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Rise of Saint Reverie

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Dark Souls III, The Fire KeeperBlack.

Pitch black darkness.

All that awaited Saint Reverie by using her first sense, her sense of sight, was an absolute nothingness. Such had been the cost of her life after she'd become plagued with a divine illness. For months her body had been racked with unbearable pain and she'd been in and out of consciousness for the majority of it. And, yet, though she had no idea what living creature had managed to save her from certain death, the Saint knew it had been by the power of the Creator. 

After waking from her coma in a cold sweat, locked in some deep part of Grad na Ang'eli, she'd heard a call. A sound. A cry for help from hundreds of thousands of tortured souls. Knowing those voices called to her, and likely only her as an opportunity granted to her by the Creator, she made her way toward them. Such a path was more difficult for her than before the illness, for though she could hear the cries and hopes of souls, she could no longer see. Brilliant golden iris' turned a dull silver, nearly gray in opacity. 

Covering them with with a metallic band known in Grad na Ang'eli as the Creator's Calling Crown, the angels had dropped Reverie in the aftermath of The Commander's war with Nu Martyr. Dead center of it, as the crying souls pleaded. Taking such pleas as the commands of her Creator, Reverie sent a message out using Nu Martyr's underground system to call for any and all good souls to help her make a way of hope throughout the desperate Province. 

If she could help so much as only one creature, it would all be worth it.

Saint Reverie sat upright and comfortable in an old rocking chair just outside a destroyed church. It was not a church of the Creator, but nonetheless had deserved more respect than it'd had received. In her past Saint Reverie had caught glimpses of Primera, but had never taken the Grand Kommadant as one to commit a genocide against her gods. They were, after all, more than just creatures of power. They were symbols and the people believed in those symbols. Relied on them. Without faith and without hope, it was only a matter of time before the Province as a whole fell into a pit so deep it would never escape.

She raised a hand to stroke against the metallic band clasped firmly around her head, conflicting emotions sparking with the contact. 

Valucre had too long forgotten the importance of deities. Of faith and of goodness. Law was not goodness and proof was not faith.

Unity discarded for individual pride and success. Families discarded over mere divides of land. Equality all but destroyed, replaced by a greed so ugly that it had blinded many more than the deadly illness she'd been infected with. 

And thus she waited for those heroes who'd help her to make Nu Martyr, once again, a place where humanity could stand tall and proud.

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Lorial wasn't always a good person. She'd done bad things, and would never be able to make up for those bad things. It wasn't much of a surprise, due to the fact that she was half-vampire. The dark half of her pushed her to do dark things, and she wasn't always strong enough to say no to it. She grew up a happy spoiled female, with no understanding of the dark side of herself. When she found out she was half-vampire it was too late. She'd already done the unforgivable and killed a male in their village. Ever since then she'd been going back and forth between doing good and doing bad. The life she chose to lead, the life of a mercenary, didn't help with her dark half. She tried to say it was alright, because she only killed evil vampires. She soon found out that killing was killing. No matter who she killed it darkened her soul.

It was only after she'd found herself with child that she changed more to the good. Her child had been taken alive from her womb, but not before she'd grown to love her son. She'd chased him all over the world, trying to find him. He'd been well hidden, and was still hidden to this day. The people who helped her were good people, and she'd agreed to help them in return. She found herself saving people, and working on the side of the good. This did not forgive her bad side, but it was a step closer to who she'd rather be.

Still trying to climb her way to a lighter path; constantly fighting the dark half of herself; she found herself in the middle of this forsaken place. They called it Ascension. To ascend is to rise up, but she didn't see any improvements here. She saw death, destruction, and a scorched ground. There were dark clouds overhead, which made everything have a shadowed look. At night it would be pitch black. Lorial could see in the dark, so she wasn't worried about that. The plants were what she was more worried about. Her other, lighter half was part wood nymph. Plants were a part of her, literally at times. There happened to be quite a few, and she knew from communing with them that they were kept fertilized well with the bodies of the dead. She nodded gravely, knowing this was a land of war.

She came here to help those she could. She stayed out of the way of those in power, and secretly helped those in need. She was a strong creature, but the one thing she couldn't compete with was magic. Many of those here in power had magical objects, or were using magic in some way. She could fight them if she needed to, but she tried to stay away for the moment.

