum alternative to powder-based propellants. Many of its products are produced under license with smaller arms producers in Norkotia, such as Schmidt Arms Company and the Garrison Firearms Firm. These designs include the lever-action Karrick Repeater, the Garrison Firearms Mark VI Shotgun, the Schmidt Arms Model 585 Magnum, and Schmidt Arms Model 558 Rifle. BlackBlood's own original designs include the BB-98 Automatic Rifle and BB-94 Light Machinegun, which are standard-issue weapons for BlackBlood's security subsidiary. In addition to Zuhl-inspired models, BlackBlood produces a significant number of reconfigured designs from other parts of the Valucre, and even from other worlds entirely. Of particular popularity is the German MP-40 submachinegun from the planet Earth. This weapon, along with the P08 Luger pistol and the AK-47 and M-4 assault rifles, were acquired as part of a business transaction with the Mil Dot Lunaris.


BlackBlood Arms also has an clothing division which specializes in tactical gear and practical apparel. This can range from branded t-shirts and baseball caps, to tactical vests and combat fatigues. A wide variety of hats and headgear are available, including several types of combat helmets, boonie hats, military caps, broad-rimmed fedoras and bandannas. Generic apparel is often sold in smaller quantities or to retailers, however; much like with firearms, BlackBlood will accept bulk custom orders as well.


Although BlackBlood Industries has a separate company (Norkotian Motors) which produces motorized civilian vehicles for general sale, militarized vehicles are produced exclusively by BlackBlood Arms and are generally sold only by major contract to reputable governments or organizations. Military vehicles includes the Prowler and Hunter-class tanks, along with numerous trucks, jeeps and transport vehicles, most leftover designs from the defunct Norkotian military. Larger weapon systems, such as mounted and mobile gun platforms, missile launchers and defensive fortifications are also constructed by BlackBlood Arms, making the company very diverse in its production choices.


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