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Feast of Blades: Claustrophobia - OoC

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Like I said, talk to me or Spooky first and we’ll make sure that your moves aren’t silly and you’ll learn too. 

At the end of the day, it’s pointless if myself and a small handful of others just hoard all the fencing knowledge and just stood over everyone as the “best.” As the swordplay gurus or whatever bullshit. 

I want any who are interested to learn and learn as much as they can. Because then and only then does a PvP/T1/RP fighting community actually form. 

I don’t want to make people feel like they couldn’t do this if they tried. Rather, I want to build on that interest because (in reality) anyone can RP fight and no one should feel discouraged or feel like it’s a daunting task. 

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Caeceila is executing a spinning back fist as her kick is defeated.  I considered having her throw a heel kick in lieu of a sidekick in response to the actions Arthur performed while Caeceila was chambering her leg, but I realized, upon reviewing my post, that this would result in backtracking and thus opted to omit it.  I didn't delete the heel kick bit segment outright because I was trying to figure out how the placement of Arthur's sword would complicate such a maneuver.

I'm not certain which attack would land first.  Arthur is stepping twice to setup his attack; Caeceila only has to plant her lead foot and twist.  It appears as though the spinning back fist voids jabs, so it might remove Caeceila's head from the path of Arthur's pommel.  If Arthur's strike lands, we might as well call it there.

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The arena itself for this is deep within the fortress building. Public has scant access, and most viewers only do so from the cafeteria or feast room or other areas setup to view the fights. They wouldn't be affected, although they might be wondering why the TV is displaying a "no signal available" screen.


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