As she made her way across the blackened landscape, she came across a bit of light in the distance. In the doorway of an old devastated church sat a female. She seemed to be a light contrast against the dark church, like the lighted heart of the building. Lorial couldn't help but be curious about her. She was dangerously sitting out in the open, which could cause her to be noticed by more than just Lorial. The land wasn't the only darkness there. Some people inhabiting it where dark too. Lorial looked nervously around. She walked closer to the female, noticing the strange mask and the calm demeanor. “Lady, I'm not sure it's safe to be sitting out here rocking in your chair. It is dangerous, you know.” Though in the thick of it, the woman must not be from around here. Otherwise she wouldn't have to be told this. Unless she was looking to be killed, had protection of some sort, or worse... she was one of those darkened beings that used killing for fun sport. Lorial didn't know what response she would get, and if she'd misjudged the woman she might have walked right into a trap. She looked nervously around.

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"...So there are people here, after all..."

The realisation came of a man stood at the bottom of short steps that led up to the church, dressed in a long and battered cloak, two bands of teal running amidst the grey wool. He had in his hands a staff, atop which was the reared figure of a centaur. The figure itself seemed to be brass in make, and the wood a rather twisted branch worn down to be suitable as a staff. The man holding the staff was... well, it would be generous to call him young, but he was not yet possessed of silvered hair - a dusty blonde at most. He pressed up a pair of wide spectacles, taking in a better view of those before him.

"Sorry, it's just... a little surprising, to find someone in a place like this, when there is little purpose to it anymore. Not unless you're being nostalgic, as I planned to be." The man with the staff explained, laughing lightly as he stroked his thing beard, and took a step up, the bottom of his staff clacking upon the stone.


"Unless, of course, there is something else that has brought them here. Or perhaps, someone else." His eyes wandered between the two women. In his gaze was an attempt at comprehension, and judging by his subsequent reaction, he had gained some measure of it.

"...I hope I do not offend if I express some bias in my suspicion as to who has made the summons here." He said, his gaze ultimately settling upon the masked woman who sat as though she should be at home in the church, even if he knew it was her place in any regard. "Which I suppose brings us to the most pertinent question: Why? Both in motive, and to what end. The words seeded through the land are vague in their ambition. Hope for who? Hope for what?"

There was a pause, and the man's demeanour seemed to collapse into some awkward fumbling, his glasses slipping from his face as he realised, "Ack, introductions!"


Sorting himself out after momentary dishevelment, the man stopped, and bowed deeply. Upon rising, he gave his name as, "Kiriot. Formerly a humble servant of Cancer, Hunter of Hunters."

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He arrived here as he did in most places. Boots falling softly on the well trodden road, spear dragging behind him with the blade carving a path in the dirt and revealing the history of his journey. He was weathered, yet somehow had a young face with just a bit of stubble. His eyes were heavy, skin aged by hard experiences and weariness. Indeed, he'd been walking for quite some time and lacked the motivation to even look up. He didn't need to. That...odor was enough. The wanderer had caught a whiff of it leagues ago. Something strange was lurking here. Something abnormal. Like me. 

Not an odor, the elemental corrected harshly. An aura, you damned fool.  

"Well," Hain muttered aloud, "it smells to me." 

They'd attempted to work out the meaning of this. Why a being manifested as a stench for him, but a light for U'el. Well, one of them had tried to reason it out. The elemental within had been busy attempting to seize control, as he usually did. Regardless, whoever stunk - or glowed - would hopefully be welcoming considering that Hain had decided to travel toward it. A distraction was needed as his mind was still plagued with guilt, thoughts somehow always returning to his time at the Tavern. That colossal failure of a quest. All of those people...

His breath caught in his throat-gods he needed to move on. You failed. They died. Move on. 

Hain closed his eyes and chuckled dryly. The laugh was a nice sound, but certainly rare. He wasn't one for humor, but he couldn't resist. 

What's so funny...

"Thank you," Hain answered softly, "for reminding me just how inhuman you really are..." 

Silence. No, not true. A cold wind cut through the shattered community he found himself walking through. The mournful cry was surreal and almost had him worried that someone was here among these ruins, sad and alone. He opened his eyes and scanned the buildings with a steel grey gaze, fully prepared to partially unveil the elemental's power. His singed long coat had been buffeting in the breeze, but now settled as the air stilled. Nothing so far. He grunted and kept walking after a deep inhale through his nostrils. The scent was stronger here. They'd be arriving soon. 

What had happened here? What had led this place to ruin. There were so many lands like this, with clear stories but a distinct lack of answers. Did it have something to do with the godslayers? Personally, Hain was a supporter of deicide...gods had rarely helped him in his troubled life. But if this is the aftermath I can't help but question it. 

He blinked when voices reached him. In a fluid motion, driven fully by instinct, he flicked his wrist and spun the spear in an arc so the butt of it slammed into the ground and the head shone in the sunlight. His steel gauntlets glinted brightly, battered and hardly in good shape but doing a good enough job of describing his combat experience. He, for whatever reason, now stood in front of a set of steps leading into a church. Hain stared blankly at the structure, taking in the decrepit state of this supposed house of faith. 

There are a lot of people who are interested in catching an elementalthe elemental warned. There was a chance the beast simply wanted to gain more control of this body but...

He was right. This could be a trap. Hain hesitated, then allowed for a partial unveiling. Lightning cracked and sparked around his body, arcing around his coat and arms. His eyes widened as his senses expanded and gave him far more information than he needed at the moment, synapses alight and excited. He looked around once more, then ascended the steps two at a time. 

On 2/4/2020 at 7:38 PM, Meraxa said:

"...Hunter of Hunters."

Once at the top, Hain heard the backend of what he assumed was introduction. He glanced at the inhabitants of the church warily. The smell was overpowering here, but it was hard to distinguish who it was coming from with three people standing before him. No, not standing. One of them was sitting. 

"Who are you?" he asked roughly, eyes narrow. "What are you?" 

The question was broad, addressed to the trio. Were they all supernatural? Was that what he had sensed? 

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Another Saint.

The notion of seeing another one similar to her, the Maiden Ravenbush, is quite alarming and yet interesting at the same time. And in Nu Martyr of all places. Looking back, she might have been a bit too extreme in disposing of the so-called that called Nu Martyr their home. Even if it was under the Primera's requests, the Maiden did find it disturbing. Still, it was for the good of all and any god she slays would lessen the competitors of the goddess she serves.

The only problem now is the Cult of Lilith. The cults' forces swarmed the area and the Maiden did not want to be caught too early. A little bit of infiltration and espionage finally got her within walking distance of the meeting place. She had heard the other saint's call and so she must respond in kind. From one saintess to another. The Maiden hoped she would not meet any of the paragons she was acquainted with. It would be awkward and even worse her identity as an agent of the Order might be compromised. 

She was pensive as she entered the church and sighed once she saw that other people have arrived before her. Nodding to everyone present, she found it prudent to introduce herself as well.

"The name's Ravenbush. Pleasure to meet ya." 

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“Lady, I'm not sure it's safe to be sitting out here rocking in your chair. It is dangerous, you know.” [Lorial]

For a moment, following Lorial's warning, there was nothing but the thin shriek of wind to fill the silence. A rattling of wood and a snapping of a curtain somewhere in the distance followed. Saint Reverie turned to face the voice, a small smile forming. Despite having lost use of her eyes, Reverie hadn't exactly lost her sight. It was, simply, a different kind of sight. In the darkness that surrounded her, the Creator used her other senses to allow her to see even more than she would have with her eyes.

In response to Lorial, Reverie nodded. "It does seem that way does it not?" Although gentle, her voice would also seem rather young; not yet out of her teen years. Perhaps a young adult. Reverie stood from the porch chair and made her way down to Lorial, as if knowing exactly where the hybrid was. "But there are forces we cannot see. That we do not know, whom protect those that are meant to live." She stopped a few feet from Lorial, facing her. "And it is not our time. Not yet."

"Which I suppose brings us to the most pertinent question: Why? Both in motive, and to what end. The words seeded through the land are vague in their ambition. Hope for who? Hope for what? Ack, introductions! Kiriot. Formerly a humble servant of Cancer, Hunter of Hunters." [Kiriot]

"It is a pleasure, Hunter of Hunters," Reverie responded with a nod in his direction. What she felt from Kiriot was much different from Lorial. A different species altogether. Or was Lorial the strange on? Reverie faced Lorial again, tilting her head at near unperceivable degree. Then she smiled. It was Lorial. Two different life energies swirled within her. Almost like water and fire. 

"It is hard to say what the end will be." She shrugged, a rather ungraceful action when compared with her previous movements. Then, she moved back to her chair. Waiting. As if in order to find what she needed, the spot where the chair rocked and creaked was the beacon. Reverie smiled. "As for motive, well, I suppose we will see. My summons, however, are as were told. Our destination will be the edge of Nu Martyr's eastern isles."

Another hero appeared at that moment. Followed by a woman. The woman caused Reverie's eyebrow to raise under her metallic band. Positive and negative energies swirled around her in a haphazardly fashion. Interesting.

"Who are you?" he asked roughly, eyes narrow. "What are you?"  [Hain]

"The name's Ravenbush. Pleasure to meet ya." [Maiden]

Despite the disjointed dialogues, Reverie kept silent until they were finished until the female had finished speaking. Then Reverie grinned, her lips spreading happily much larger than her small smile from before. "I am Reverie," she said simply. "Under the Creator's Divine Will, the four of you responded to the call. Step by step, we shall head to Nu Martyr's eastern isles. Much evil roams this land. Some hope must be breathed back into the people, lest what remains, perishes." 

Without waiting for the others to introduce themselves more or make acquaintance with each other, Reverie stood and started to head into the forest. Although she'd summoned them to guard her, the real reason for their presence for how they would help others. The Creator would guard her if He so desired. "Watch out for beasts," she said. "Since the fall of civilization in the province, many bear and dragon like creatures have started to wander this forest."

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Lorial was mystified by the young female that seemed to be blind, but perfectly able to see. She was talking about forces, protection, and it not being 'our time,' which Lorial could only assume meant they weren't supposed to die right now.

'What a relief. I had so many plans to do tomorrow,' Lorial thought sarcastically. The sad thing was she didn't have any plans, and her life had become without purpose. She didn't feel as if she were helping anyone anymore. Not only that, but she could easily slip right back into the dark and dreary places she had been in before. She shuddered. She didn't want to go back there.

As soon as the little female began to talk of death it seemed danger was leaping from every corner. Males and females seemed to appear from every shadow, putting Lorial on immediate guard. First came the male with the thin beard, Kiriot, hunter of hunters. Lorial didn't know what that was to mean. Did he advocate for the wild creatures of the land and hunt and kill hunters? He was rambling a bit, and Lorial didn't have a clue what he was going on about. The ones who seem a little crazy usually are, in her experience. He talked of being summoned, and looked toward Lorial for a second to see if it were her. She reared back, knowing she hadn't summoned a thing. She wasn't a big fan of magic anyway. It usually left her scarred and hurting. She avoided it when she could.

The blind girl sat back down and revealed her name, Reverie, very pretty name in Lorial's opinion, and then started talking more confusing talk about summonings and trips to Nu Martyr's eastern isles. Lorial was just about to protest, and wish the couple good journey as she traveled in the opposite direction. Yes, she was vulnerable while blind, but the male seemed friendly enough.

But then another male entered the scene. He looked like a worn down human, but he didn't exactly smell like one. As she thought of his scent, she could have sworn she caught him sniffing the air, before asking them what they were.

'What are you?' she thought to herself, but didn't speak it out loud. She just raised her left eyebrow, looking him over with narrowed eyes. Two males and one blind female didn't seem to be a fair match to Lorial. She couldn't just head off now. Plus things were starting to get interesting.

As if called a lady sighed and drew the attention of everyone when she walked up to the group. She seemed prim and proper to Lorial, but since Lorial was already sniffing the air suspiciously because of the male sniffing everyone, she could sense that no one here was just an ordinary human. Everyone was connected to some type of power or was a different species altogether. Lorial didn't have a problem with that.... except she was surrounded by creatures of questionable power that she didn't know or trust.

The next thing she knew the blind female was saying that it was 'The Creator's Divine Will' that Lorial help this female. She didn't know who this young girl's creator was, for many religions had many different beliefs about that, but she didn't think it was anyone's will that she trek across the land with a band of strange creatures. Still... she had nothing better to do, and she was intrigued about what was going on here. She decided to follow along for a little longer, at least until things got too crazy and she felt the need to bail. She followed after the small female, wondering if a dragon was going to fly down and kidnap the female. Her eyes lit up with the possibility of bloodshed and fighting that she might be able to do. She shook off that dark glee as she tried to banish the dark part of herself that seemed to want to come out and play on a regular basis. At least this was a usual dance routine she'd practiced many times. She knew the steps.

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Kiriot turned his head upon realising that there was another arrival behind him; a sizeable man, of brown hair. Not too old, but looked older in spots. Well worn, like himself. Beyond them, somewhat curiously, was a woman of a far different disposition. This much he could see, nevermind feel. Yet all of them, despite their oddities and differences, had been brought here...

He narrowed his gaze at the one who had made that happen, it seemed.

But still, he waited, and he listened. To her name, her claim of divine patronage, and her desires to do good by this land. In turn, Kiriot... smiled? But it was not a proper smile, full of sincerity and warmth. It was the kind that tried to find the humour in a very, very bitter joke. Yet still, he waited, and then watched as the woman rose from her seat, simply... starting into the nearby woodland, appearing not even to wait for any agreement.


Then again, that Kiriot was quickly following after suggested she may have right in any guess she did not need it.

"...Reverie, I think you may have misheard me." He said to the woman in the mask, once he had caught up alongside her. "I am not the Hunter of Hunters. He... Cancer, was a god of these lands, not too long ago. His exile from this land - physically and spiritually - is a major part of why the world as we know it has... turned."

Through the lens that rested on his face, he looked out at his surroundings, dark, despondent, and... quiet as they were. This was not the way it was meant to be.

Bitterly, Kiriot clicked his tongue, "If this 'Creator' you speak of wished for you to have a suitable escort, then they may have made a similar mistake, in sending me your way. My temple was dedicated to Cancer's grace as a keeper of knowledge - a master of the mystic arts. Ours was a great library, before it burned..."


He looked to the idol on his staff, and then to the scarred flesh at the back of his hands; how it crept up beneath the sleeves, where he could feel it continue to climb. A long, weary sigh escaped him, followed by a weak laugh. "A mistake, or perhaps a joke..."

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So it was said that dragon-like beings patrolled the skies, so it would be that none were found. After all, most fish knew better than to swim with a shark. In the aerial seas, suspended thousands of feet above the shattered lands of Renevatio, was a creature of Genesaran origins- a true dragon with feather-like scales made of crystal. Its shadows eerily danced across the world below, darting over trees and villages who's inhabitants hid in hopes that further calamity would not seek their souls, relieved when the danger had passed.

"Do you know where you're going?" Ira asked Aya in a very calm, but disapproving tone. "Not in the slightest. Staves have a strange habit of remaining eternally silent." Aya replied while looking at the scales on her staff that were still pulling her in what seemed to be an arbitrary direction.

The two had been traveling for hours from the Shrine of Judgement, and Ira wasn't accustom to going somewhere without knowing where she was going. The scale then began telling Aya to turn back, causing the priestess to say "Myuil, circle back, please." and the dragon tilting to its side and creating a massive circle. Aya took the time to try and look through the forest top to find what could possibly be behind this happening, but the canopy was too thick for her mortal eyes to penetrate.

From Reverie's point of view, it was likely that she could not see Aya's energy. The staff Aya wielded was no mere stick, but rather, a direct connection to the God of Justice. Through the staff, the God's power, its will, and its influence surged into whichever world it was physically present in. The white, divine aura of the staff was so massive in scale and luminosity that it would eclipse Aya and Ira's own entirely. Were it not for Myuil's immense size, it would've consumed his as well.

Anyone who had seen Myuil pass overhead would see the dragon circle back behind them but not pass them a third time. He had reduced speed enough to follow the group, keeping the two women high above the party. "You don't think someone down there's going to attack us, do you?" Ira asked, though, not sounding worried. She sounded like she wanted to be attacked, because she wanted an excuse to turn this forest to ash. "I am doubtful." Aya replied while keeping an eye on the forest.


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